Revenge Season 4 Episode 19 – TV Review

Revenge Burn Victoria Louise beach

I’m sure Louise gets that a lot.

Who would have thought that our cutie patootie heiress-in-distress would end up being the key to Emily and Nolan’s greatest downfall?

Are we sure Emily needs to have that no-kill policy? Couldn’t we go PETA style just this once?

TL;DR Louise arbitrarily hands Victoria everything she needs to ruin Emily and Nolan; Emily seems to successfully pre-empt Victoria with a public defaming; Margaux flip-flops between sense and retardation; a preponderance of flashbacks signal this could be the beginning of the end for Revenge.

I reckon a mercy cancellation isn’t off the table.

So with Emily finally revealing herself as Amanda Clarke to the world, things are looking up. Except they’re not, because Louise is making fucking everything about herself, and is mad that Nolan didn’t tell her himself. So she finds the USB flash drive Lyman made and gives it to Victoria. Victoria tries to get Margaux in on the game, but Margaux is done with all this revenge-ing (she also admits that Emily didn’t push her in front of the taxi). Emily is not too happy when she finds out Victoria has the dirt on her, so she pre-empts Victoria by going on a live interview and proclaiming all the true and terrible things Victoria has done. Including murdering Aiden. Nice. Margaux picks up the “I’m a fuckhead waste of space” baton from Louise and is reinvigorated in helping Victoria demolish Emily, but Victoria seems surprisingly resigned to defeat. Huh. Meanwhile, Nolan gets the sads over Louise’s backstab and Emily’s fury at him for keeping the files around in the first place. Jack consoles him. Meanwhile, Nolan encourages Jack to go get the girl (ie. Emily), but Jack is like nah, bro. And Emily pulls double duty to squash an uprising of takedown victims now that her secret is out there. David helps her out, and they appear to succeed. This also comes with a flashback montage of Emily’s greatest hits.

Remember how juicy season 1 was? Ahh.

In fact, there are flashbacks everywhere this episode. Hell, it was almost a clip show. Which indicates to me that Revenge is heading into its final episodes.

With Emily’s secret finally public knowledge, I don’t see how this show could continue, anyway.

But I wouldn’t discount any ABC soap opera from shuffling on, despite the death of its premise.

Pretty Little Liars is going to be around for seven seasons before it’s gone. If that isn’t proof enough that there is no God, I don’t know what is.


Why I hate this episode:

Lou-fucking-ise. What the actual fuck, bitch? Like, really? You’re going to blow up Nolan and Emily’s lives because he didn’t tell you Emily’s secret? That’s none of your goddamn business, anyway. The fact that Louise later is like “Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t set fire to my only friends over an imagined slight” is even more insulting. But then again, I wouldn’t expect Louise to be able to think about anything before she acted. Because that would require her to have the ability to think.

And finding Lyman’s USB just chilling on the beach is fucking insane. The lynchpin for Victoria’s entire arsenal against Emily is a USB that Louise happens to notice at night on an unlit beach, but that police investigators didn’t notice at all? Fuck the fuck off.

Margaux is no better. Hope seems to be restored when she and Victoria trade sides on the “I won’t stop you, but I won’t help you” wheel, with Margaux only interested in the good news of Daniel’s name being cleared, and not interested in helping Victoria smite Emily. But then Margaux watches Emily’s interview, the interview where Emily tells of all the truly heinous things Victoria did (including fucking murder), and Margaux is back on Team Let’s Get Emily. I first thought that the indignant head shaking meant she was coming to her senses about Victoria. But no.

While I would appreciate the capitulation, Victoria’s defeat is way too easily earned. She doesn’t even want to rebut Emily’s interview. The Victoria I know would at least make some pathetic attempt at a one-up before getting thoroughly spanked back down to reality by Emily. That’s the bread and butter of this show, baby.

Victoria again brings up (in her pursuit of convincing early-episode Margaux to hop on the Revenge Train) Emily supposedly causing Pascal’s death. No, cunt. Conrad killed Pascal. We all know this. And Pascal was a homicidal, conspiratorial bastard, anyway. You need to stop trying to squeeze his death for sympathy points. Fuck.

Does Revenge really expect us to care that Nolan and Louise are feuding?

Nolan burns the whale camera in his sorrow. No!

Oh, and bottom line, even if Victoria does manage to get Emily charged with all the illegal shit she did, Emily could totally take Victoria down with her murder of Aiden. Step off, Victoria.


But it’s not all bad:

Emily says in her live, national interview that Victoria killed Aiden. Get investigating, cops. You’re bound to get one right someday.

One of Emily’s season 1 takedowns, the prosecutor who convicted David, begins assembling fellow takedown victims to get whatever charges they can filed against Emily. Emily intercepts him at his office (he is now a shoddy personal injury lawyer. I lol’d) and threatens him. Then David comes in as backup, and threatens to kill him, too. That shuts him up. The flashbacks to Emily’s season 1 takedowns are very welcome.

The most conspicuous, and most promising, flashback is that of Lydia. Hers is noticeably long, including the fact that she’s still MIA. On its own, this would have been a great little tease. But the episode ends with a stinger showing someone in a tropical resort location circling a red ring around a newspaper photo of Emily. The fruity, pink drink they order makes me think it’s a woman. And with the setup, this would have to be someone important and someone we already know. Charlotte isn’t anywhere near fabulous enough to pull it off, so I’m hopefully assuming that this means Lydia is back for the final act, bitches. Yes, please.

Emily’s rage at Nolan for keeping the incriminating files is pretty genuine. As is his depression afterwards. He jumps to the woeful conclusion that Emily only ever saw him as tech support, but thankfully Jack is around to reassure him that they’re totally besties.

Everyone looks so bloody young in the flashbacks. And Jack has his dirty, sexy long hair. Mmm.

Hunter’s only look-in this episode is when he has a spat at Emily for going public with her truths without consulting him. The revelation does cast suspicions on the cases he’s worked on where she has been involved, so he has a point.

I’ll throw Margaux a few crumbs for her early position against getting revenge on Emily. And she does come clean to Victoria about the car accident. If only she could have held onto that presence of mind.

Everything Emily says in her interview is true. Whether Margaux wants to let it through her thick, French skull or not.

Oh, and with the divorce papers drawn up, it looks like Louise might be packing up her obstructive foolishness and fucking off for good. Please, let it be so.

Revenge Burn Louise

Oh, honey. Don’t flatter yourself.

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  1. Anonymous says :

    Maybe we’ll find our Nolan and Amanda are brother and sister, finally…

  2. Anonymous says :

    I’ve said they are siblings since season 1 !!!

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