The Originals Season 2 Episode 20 – TV Review

The Originals City Beneath The Sea Jackson Hayley bayou storm

The sound of its dying breath would be nice.

Well, what do you know? It’s super easy to use a locator spell to find Jackson and Hayley in the bayou.

Who could have thought of that?

Me. I did.

TL;DR Hayley and Jackson are easy to find in the bayou; the gang uses a spell to create a decoy of Hope to lure Dahlia out; Dahlia spends the episode winning Klaus over to her side with convenient revelations; Camille is trotted out again to be merely utilitarian; Aiden gets a bayou funeral.

Poor Oliver really got shafted, didn’t he?

So Klaus is daggered, but Joseph Morgan needs some requisite screentime. Which means it’s time for Dahlia to whisk his consciousness into her memories for a chat. She shows him her past, wherein she and Esther were kidnapped by Vikings when they were young. They were held in slavery, but Esther got a better deal and fell in love with Mikael, abandoning both her sister and her magic. Dahlia then explains to Klaus how firstborns in their witch bloodline are cursed with terrible, destructive power, and that he will need Dahlia’s tutelage to prevent Hope from becoming dangerous when older. She sweetens the pot by magically reviving him from the daggering, and now Klaus is down to kill Hayley and all his family in order to save his daughter from a threat that he’s taking Dahlia’s word for. Tsk. Meanwhile, Elijah leads most of the gang in their efforts to thwart Dahlia. He ropes in Camille and Actual Vincent to help Freya, Rebekah and Davina come up with a way to catch her. They decide to imbue a host with Hope’s magical signature, which should fool Dahlia. Elijah takes a page from the Klaus paranoia book and double crosses Freya by injecting her with Hope’s blood, making her the decoy host. You know, to ensure she’s not pulling a fast one. Meanwhile, Rebekah finds a way to unlink herself from all those kids so she won’t be a liability; Jackson holds a funeral for Aiden, which Josh attends; Marcel shows his emotional support for Josh; Actual Vincent offers Davina the chance to take Josephine’s place as witch leader; and Hayley decides to run away with Hope, stealing her from the other half of her family.

Don’t worry. They’ll just use a locator spell to find you.

No, seriously. This episode Freya uses a garden variety locator spell to find Jackson and Hayley so Elijah can get a vial of Hope’s blood for the decoy spell. Using that anti-magic bracelet on Hope last episode meant absolutely nothing.

I think The Originals needs to shed a few characters to eliminate such pointless busywork subplots.

And hey, the finale’s not far away. It will probably happen.


Why I hate this episode:

There is no way a CW soap opera is going to let a baby die. So I’m not worried about Hope’s safety at all. At worst, I supposed they could have her kidnapped or something. But as long as she was alive, Klaus and Hayley would never, ever stop looking for her. The Originals actually found the perfect solution in last season’s finale: give her to the absent Rebekah to care for. But then season 2 had to drag Hope back, and now nothing’s really at stake. Because, and I am positive on this, this show is not edgy enough to slay the baby.

Speaking of Hope’s parents, they both pick up the Stupid Cunt Ball this episode. We’ll start with Klaus, who takes Dahlia’s “Btw, Hope is cursed with super magic and only I can save her also we need to murder Hayley and your entire family to make sure she grows up stable” revelation at face value. Bitch, Dahlia is literally Esther’s evil sister. And we know how much of a gargantuan arsehole Esther is. Are you really going to believe her? For fucking fuck’s sake.

And I was kinda down with the “killing Hayley” part, but then it snowballed into “kill everyone,” and I won’t stomach that. You don’t touch my Elijah.

I was down for the “killing Hayley” part because Hayley is not only on Klaus’ level of selfishness, but she’s also profoundly stupid. Much like Klaus, she decides that only she may have Hope, and flat out tells Elijah (because Klaus is supposed to be daggered, remember) that she’s taking Hope away from them all. Bitch, did Freya not just find you with a basic locator spell this very episode? Jesus fucking Christ, what happened to you, Hayley? You were so cool before. Jackson is bringing you down, baby.

