Revenge Season 4 Episode 21 – TV Review

Revenge Aftermath Emily arrested

No, this is Victoria’s victory lap.

Although, it’s hard to enjoy a victory when you’re dead from blowing yourself up.

Viccy didn’t think that one through.

TL;DR Victoria’s suicide unsurprisingly frames Emily for her murder; Mason helped her; Jack comes back and discovers Emily really does wuv him; Tony dumps Nolan; Margaux and Louise wring their hands but mostly just sit around and get drunk.

Ah, the lives of the idle rich.

So Emily isn’t that bothered by the destruction of Grayson Manor, but things get spicy when Victoria’s body is found among the rubble. A suicide note left for Margaux seems to make things clear for the police, but then evidence is found that Emily killed her. The damning-est of which is planted by Mason, who merely uses Emily to help clear his name for the White Haired Man’s murder, and then promptly shimmies away. Rude. Meanwhile, Margaux and Louise lead the charge against Emily for Victoria’s supposed murder, and coupled with the evidence, Emily ends the episode under arrest (with a pre-mortem video taunt from Victoria to send her off, natch). Meanwhile, Jack returns for questioning (leaving on a private plane the night of a murder is pretty suss, you know) and discovers that Emily did an airport run for him; Emily finds out about David’s lymphoma; and Tony dumps Nolan because he’s adopting a baby.

In only two days’ time. Zany!

Victoria’s entire plan hinges on the assumption that nobody but Mason will be seeing Emily at the time she blows herself up. But there is no way she could have ensured that.

What if Emily had been twenty seconds earlier to the hangar and caught up to Jack? Boom, plan over. You killed yourself for nothing.

Actually, Emily Thorne is Emily fucking Thorne, Victoria. She gets out of everything. You of all people should have learned this lesson many times by now. Why kill yourself for a scheme against her in the first place?



Why I hate this episode:

There’s still a niggling feeling that Victoria isn’t dead. There’s a point made about how her body was too badly burnt for DNA evidence, so they identified her with dental records. I’ve seen enough sloppy action thrillers to know how unreliable that is. It would be so disappointing if they weasel out of it.

As for evidence in Emily’s favour, there’s that handwritten suicide note. I know the planted evidence against Emily is pretty bad, but the note’s got to count for something.

Margaux and Louise’s (particularly Louise’s) vehement denial that Victoria killed herself is embarrassing to watch. Gurls, you’re wrong.

Victoria is an unbelievable dumbass to record and send Emily a video taunt. Obligatorily, we get a little “deleted from server” notification immediately after it ends, but is Victoria forgetting that Nolan is a computer wizard? He can get that file. I don’t think Victoria or Mason have the technological smarts to beat Nolan. Do you?

Tony adopting a baby is absurd. There’s no way that a single, gay man would be anywhere near a priority for an adoption agency. Maybe being a social worker was in his favour, but shouldn’t that also connote that his job is demanding on his time? Yeah, right, Revenge. This guy would totally be pushed up an adoption list. And the baby’s coming in only two days? Fuck off.

And that’s not the right time to jettison your sugar daddy, Tony. Let him buy you everything first. What kind of Hamptonite are you?

Oh, and Revenge hammers home how adorably perfect Nolan and Tony’s relationship is before the breakup. It’s exhausting.


But it’s not all bad:

I’ll savour Nolan’s shortlived happiness. Emily is genuinely glad that he’s found someone special, too. Oh, well. At least this frees up Nolan’s time to work on proving Victoria killed herself.

Mason proves himself as amoral and selfish as ever. He harasses Emily to get his name cleared of WHM’s murder, so Emily has Nolan cook up some false documents that incriminate Conrad, and show that he framed Mason. Emily goes to the Department of Justice and claims she found the documents in a secret compartment in the rubble of her house. That’s cheeky.

It works, and as soon as Mason is cleared, he calls Emily to let her know that he’s fucked her over and she’ll never see him again. Click click.

Emily tries to tell Hunter that Mason Treadwell is her alibi for Victoria’s death, which Hunter reasonably scoffs at (Mason’s supposed to be dead). Emily continues to claim he’s alive, but they are unable to call him, and they don’t find his fingerprints in Emily’s car. What they find, instead, is Victoria’s hair and blood that Mason planted. Oops.

Emily is kind of meh about Grayson Manor burning down. And she and David are both largely unfazed by the news of Victoria’s death. I lol’d.

Victoria’s mystery garage assailant from last episode is still yet to be explained. Mason doesn’t claim responsibility for it, and the body type wouldn’t match him, anyway. Please, be Lydia.

The David’s lymphoma thing doesn’t get much attention. Which is good, because it’s a little too soapy. Even for Revenge.

Stevie is relieved to hear Victoria is dead.

Nolan is kind of impressed that she blew herself up.

Margaux does the first smart thing she’s done for a while by dutifully handing over Victoria’s suicide note, instead of indulging Louise’s paranoia that it was murder. And to Margaux’s credit, she continues to disbelieve Louise’s ranting until some concrete evidence is found. She then, predictably, throws her entire weight and her media empire into smearing Emily and spruiking the goodness of Victoria. So close, Margaux.

Jack is pretty bitchy at Emily when they bump into each other at the police station, but he changes his tune when Hunter informs him of Emily’s airport run attempt. Jack tries to go to her at the beach house to finish what she started, but at that time Emily is in the process of getting arrested. They just keep missing each other, don’t they?

Oh, and Jack gets a shirtless scene by the pool at Stevie’s place in LA that is just ridiculous.

Revenge Aftermath Jack shirtless

I sometimes forget how jacked Jack is.

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  1. Dave says :

    I’m hoping Victoria’s dead. Her blowing herself up in her Constitution chair in the center of her mansion was the perfect way for the Queen of the Hamptons to go. So you know she’s alive and will probably die in some anticlimactic way.

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