The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 19 – TV Review

TVD Because Caroline dessicating

Elijah might have found his match.

The Caroline Starvation Hotness Parade?

Not as catchy.

TL;DR The gang gets Caroline’s humanity switch back on; Mummy reveals the cure to Elena to punish Damon for trying to screw her out of rescuing her vitch friends; Bonnie frets about Kai finding a way back to her; Enzo becomes Mummy’s sober sponsor.

For sobriety from ripping. Not a great choice, honey.

So Stefan got duped into flipping his humanity back on, which means it’s now Caroline’s turn. Stefan pretends to her that he’s still amoral, and lures her into getting trapped inside a B&B. Damon, Elena, Jo, and Alaric keep watch over them, and after a lot of resistance on Caroline’s part, grief and guilt over Liz’s death brings Caroline back around to the land of the emoting. Meanwhile, Damon and Bonnie conspire to steal the Ascendant from Mummy so she can’t release her six vitch bitches. Mummy isn’t a big fan of that, and threatens to expose the cure to Elena if Damon doesn’t get the Ascendant back for her. He twiddles his thumbs for too long, and she does. Meanwhile, Mummy reconnects with Enzo. She closes out the episode by proving herself unable to resist the temptation of a good rip, and calls in Enzo for emotional support.

Sadly, she does not MILF out on him. What’s wrong with her? Hasn’t she heard him speak?

It’s surprising how little play Elena gets this episode. She’s only got, what, three episodes left on this show, and she gets sidelined to Worker Bee No. 3 on Caroline Watch? And then one pouty little scene when Mummy reveals the cure to her.

Elena is supposed to be the main character of this show, right?


Why I hate this episode:

TVD again hammers us with Elena’s fantasies of a human future (oh my God, so ironic! Wow!) as she and Damon play If We Were Human. We get it. Goddamn, we get it. Stop.

I couldn’t give a shit about Mummy’s moral dilemma over ripping. She enjoys the fact that while she’s feeding she feels no bad emotions, but then self-flagellates for being a murderer. Bitch, rippers gon’ rip. Either do it and love it, or shut up.

And I know she hasn’t been around Enzo for a hundred-odd years, but he is not the guy you want as your sober sponsor.

Bonnie has a big whinge at Damon when she gives him back the Ascendant, because giving it to Mummy will lead to danger for herself, and the probability that Elena will take the cure and not have a future with Damon. Maybe don’t give him the Ascendant, then?

Damon claims that he and Elena are going to share the cure. I’m pretty sure there’s not enough, baby.

Caroline dumps Stefan in her grief once her humanity is back on. Good God, no.

Oh, and Matt gets a little scene where he examines his slowly-healing impalement wound from last episode. Just take some fucking vampire blood and get over yourself, dude.


But it’s not all bad:

He does get a brief shirtless scene, though. There hasn’t been enough of them in TVD lately.

For all her wishy-washy fluff about ripping, Mummy is probably the most fun she’s been in this episode. Her awkwardness while ordering food at the Mystic Grill is textbook fish-out-of-water hijinks. I liked it.

Enzo meets with her to bitch at her for abandoning him back on the ship a century ago, but she assures him that she never would have done that (she remembers him now, btw). She got caught by the Gemini coven, and that’s why they couldn’t go on adventures together. Aww.

Caroline is the queen on the throne this episode. She effortlessly makes every part of starving to death look sexy as fuck.

Elena has found a letter written by Liz and mailed to Caroline shortly before she died, which Elena considers the trump card for restoring Caroline’s humanity. So how does that pan out? Caroline immediately burns it when Elena gives it to her. Elena and Stefan (who’s trying to keep his reaction in check for the ruse) are rightly horrified. Personally, I would have started off with a decoy letter. But we can’t expect foresight or rationality from Elena, you know?

Stefan ends up resorting to mind fucking Caroline. First, by having her think she’s figured out his deception, snapping his neck, kicking the door down, and driving to freedom. She then gets pulled over by Liz who berates her for being a top shithead, natch. When that doesn’t yield full results (and Caroline gets a stake close to Stefan’s heart), Stefan projects a memory of him meeting with Liz the day they found the teddy bear so Stefan could borrow sewing supplies to mend it. Liz, ever the shipper-on-deck, encourages Stefan to get together with Caroline. And she also had the letter. Caroline realises her desperation to read her mother’s words, and that’s what pulls her back to humanity.

She is appropriately wracked with guilt over her rampage, and for burning the letter up. I’ll miss hot, evil Caroline. But responsible, resourceful Caroline isn’t a bad substitute.

After she notices the Ascendant is missing, Mummy threatens to destroy the cure if Damon doesn’t retrieve it. When he fails, she chooses not to destroy the cure, but to blow up Damon’s spot and give it to Elena. And she makes sure to tell Elena that Damon was hiding it from her. I don’t appreciate the moral high ground this gives to Elena, but Mummy’s cruelty to her son is just delicious.

Best line of the episode goes to Damon, who is the picture of impudence when Mummy tries to pull maternal rank on him:
Mummy: “Where have you been?”
Damon: “What are you? My mother?”
She’s more of a mother to Enzo than to Damon. Which would make her and Enzo’s hook-up even better, right? It works on Bates Motel.

Jo and Alaric get some minor scenes where they talk about their wedding plans.

Evil Caroline is disgusted when she overhears Damon and Elena playing the If We Were Human game. Ikr.

Oh, and before we get back to responsible, resourceful Caroline, we get an endearing moment with “Holy shit I’ve ruined everything” Caroline. Again, she’s hot competition for Elijah when it comes to ruing one’s own atrocities.

TVD Because Caroline sad

She’s got you there, Elijah.

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  1. Sire says :

    A little shirtless Enzo (wich we’ve never seen) fucking Mummy would certainly make me reconsider his relevance as a character on this show… Yesh, pleashe

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