iZombie Season 1 Episode 5 – TV Review

iZombie Flight of the Living Dead Ryan Hansen skydiving

Can you take a party pig skydiving with you?

I won’t say no to Veronica Mars cast cameos, baby.

Especially when their characters are virtually identical.

TL;DR The COW involves an old friend of Liv’s; Liv meets another zombie; who may or may not be evil, but is definitely hot (and British); Major endangers himself by pursuing those missing mentees of his.

Spoiler alert, honey: they’re dead.

So the COW is yet again personally related to one of our main characters, and this time it’s Liv. Hers and Aly’s old Sorority sister dies in a skydiving accident, but Liv suspects foul play so she eats her brains. She turns out to be right, and she and Babineaux investigate the other members of the skydiving team: Ryan Hansen from Veronica Mars, a bland dudebro, a marketing shill, and a hot, British guy. The marketing shill turns out to be the killer (blah blah jealousy blah corporate conspiracy blah blah), and the British guy turns out to be a zombie with the hots for Liv. Cute. Meanwhile, Major is still seeking the truth about those missing kids. He sees the goon of Blaine’s wearing the custom sneakers of one of the kids and fights him, but the goon goes rabid mode and fucks Major up. And the COW kind of doesn’t have closure: Miss Shill has the evidence stacked against her, but when they go to make the arrest, she is missing, and it doesn’t look like she left on purpose.

I’m assuming it was British guy’s doing. He’s a little too perfect.

Well, we’re five episodes in now, and I have to admit that iZombie keeps on impressing me.

If it doesn’t shit the bed over the next couple of weeks, it might even make it onto I Just Hate Everything’s hallowed Top 5 list for this year. The anniversary is looming.

Or, if it does shit the bed, then it can still make it onto that list for being an abominable disappointment.

But I’m thinking that’s unlikely.


Why I hate this episode:

I know Liv must be getting pretty dick hungry right about now, but she does a piss poor job of treating Lowell’s (British guy) zombie revelation with even a drop of suspicion. She doesn’t ask any of the hows or whys. She just accepts a date, instead. Veronica would be disgusted.

You could blame her recklessness on the inherited, free spirit traits she got from her friend’s brain. But blaming Liv’s bad decisions on the brain-of-the-week is starting to become a trend, and I don’t appreciate it.

With Miss Shill’s disappearance, Lowell’s the only viable suspect. Bland Dudebro and Ryan Hansen are way too innocuous to be behind it. Which leaves only the charming, eerie brain-eater as an option. Oh, Liv.

Oh, and Major chooses to street fight a man who is triple his size, and who he thinks either killed or at least mugged his friend. Smart move, buddy.


But it’s not all bad:

To Major’s credit, the goon only manages to win the fight by going rabid mode and literally throwing Major aside. Major was doing a pretty decent job up until then.

The COW is compelling enough. It’s pretty simple in the end: Holly (Liv’s friend) knew that the energy drink who sponsored them all/they worked for was apparently turning a small number of people psychotic. Miss Shill, being the shill she is, killed Holly to shut her up by slipping her GHB before the skydive. She also filled the prescription for the drug to make it look like Ryan did it. But she didn’t think of the surveillance cameras at the pharmacy, the poor dear.

Ryan is one of the red herrings, because he was supposed to be an item with Miss Shill, but he was also banging Holly. And he was banging Bland Dudebro, too. What else is a pro snowboarder to do in the off season?

Babineaux gets the line’s best episode when Liv reveals (as she saw it during a memory flash) that Ryan and Bland Dudebro were sex friends: “Who isn’t this dude sleeping with? The pilot who flew the plane?” I liked that his reaction wasn’t a guffaw at the, gasp, male-on-male sexual relations. But he’s just bothered by how much of a slut Ryan is. Progressive.

The other major red herring (or is he!?) is Lowell, who the other members of the crew think could be responsible because he’s so quiet and creepy. But nah, he’s just a zombie. No biggie.

He is very handsome, though. And British. And he dyes his hair to look less like Blaine, which I’m sure Liv is glad about. He even makes her a chilli cocktail before dropping the z-bomb on her.

The company that all the skydiving crew are sponsored by/work for is a knock off/combination of Red Bull and Monster. I get it.

Liv and Aly feel guilty for voting to eject Holly from the sorority back in the day because she was too rowdy. But Aly expresses anger that Holly threw her life away on being a daredevil. I respect her grief.

Babineaux sticks his neck out to take on Holly’s case for Liv. His boss catches wind that Babineaux is wasting time with a case that hasn’t even been decided as a homicide yet and comes down on him, but Ravi luckily discovers the GHB in Holly’s system, so things are okay. Teamwork!

Babineaux’s boss might be a zombie, too. That boat party had a very diverse guest list.

I’ve been noticing the score for iZombie is reminding me a lot of the music in Veronica Mars. Which makes sense, because they share the same composer. I love it.

Major and the goon’s fight has superb stunt work.

Oh, and even if Lowell did have something to do with Miss Shill’s disappearance, she was a murderer, anyway. Maybe he’s like a zombie vigilante?

iZombie Flight of the Living Dead Lowell smoulder

He’s ready for his guest spot on Arrow.

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