Arrow Season 3 Episode 20 – TV Review

Arrow The Fallen Oliver Felicity sex

Not even Oliver having a near-dead sister and a League of Shadows dilemma will stop Felicity from getting dat dick.

Well, if you might never see him again, better do it while you can, right?

She’s just being practical.

TL;DR The Super Friends (minus Roy and Laurel; plus Malcolm) unfortunately save Thea’s life (she wasn’t dead. Boo) with the Lazarus pits; Felicity does her best to save Oliver from becoming Ra’s’ successor; she fails; the flashback gang fail to stop Omega from being unleashed.

Nobody’s scoring too well this week. Except for Felicity’s vagina.

So it turns out last episode had not one, but two fake deaths, as Thea is inexplicably alive long enough to get put into a coma from which she will never awake (hurray). Oliver, against Malcolm’s warnings, agrees to Ra’s’ offer to save Thea with the Lazarus pits if Oliver will accept the succession. Oliver, Diggle, Felicity, and Malcolm travel to Nanda Parbat and get the resurrection done. Thea is a bit muddled, but no worse for wear so far. Felicity’s labia sense they might have their last chance to envelop Oliver, so she jumps him, then drugs him in a bid to smuggle him out of Nanda Parbat. They struggle their way out, but Oliver is determined to stay behind to succeed Ra’s, and he gets Ra’s to guarantee the safety of all his loved ones. Aww. Laurel is oddly excised from all this decision-making, but hey, she got a few meaningless scenes in this week’s episode of The Flash. And over in the flashbacks, the gang go through typical action movie drama to track down Omega. They get to it in time, but in the tussle, the vial drops and shatters.

Yet another Resident Evil moment this week. Is it a sign?

I knew I was too excited for Thea’s “death” last week. Will we never be free of her?

Malcolm says that the Lazarus pits corrupt a person’s soul, so maybe she’ll finally get some edge or something.

More likely than not, though, she’ll probably just be even whingier and more obstructive than before.

Hey, maybe she’ll Hulk out and kill Malcolm?


Why I hate this episode:

What does the League of Assassins actually do, though? They seem to just spend all their time trying to intimidate Oliver. Like, they must make money or something to fund all their extravagant lodgings and clothes and stuff. They actually do work, right?

Also, why doesn’t Oliver just accept the succession, then promptly kill Ra’s and disband the League?

Ra’s brings Maseo under fire for helping with the escape plan. Because Maseo admits it. Ra’s immediately absolves him by reasoning that Present Maseo (I forget his “al whatsits” name) didn’t betray him. No, the man Maseo used to be betrayed him, so therefore Present Maseo can’t be punished. Holy shit, that’s one hell of a loophole. Ra’s better hope Maseo doesn’t gossip about it, because that’s some handy-ass precedent.

I don’t know why Ra’s assumes someone currently in the League must have helped the gang escape. Malcolm is the one who knew where the escape tunnel was. All Maseo did was clarify. Did Ra’s really not think Malcolm could have found it on his own?

Laurel really gets shafted this episode. I know the Nanda Parbat excursion isn’t a party, but Laurel’s only involvement in Oliver giving over his life to the League of Assassins is to give Felicity a comforting hug after it’s done. Rude, Arrow.

The extent of Thea’s soul getting warped is a shortlived lunge at Oliver moments after her submersion in the pit, and then some shortlived confusion about current events that is gone by the end of the episode. Malcolm’s insistence that they let her die instead seems like kind of a dick move now.

Why couldn’t they¬† have listened to Malcolm, though? Goddammit.

Oh, and Ray thinks it’s an appropriate time to let fly at Felicity about how jealous he is of Oliver when Felicity asks to borrow his jet. Bitch, they need it so they can go save his sister from dying. Yes, Felicity does end up banging Oliver over there, but you didn’t know that would happen. “Hey, can you help me save my friend’s sister from dying?” “OMFG why don’t you want my dick anymore wahhhhh!”


But it’s not all bad:

Felicity admits that she is still in love with Oliver. Go, Ray. Go and be in yet another Arrow spin-off. The Flash is working out pretty well so far, so you’ve got a good chance.

Felicity and Oliver’s sex scene is pretty hot. Laurel best werq if she’s gonna get back in the race, though.

Felicity has a go at Ra’s for forcing Oliver into this life. Ra’s tells her how he, too, used to love a woman. He had a son and a daughter, and then one day the League came calling with an ultimatum: leave now and join them, or watch his family get murdered. He chose the former, and tells Felicity she should consider herself and Oliver lucky that they get the opportunity to say a proper goodbye.

Speaking of characters bitching at other characters, Diggle slams Maseo as a bad friend to Oliver for allowing all this League of Assassins stuff to happen. Maseo finally drops the bomb we’ve been waiting for: that he held his dying son in his arms, and that’s why he’s all bitter and evil now. Thank you. Didn’t take long, did it?

The flashback gang’s operation to steal Omega is mostly impressive. There’s a practical effects car chase sequence that is top notch. Oliver and Tatsu climb over their own car and a truck and stuff. This is where Arrow truly shines. The soap opera is just context.

The truck they’re chasing turns out to be a decoy, so Tatsu tortures Omega’s location out of a soldier. The gang track it down to a bazaar, and they battle some of Shrieve’s goons for it. Unluckily, the vial of Omega ends up smashed on the ground. The gang did already take their vaccines, right?

The ceremony to resurrect Thea is all very arch and impressive. And quick. I appreciated it.

Malcolm advocates for letting Thea die. Ballsy.

Oh, and Oliver looks ridiculous in his supposedly imposing League of Assassins costume. It’s not as sexy as his eye shadow get-up with his old Arrow outfit, but it is a lot better at hiding his identity.

Arrow The Fallen Oliver assassin outfit

You’re an assassin, not a professional wrestler.

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4 responses to “Arrow Season 3 Episode 20 – TV Review”

  1. Lydia says :

    I’m really, REALLY hoping Thea becomes more interesting now. It worked for Jason Todd. Maybe she will become the Arrow’s version of Jason Todd?
    (Yes, the Lazarus pit does indeed make you cray cray with anger. I’m expecting her to go on a murdering spree any moment now.)

    Also, god damnit, Oliver. Batman could have told you this was a terrible idea.

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