Jackson continues to be unbearable. He gets less hot every episode somehow, and his insistence on “let’s hide in the bayou” is now literally being proven ineffective. Jackson needs to die in the season finale. I will accept no compromise.

Jackson and Hayley also make a big fucking deal about Aiden’s death. Poor, poor Oliver. Aiden didn’t even exist in season 1, and now he’s apparently like a brother to Jackson. And they’ll halt their flight from Dahlia to hold a sappy funeral. Ugh.

Camille is only in this episode for her required screentime. All she does is bring out the remaining catalogue of dark objects (which nobody ends up needing, anyway), and acts as a sounding board for Actual Vincent.

Actual Vincent is similarly superfluous to the episode. Elijah harangues him to help with the decoy spell, and then he has to help with the unlinking spell. And the stuff about him being chosen as Josephine’s successor is, like, whatever. Who cares? Where was this witch hierarchy and Josephine last season?

Oh, and Marcel is just an errand boy. As he seems to be a lot lately.


But it’s not all bad:

Camille’s one real contribution to the episode is to get the word out that Klaus didn’t kill Aiden. Nobody really acts on that knowledge, but it’s nice to have his name cleared. At least until he legitimately tries to murder Hayley.

With Klaus sequestered in Dahlia’s mindscape, Elijah turns out to be the episode’s MVP. He’s the leader of the Niece Protection Squad, and spearheads the scheme to make the Hope decoy. Freya initially suggests using Hope herself as a lure, but Elijah is reluctant to put her and Hayley in danger. But nobility finds a way.

And that way is to have Hayley consent to him taking a vial of Hope’s blood, and then jam it into Freya, making her a decoy. Because that bitch is slippery. She wanted to put Hope and Hayley in danger, you know.

For her part, Freya very easily locates Hayley and Jackson out in the bayou. It vindicates my criticism of last episode, so I appreciate it.

Dahlia’s sob story, if it’s true, is pretty rough. She and Esther were abducted and their entire village slaughtered. Dahlia slaved away for the Vikings’ magical needs to spare Esther from being forced to do any. Just when Dahlia had a spell that could free them, Esther announced her intention to marry Mikael and forsake her heritage. And Dahlia. Dahlia is, understandably, not happy, Jan.

Dahlia offers Klaus to continue being Hope’s father while she teaches Hope how to control her magic as she grows up. That’s generous of her. And she further entices him with promises of hers and Hope’s power making him unstoppable.

Actual Vincent manages to write down a spell so Rebekah can unlink herself from the kids. Which means Rebekah won’t have to stay out of the action for fear of dying and taking the kids with her. And she will lose her excuse not to go back to being Claire Holt. Good.

Marcel insists that Rebekah hole herself away in the safe house for the time being, which Rebekah discards as chauvinism. Indeed.

Marcel goes to see a mourning Josh. Josh assumes Marcel wants him for a plan or something, but Marcel is only there to support him. Aww.

Josh also gets invited to Aiden’s werewolf funeral, and gets to kiss him goodbye. Sho shweet.

Actual Vincent bemoans the evils of magic, and is suitably unenthused about being picked as the next coven leader of the New Orleans witches. When he sees that Davina is making some underwhelming progress with her Kol resurrection spell, he offers her the position, which would give her direct access to the power of the ancestors. I can see Davina as a boss. She’s grown up quite a bit.

Elijah makes sure that Freya performs the spell to weaken Dahlia first (the same one they used on the weapon against her) before jabbing her with Hope’s blood. Keep it pragmatic, baby.

Oh, and Freya’s betrayal face is supremely satisfying.

The Originals City Beneath The Sea Freya injected with Hope's blood

Klaus doesn’t need your help on that one.

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