The Originals Season 2 Episode 19 – TV Review

The Originals When The Levee Breaks Aiden dies

No, really. Look.

Aiden and Josh should never have tempted fate with their shallow, struggle-free romance.

We can’t have happy couples ’round these parts, boys. This is the land of the Elijah/Hayley rift and Klaus and Camille’s seemingly endless unrequited love.

Learn to be a little more tortured next time, Josh. God.

TL;DR Dahlia kills Aiden to spoil relations between Klaus and Hayley (and, by extension, the other werewolves); Klaus is obstinate in the belief only he can protect Hope; Elijah, Rebekah, Marcel, Freya, and Davina unite to dagger him; Freya enjoys Klaus’ downfall, and I still don’t trust that ho.

Anyone who sheds tears for Mikael earns my skepticism.

So yeah, Mikael’s dead, and everyone but Freya doesn’t really give a fuck about that. Dahlia’s still kicking, though, and Klaus is hiding Mikael’s ashes so only he can create a new weapon against her. This, combined with his rampant mistrust of Freya, gets under Elijah’s skin, though Elijah still does his best to keep up the Always And Forever charade. Things fall apart when Dahlia strategically murders Aiden and makes it look like Klaus did it. Aiden had just told Jackson about his double agent work with Klaus, and everyone reasonably suspects that Klaus killed Aiden in retribution for outing their plans. It doesn’t help that Klaus claims he did it once the news breaks. A distraught Davina offers the anti-Klaus dagger to Marcel, and Rebekah then passes it onto Elijah to use against Klaus. They’re putting him down so they can simply deal with Dahlia as a united front. Meanwhile, Dahlia bitches at Hayley (who is protected in the safe house) for getting in the way of the deal she made with Esther. With Klaus out of action, Hayley flees to the bayou with Hope, Jackson, and the werewolves. Meanwhile, Freya attempts to make Elijah and Rebekah choose between her and Klaus (successfully, as it happens); Davina transfers the power of the anti-magic shackles onto a bracelet for Hope to wear so Dahlia can’t sense Hope’s magic and find her; Josh and Aiden say “I Love You” to each other and make plans to leave town together (aww). And before Klaus is daggered, he spends some time with Camille, culminating in him admitting to her that he didn’t kill Aiden. And also that he still really likes her and stuff.

It’s a lot better than I make it sound.

I hate to admit it, but The Originals is starting to feel like “People just running around the same three sets and also there’s magic for everything.”

But this episode is a competent example of how effective you can be, despite those restrictions.

Plus, everything sounds more legitimate with a British accent. Right, Zelena?


Why I hate this episode:

The fact that nobody considers Dahlia as a suspect in Aiden’s murder is stupid. Come on.

Also, everyone except Hayley is just casually strolling around the streets all the time. Even though they know that Dahlia is out there. Even after Josephine turns up dead. I’m surprised Aiden is the only one she killed. The simplest strategy would be for her to just straight up murder everyone and wait for the safe house spell to degrade (something she claims is happening). Doi.

The scheme to protect Hope from Dahlia by shackling Hope’s magic is stupid. Yeah, Dahlia won’t be able to sense Hope’s magic. But I think Dahlia would be able to perform a garden variety locator spell, right? And if not on Hope herself, then on Hayley or Jackson. Idiots.

Klaus implies that he made the decision to kill Mikael because he was jealous that Mikael loved Freya, and not him. And not, you know, the millennium of terror? Don’t make Freya out to be more important than she is, please.

I know I’m a pessimist, but Aiden’s death is very obviously signposted. He buys some flowers right before Dahlia confronts him, FFS. How melodramatic.

Oh, and Camille really has no place in this show anymore. Her only contributions for the past forever were to psych-talk Actual Vincent, and to psych-talk Klaus. As much as I adore her, she needs to find a reason to be here, or to move on.


But it’s not all bad:

Does she have any other siblings who’d be willing to massacre a seminary? I’d be down to go on that ride again.

Speaking of siblings, the ending shot of the Mikaelsons all united in their bid to protect Hope is kind of corny cool. The Niece Protection Squad is born!

The decision to dagger Klaus is steeped in conflict and heartache. Mainly from Elijah. Elijah spends most of the episode stoically supporting Klaus, despite more and more evidence of Klaus’ destructive paranoia. Even when the news breaks of Aiden’s death and Klaus claims responsibility, Elijah chooses to stand with Klaus, against Hayley and Jackson.

But Elijah can only be loyal to his brother for so long, and once he’s figured out that Klaus has hidden Mikael’s ashes in the paint he’s been painting with all episode, he grimly daggers his brother so that they can save Hope without Klaus’ constant sabotage.

Elijah gets the episode’s best line when he shoots down Freya’s ultimatum earlier in the episode: “With or without you, Klaus and I will defeat Dahlia.” Marcel, too (although, like Elijah, he later changes his mind), tells Rebekah that Klaus has a track record of coming out on top in these kind of situations. I have a feeling he’ll do it again.

Marcel asks for the anti-Klaus dagger from Davina as insurance in case Klaus goes too far off the rails. Once he sees Davina’s grief over Aiden’s murder (and she hands the dagger over), the course of action becomes clear.

Aiden and Josh are cute together. They get yet another on-screen kiss (and none of that shadows-over-their-faces shit that Revenge keeps doing with Nolan and his boyfriends), and Josh is even ready to leave town for Aiden. Aww.

Aiden tells Jackson of his deception, and Jackon’s first response is to punch him in the face. I lol’d. Naturally, Jackson then instantly forgives him and says he’ll always be part of the pack. They bro-hug it out.

Dahlia kills Aiden by magically slashing his face and ejecting his heart from his chest. Gruesome.

Klaus punches Josephine’s head off when Dahlia uses her body to speak to the gang. Gruesome, but slapstick.

Camille takes Klaus out for lunch at Elijah’s request, and she tries to psych-talk him into being less paranoid of Freya. She says he should sympathise with her abominable childhood. Klaus makes an excellent rebuttal, though, when he points out that he himself ended up exactly like Mikael. So it stands to reason that Freya could be exactly like Dahlia. Snap snap, gurl.

The standout scene comes near the end, when Camille tearfully runs to Klaus and begs him to tell her he didn’t kill Aiden. Klaus is more emotive than usual when he tells her that he didn’t, but that he said he did so that the Crescents would lose interest in protecting his daughter, which would make Hayley realise only Klaus can protect her and Hope. Which is what Klaus believes. It tragically backfired, though.

Camille is relieved and confused by the truth, which leads into Klaus explaining that it’d be easier for her to not know and to fear him, and then maybe, when this was all over, he could return to her and tell her the truth. And she’d believe him. And they could have a tender, romantic moment together. Of course, this being The Originals, they are forced to part, and Klaus must go on being seen as the Big Bad Wolf.

Oh, and this scene was very reminiscent of the “You are beautiful” scene from last season’s finale. I want to live in it forever.

The Originals When The Levee Breaks Camille

I know it’s already been said, but I just wanted to make sure we didn’t forget.

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