Revenge Season 4 Episode 20 – TV Review

Revenge Burn Grayson Manor explosion

No. Just the climax of Revenge.

I don’t know if you can see it, but there’s a tiny little speck of melted plastic visible in that explosion.

You know who I mean.

TL;DR Revenge must certainly be ending, because Victoria blows herself the fuck up; Jack leaves the Hamptons; Emily is too late to the plane to get him to stay; Nolan and Tony make up; David is hiding cancer from Emily; the person with the pink drink from last episode‘s stinger was actually Mason.

Aww. I wanted Lydia.

So things aren’t going well for Victoria, what with the publicity about how she’s a fucking evil murderer and all. Margaux and Louise try to keep her spirits up, but their differing viewpoints just cause more chaos. Victoria’s paranoia about Emily coming to get the USB back is ramped up by a physical attack from a hooded assailant, and later confirmed when Emily does indeed get it back. Margaux and Louise end up putting their differences aside to regroup and support Victoria, but Victoria makes that moot when she blows up Grayson Manor with herself inside. Interesting approach. Meanwhile, Emily spends the episode basically celebrating her final victory over Victoria. David, who reveals to Stevie that he has lymphoma, conceals his illness from Emily so as not to destroy her happiness; Nolan and Emily renew their friendship, and Nolan looks to be setting up his own happily ever after with Tony (despite some lame scheming from Louise); and Jack decides to take Carl with him and join Stevie on her flight back to LA. Emily is just too late to catch him at the hangar, but Mason arrives to gloat over the fact that everyone in her life is moving on, while she is stuck, addicted to revenge.

Well, except Victoria. Who is now more ashen than her natural hair colour.

Honestly, there is no way that Revenge could carry on for a fifth season. They must have gotten the inside word that this is it, people.

With Victoria dead, the only remaining antagonistic Grayson is Charlotte, and it’s clear the show doesn’t want her around. Unless a renewed season slaps on some new villains, we’re otherwise left with Louise and Margaux, who can’t handle things as it is.

Revenge’s final act may be at hand. Let’s hope it’s a juicy one.


Why I hate this episode:

You know what isn’t juicy? Victoria’s fried body. Given Victoria’s determination, I suspect her suicide is part of a gambit to take down Emily (this is Revenge, after all), but I find it hard to accept that Victoria fucking Grayson would ever give in so completely. Not even that crazy Satan woman from Gone Girl had the guts to go through with suicide, and she was pretty extreme.

Also, is Grayson Manor insulated with C4? How did turning on the gas in the fireplace result in an explosion of that enormity?

Louise and Margaux’s tete-a-tete starts off as cute and well-dressed, but is ultimately petty and exhausting. I still irks me that Margaux fell so far from being an independent, snoopy bitch in season 3 to this pathetically Victoria-loyal lackey she is now. Louise, too. Didn’t Louise want to ruin Victoria at one point?

I know it’s crushing for Emily to have missed Jack at the hangar, but she can just book the next flight to LA and make her love confession there, right? Or do things in the Revenge-verse cease to exist outside of the Hamptons and New York?

Even the show pretty much waves Hunter away when he tries to act all betrayed by Emily’s love for Jack. Nobody cares.

I really, really wanted our pink drink person to be Lydia. And I feel silly for assuming they were a woman. I should have also included gay men in that suspect pool. Sorry, Mason.

Oh, and if this is the very definitely final run of Revenge, that means Charlotte is likely to come crawling back in some capacity for the finale. If Gossip Girl was able to drag Jenny back by her ratty extensions, then I guess we can expect Charlotte to make her return.


But it’s not all bad:

Victoria is fucking dead. After all this time. And I cannot in any way believe Revenge will retcon it to make her survive somehow. We see the very moment she sits in the chair, lights the lighter, and gets blown up. My only worry is that we only see the back of the chair during the explosion, but the sitting position and bracelet still match with the other shots of Victoria. It has to be real.

Which means, as I’d long hoped but mildly feared, that Revenge is getting mercy cancelled. With Emily’s identity out in the world now, all the core Graysons but Charlotte dead, David back, Grayson Manor destroyed, and Jack leaving town, there is no conceivable way this show can continue. I suppose they could make one last, mad dash at bringing back the Initiative stuff, and maybe even retcon Conrad’s death (we didn’t see him actually die), but I don’t think any of us really want that, do we?

My Lydia dream isn’t entirely dead. Although Mason is heavily implied to be Pink Drink, Victoria is attacked by a hooded, female assailant in a parking garage this episode. It’s presumably Emily, but Revenge unsubtly makes a point of not showing her face. Even Victoria isn’t sure it was Emily. Come on, Lydia.

I think the fact that I had forgotten Mason existed probably indicates my level of excitement for his return, but I suppose it was a decent reveal. He does make a good point about how her public declaration of identity has undercut the book he was writing on that subject, which she had promised would be an exclusive. All Mason really does this episode is taunt Emily for her failings, but I don’t think he’d bother coming all the way back to town just for that.

Louise tries her hand at scheming but falls predictably short. Nolan hosts a fundraiser for Tony’s social work program, and Louise blows up their special relationship in front of Tony’s boss. When Nolan takes her to a private room so they can bitch at each other, she attempts using her phone to record him. But he pre-empts this and uses computer magic to wipe her phone. Ya burnt.

Margaux brings up the fact Louise tried to kill her.

Tony comes out of Louise’s attack unscathed, and isn’t upset at Nolan about it at all. He’s simply buoyed by the fact Nolan was doing something good with the fundraiser. And he thinks Louise is a bit of a dick. Their kiss isn’t as wetness-inducing as Nolan and Patrick’s, but it’ll do. I’m still holding onto my suspicion of Tony, though.

Once he learns that Jack is planning to leave town (and unsuccessfully trying to stop him himself), Nolan runs to Emily and implores her to reveal her true feelings. Hunter overhears the conversation and interrupts them with his indignation. Emily promptly dumps him and gets back to business. Sorry, Hunter, but there’s an OTP on the line.

Nolan tells Emily that their recent few years of revenge-ing together have been the best time of his life. Aww.

After Victoria’s mystery attack, Louise takes the situation to Margaux, who goes against Victoria’s wishes and summons an FBI agent. At their meeting, Victoria hands him the USB, and the hotel’s fire alarm suddenly goes off. Victoria knows it’s Emily’s work, and she’s right: Emily steals the USB from the agent’s pocket by posing as a firefighter and brushing past him on the stairs. Checkmate, baby.

Victoria gets her old throne chair back, and puts it in its old position in Grayson Manor. She sits in it while immolating herself. The chair has more personality than half of the characters that have been through this show, so it was important to see it again.

Oh, and Victoria makes sure to get one last pensive balcony stare in before ending it all. It feels like 2011 all over again.

Revenge Burn Victoria balcony

Neither of those things are true.

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