The Originals Season 2 Episode 18 – TV Review

The Originals Night Has A Thousand Eyes Aiden Josh in bed

Yes, I watch Game of Thrones. I just don’t worship it.

Tonight, an Original dies.


TL;DR Mikael dies; Klaus kills him; because they need his ash to mount another attack on Dahlia, because the one this episode fails; Dahlia is in town and is as hopelessly powerful as portended; Jackson tries to convince Hayley to run off to the bayou with him; Josh and Aiden have pointless relationship drama; Freya’s loyalties are questioned.

Klaus deals in only two things: paranoia, and scornful British accents.

So Dahlia turns up in town, and our heroes go into crisis mode. Klaus decides it’s time to make good on that weapon Freya mentioned a while ago, and persuades Davina to help locate Mikael, who has the ingredients. They make an enchanted knife, but Dahlia uses Magic Fu and beats them up and destroys it. Disappointed, yet pragmatic, Klaus betrays the union between him and Mikael and invinci-stakes his father so they can get some more Viking ash, which is the rarest of the weapon ingredients. Let’s hope it sticks this time. Meanwhile, Elijah petitions Josephine to spell an abandoned nightclub as a magic-free safehouse for Hope, which she does. But Jackson would rather smuggle Hayley and Hope off to hide from Dahlia in the bayou. Hayley, unfortunately, buys that shit, but Aiden, who is worried about retribution from Klaus, sabotages the plan. Josh’s worry for Aiden’s safety in this tug-of-war between Jackson and Klaus also mounts. Meanwhile, Rebekah discovers that Dahlia is so powerful because she’s channelling Freya (didn’t we already know that?), which makes everyone distrust Freya. And Dahlia closes the episode by murdering Josephine.

If only Dahlia had visited Ravenswood.

I must say, I’m glad Freya put her “let’s betray Klaus” plans on hold this episode while she deals with the much more immediate and deadly threat of Dahlia.

But given her shrieking reaction to Klaus’ killing of Mikael, I expect to see that shit come poking up again next episode.

Let’s just hope Freya can remember to prioritise.


Why I hate this episode:

Fuck off, Jackson. Do you really think that the bayou will protect you because you’re familiar with the geography? Dahlia is a millennium-old super witch. And even season 1 Bonnie Bennett could sling out a simple locator spell. Jackson is such a fucking idiot.

Hayley is no better, because she accepts the plan. Remember when Hayley used to be independent and cool? This is her punishment for spurning Elijah.

To be fair, Elijah’s plan is no more encouraging. Surely a millennium-old super witch could dispel some paltry protection charm from Josephine. The options for securing themselves from Dahlia are limited, though. Because, again, she is a millennium-old super witch.

The battle inside the church is a wank. Dahlia demonstrates that she could have easily put down Klaus and Mikael on her own (or just teleport away when things get hairy, which she does). But instead, she watches as they chew through a horde of her “acolytes.” Bitch, this isn’t Arrow. You’re not contractually obligated to have an action scene. Or are you?

Elijah is obstinately in Freya’s court when it comes to whether they should trust her or not. Damn that cumbersome nobility.

Oh, and was Jackson and Hayley’s pickup point to go with Aiden to the bayou the same pickup point for the plan to go to the nightclub with Marcel? Because that’s what it looks like. And that would be breathtakingly stupid. But hey, that suits Jackson.


But it’s not all bad:

Aiden made the right move, both in making sure Hayley and Hope ended up in the safe house (the better of two mediocre options), and in ensuring he didn’t piss off Klaus.

Klaus revels in his manipulation of Aiden and Josh. He declares as much to Davina during a chit chat; he enjoys the fact that they are in love, and therefore have something to lose.

Davina almost snatches the episode’s best line immediately after that charming insight, but Klaus slips in to usurp her:
Davina: “It must really suck to have to be you all the time.”
Klaus: “It hasn’t been a picnic, honestly.”
I like Klaus and Davina’s antagonistic-but-playful interaction. It sure beats her moody brooding from episodes past.

Another fabulous alliance this episode is Klaus and Mikael, as they decide that murdering the shit out of Dahlia is more important than their feud. If there’s one thing that could get these two to work together, it would have to be family murder, you know?

The subplot pays off when Klaus needs some more Viking ash, and that homicidal dad he hates just happens to be in staking distance. Since this is TVD-verse, Klaus takes a moment to bitch at Mikael for being a bad dad, and Mikael admits he doesn’t really know why he hated Klaus so much (prior to the revelations of his parentage, anyway): he just didn’t like him. Yep, that’ll earn you a stake to the heart, baby.

Elijah and Rebekah aren’t really bothered by it. Freya is pretty torn up, though.

Freya claims she didn’t know Dahlia was channelling her. And given her reaction to seeing Dahlia in town, and Dahlia’s cruelty towards her, I’m inclined to believe her. But ain’t nobody allowed to threaten to take Klaus’ family away from him. Well, except Klaus himself. That’s his thing, bitch.

Josh and Aiden’s relationship dramz is soppy, but I appreciate the inclusion. I’m still betting at least one of them will be dead before the end of the season.

Klaus convinces Davina to help him track down Mikael and enchant the knife by offering her Kol’s ashes (his real body’s ashes), which she will need if she hopes to perform any kind of resurrection on him. See, we haven’t forgotten about you, Kol.

Dahlia is a fucking queen on the throne when it comes to curb stomping the gang. Her hag-on-hag violence against Josephine is also a hoot. These young witches just don’t have the flair.

The ingredients for the anti-Dahlia weapon are: the ash of her Viking oppressors; the dirt of her homeland; and Freya’s blood. Davina binds them to an ordinary looking knife, so it appears as long as they have the ingredients, anything can become a suitable weapon. Might I suggest a machine gun?

Oh, and Klaus should probably get a free punch card or something for every time he kills a father (biological or otherwise). Hell, this is the second time he’s done it to Mikael.

The Originals Night Has A Thousand Eyes Mikael dies

Not all dreams come true, sadly.

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  1. Lydia says :

    Mikael was a bag of dicks anyway.

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