Arrow Season 3 Episode 19 – TV Review

Arrow Broken Arrow Oliver tears

I wish Oliver had a reason to cry every episode.

There are two main character deaths.

One real.

One false.

If only they could have both been real.

TL;DR Roy fakes his death to get out of prison; Thea dies for real when Ra’s murders her; the Super Friends partner with Ray to take down a villain-of-the-week; Oliver is cleared of all Arrow suspicion; the flashback gang find out Shrieve is actually pulling the assassination strings.

Really? That’s crazy. Who would have ever guessed that?

So it’s down to the final handful of episodes, which means it’s time for a time-wasting villain-of-the-week, you know? This guy is actually a metahuman, and his power is energy absorption and laser eyes (thus, I have dubbed him Laser Eyes). Oliver can’t risk exposing any vigilantism to Quentin’s paranoid surveillance, so Felicity suggests they let Ray handle this one. Ray is a bit green, but some pep talking and via-computer magic movement manipulation from Oliver help put Laser Eyes to bed. And they ship him off to the Star Labs prison over in Central City. Meanwhile, Roy finds prison life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Oliver feels powerless to do anything, and takes Felicity’s advice to let his friends help for once. So then Roy gets shanked to death in prison. Oopsie. But psych, Felicity and Diggle actually arranged it, and he’s not dead. Ra’s, clearly sensing our need to see an annoying character executed, doesn’t stand for that, so he goes and impales Thea with his big sword. Mmm, just like ya mum. And in flashback, the gang finds out that Shrieve is actually behind all the attempts on their lives. Oliver frees Amanda Waller from a cell she’s been locked in, and she informs him that Shrieve intends to unleash Omega on Hong Kong. Oliver, Maseo, and Tatsu procure some vaccine for themselves, but eventually decide to do the heroic thing and try to stop the impending mass murder.

I’m guessing that since nobody has ever mentioned Hong Kong getting obliterated by a bioweapon that they must succeed, no?

I must say, the gasps came hard and fast for me this episode. I got a little bit too excited when Roy died, though.

Which made the reveal of his not-death very disappointing.

But hey, Arrow threw us a bone by shafting Thea. That’s good enough for me.


Why I hate this episode:

But Roy could have been dead, tho.

I don’t really see why it was necessary for Diggle and Felicity to hide it from Oliver, either. That was just cruel.

Ray proves to be bloody useless in combat against Laser Eyes. The solution? Have Oliver use some insane computer apparatus to remotely control the ATOM suit to fight Laser Eyes. Wait, just kidding. That plan immediately flatlines when the connection is lost. No, the real solution is for Oliver to just make one pep talk and then Ray inexplicably finds the combat prowess within himself. Who knew?

Oh, and guess what Laser Eyes’ weakness turns out to be? Getting punched in the face over and over. God, I’m so glad Ray got that pep talk from mega combat pro Oliver Queen. He would have never thought of that on his own.

Everyone in Starling City just takes Roy’s word for it that he’s the Arrow. I predicted that I would need to offer my condolences to them for their stupidity. And I was right.

Roy bangs on about how he wants to go to prison because he deserves to pay penance for killing that cop. But he’s in prison for about five seconds before he breaks down to Thea because he can’t handle it. “I thought prison would be a Mardis Gras. A never-ending party? Hah.”

Ray manages to downplay is “I Love You” to Felicity from last episode. He also gets jealousy pangs from Felicity’s interactions with Oliver. Oh, stop it. Nobody cares about this.

Are we supposed to be surprised that Shrieve was bad all along?

Oh, and Felicity states that no matter how things go, the Arrow can no longer exist thanks to what Ra’s has done. So next season’s looking pretty grim.


But it’s not all bad:

Roy pulls a Jeremy Gilbert and fucks off outta town. Now that he’s faked his own death, I suppose it was his only option. The only thing I’ll miss is his ability to fill a tight, leather outfit.

His death was glorious. Roy does manage to demonstrate his fighting abilities when he fends off a multiple prisoner attack earlier on (while handcuffed, no less). But then he gets shanked by a guard later. It turns out Roy had asked Felicity and Diggle to arrange a way for him to escape, so Diggle had Lyla call in an ARGUS agent who knew how to stab in a non-fatal place. He also gave Roy a drug that would imitate death.

Quentin takes the news to Thea, and then basically gloats to Oliver when he arrives. Quentin is really doubling down on being a dick. It’s fun, at least.

Oliver’s manly tears are insanely attractive. He’s no Elijah, though.

Of course, the real treat is Thea’s actual death at the end of the episode. Ra’s attacks her in her apartment. She does her best to fight him off (with some of that trademark, excellent Arrow fight choreography). But Ra’s Moira’s her with a big sword through the torso. And for that, I thank him.

Shrieve’s villainy was never going to be a surprise, but the fact that he had locked up and tortured Amanda was a nice extra layer. And she isn’t overly emotional when Oliver frees her. She just tells him what Shrieve’s plan is (kill Hong Kong; blame it on the Triad), and urges him to take the Japanese family and flee Hong Kong. And she doesn’t even go with him. Because Amanda Waller don’t need no gang of Super Flashback Friends.

The flashback gang accept the fact that Shrieve won’t let them leave Hong Kong, so they steal some Omega vaccines to use on themselves. Before realising that no, they should probably put a little effort into preventing the catastrophe, instead. Good work, team.

After Laser Eyes is locked up, Cisco (from The Flash, if you’re not watching it) discovers that he wasn’t in Central City at the time of the particle accelerator explosion. Which means he got his metahuman-ness somewhere or someway else. Ooh.

Oh, and if Arrow somehow finds a way to save Thea, I’ll never forgive it. Because this looks pretty final, right?

Arrow Broken Arrow Thea dead

I don’t know. He has failed before.

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9 responses to “Arrow Season 3 Episode 19 – TV Review”

  1. Teylen says :

    Well,.. Thea was still breathing at the end of the episode >.>

  2. Lydia says :

    I swear to god, if Thea survives this too… Do not bless us with a much needed death only to take it away, Arrow. Do NOT.

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