The Originals Season 2 Episode 17 – TV Review

The Originals Exquisite Corpse Freya Elijah spell

But then I just look at him again and I’m content.

Claire Holt must still be on her sabbatical. Which is bad news for fans of The Originals who are fans of the original Originals.

Season 2: We’re Hiring Cheaper Actors And Using Body Jumping Magic To Save Our Bottom Line.

TL;DR At least Eva’s soul is dead, so Rebekah can be at home as Re-black-ah; Freya helps with the whole deal, but resolves to betray Klaus; and she kills Lenore; Actual Vincent plays a fake double agent to ensure the rescue of all of Eva’s victims; Hayley takes awkward snipes at Elijah for bedding Gia.

You had your chance, bitch! You did this!

So it’s time to deal with child-murderer extraordinaire: Eva Sinclair. Except it turns out all her victims (including Davina) are actually just in magical stasis somewhere (except that kid whose throat she slit). An odd pulling of a punch for a TVD-verse show. Anyway, Eva gains full control of her body this episode, so everyone scrambles to prevent her from completing some morbid ritual she’s been trying to do (the child-murdering was part of it), and save Rebekah’s consciousness from being swallowed up. This mainly involves Klaus taking Freya to Lenore (who, sadly, didn’t die) so she can teach her the body jumping spell. Freya doesn’t like it, but she does get to peek inside Klaus and Elijah’s minds when she uses them as anchors so she can send Marcel and Actual Vincent into Eva’s mind to secure Rebekah and kill Eva. Everything goes well enough, with Eva meeting a poetic end (Rebekah’s child consciousness stabs her to death), but Rebekah chooses to stay in Eva’s body so she can maintain her witch abilities to try to save Kol. Freya, though, having seen the depths of Klaus’ paranoid mistrust, decides to formulate a plan to turn all their family against him. Except Lenore, who she kills. Meanwhile, Elijah and Hayley waste the episode by appealing to Josephine not to kill Eva on sight while she’s running around town. Josephine ends up falling victim to Eva, but is saved along with the other victims later. Hayley does show how fucking jealous she is of Gia, Elijah’s new sex buddy, though. Fuck off. Meanwhile, Actual Vincent pretends to join forces with Eva so he can sniff out the location of the victims. And Jackson does not appear this episode, so thank goodness for that.

I prefer my gruff brooding when it has a British accent. Thanks, Klaus.

Freya’s snap decision to turn against Klaus at the end of the episode feels forced. We’ve already got Dahlia coming to town (still waiting for that, btw). Why do we need Freya sabotaging what fragile forces they’ve got mounted against her?

Unless Freya actually is on Dahlia’s side.

In which case, I think the gang is pretty fucked.


Why I hate this episode:

Things feel pretty low stakes the whole time. I didn’t for a second think that Rebekah would actually be killed off by Eva.

And the fact that there is always some stupid, new rule for whatever spell they have to perform is like all the bad parts of a Bonnie Ex Machina multiplied. Freya has to use one of the Originals as an “anchor” for the mind expedition spell, because she has no home or something due to Esther giving her to Dahlia? Huh? It’s only included so Freya can look inside Klaus’ mind (also a side effect of using him as a spell anchor for some reason), which is what precipitates her plot for betrayal. How exhausting.

Hayley’s unsubtle jealousy about Elijah’s sex with Gia is fucking infuriating. I’m as mad as she is that Elijah is in bed with some inferior, baby vampire. But you had your goddamn chance, Hayley. You had a season and a half of goddamn chances. Then you married some redneck trashball and didn’t even have the decency to allow Elijah to be your secret boyfriend (which would have been the perfect solution, you know). Shut the fuck up.

Gia can also fuck off with her haughtiness. Please, baby. The adults are talking.

Lenore has some sing song about how she took no joy in trying to kill Hope, and she was only trying to save her kids from Dahlia. Yeah, no matter how good your intentions were, trying to murder a child isn’t going to win you any points. Just ask Eva.

In addition to Kol, another arbitrary reason for Rebekah choosing to stay in Eva’s body is because Eva linked herself to the victims. So if Eva dies, they die (and with Eva’s consciousness dead, if Rebekah leaves the body, it’s kaput). Apparently Rebekah has assumed that no witch they know could possibly be capable of performing an unlinking spell. If Freya can break out of magic-cancelling shackles by herself, I think she could handle this.

Camille does not appear this episode. I’m low on my blonde bitch quota. Freya isn’t enough, and Rebekah has black hair now.

Oh, and The Originals jarringly cheaps out on giving us Claire Holt’s Rebekah by having Rebekah’s consciousness inside Eva’s mind represented by her child form. Pfft.


But it’s not all bad:

I’ll take Re-black-ah over not having Rebekah at all, I suppose. Season 1 admittedly improved once Rebekah left, but season 2 has been better for her having returned. Keep it up, baby.

Freya kind of hilariously proves Klaus right: he doesn’t trust her because he thinks she could betray him, and she decides to betray him because he is so mistrusting. Klaus’ paranoia is accurate again.

The high point of the episode is when Klaus takes Freya to see Lenore and Freya spits chips. Because Esther fucking sold her into slavery with Dahlia as a kid, remember? Lenore gets what she deserves when Freya returns alone at the end of the episode and turns Lenore into a flock of dead crows. Can she body jump out of this one?

Elijah doesn’t get to do much this episode apart from running messages to Josephine and offering himself to anchor Freya’s spell (Klaus eventually has to join in to keep it stable). But damn, he makes it look good.

Gia, shockingly, shows something other than selfishness when she pledges to help Hayley protect Hope. Because she knows it would be important to Elijah. And, I presume, because she has nothing better to do. It shuts Hayley’s jealous bitch mouth up for a little while, at least.

When Eva tells Marcel that Davina is her latest victim, Marcel goes ballistic. Klaus isn’t the only sexy Papa Wolf in town. Their reunion once Eva is defeated is nice.

Actual Vincent tells his story of how he was so in love with Eva. But then witch kids started going missing, so he formed a search posse for them. He was heartbroken when he found out the abductor was the love of his life.

Eva “wins” Actual Vincent over when she reveals that the kids aren’t dead. She later backpedals and admits that they’re not dead… yet. They will have to die for the rite she plans to perform. If Vincent wasn’t already planning to put her down, I imagine that would have been the necessary incentive.

If it matters, Eva’s plan was to perform a rite that requires a sacrifice of one witch for each of the nine bloodlines in New Orleans, which would establish some new witch order or something. Josephine is apparently the last one she needed, which means it was completed, so I suspect this isn’t the last we’ll be hearing of this.

Josephine sees a great blackness in Hayley’s future. So she’s going to get into Marcel’s pants?

Oh, and Klaus compels Lenore to be truthful about the spell she teaches Freya. So unless Freya added in some new lyrics, there should be no side effects that we don’t already know about. Wouldn’t that be nice for a change?

The Originals Exquisite Corpse Lenore Esther Freya

Don’t worry. Freya will make it so that you have crow’s everything.

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