Arrow Season 3 Episode 18 – TV Review

Arrow Public Enemy Quentin

“Guns are the answer.” -America

Yes, guns are the answer.

Who knew they’d be more effective than literal hand lightning?

Something to keep in mind for future ATOM suit iterations, Ray.

TL;DR Quentin is inspired to take down the Arrow; Oliver gives himself up to end the conflict; Ray almost dies after being shot with an arrow, but nanobots save his sweet ass; flashbacks show Oliver’s interactions with Shadow…’s twin.

I wanted to say her name was “May,” so as not to be racially presumptuous. But no, it’s “Mei.”

So we pick up at the very second last episode ended: with Felicity in Maseo’s sights. Ray takes the arrow for her, instead, and Quentin sees this as yet more cause to hunt down the Arrow. Despite the Super Friends’ attempts to thwart Maseo and his League goons, Ra’s intervenes by getting some face time with Quentin and telling him the Arrow’s true identity. Quentin outs Oliver to all of Starling City, and Oliver, faced with a choice between submitting to Ra’s offer or giving himself up, gives himself up. The Super Friends aren’t gonna stand for that, though, and the episode ends with Roy intercepting Oliver’s prison transport vehicle and giving himself up as the supposed Real Arrow. I was hoping Diggle, Felicity, and Laurel would swoop in for an I Am Spartacus follow-up, but alas. Meanwhile, Ray has complications from his arrow wound. Felicity takes it upon herself to use his nanobots to eliminate a deadly blood clot (the hospital refused. Luckily, Felicity’s hot mum was around to encourage her daughter), and Ray’s life is saved. But Felicity is still in love with Oliver or something. And in flashback, Oliver and the Japanese couple’s son hide out with Mei, Shadow’s twin sister. ARGUS assassins come calling, but Oliver and a returning Maseo and Tatsu make sure all our heroes get out alive.

Given that we’re deep into season 3 and Arrow has only just now decided to pull some Twinanigans, I’d say that’s some decent restraint for a comic book adaptation.

But on the other hand, fuck Twinanigans. Lazy.

Hot, evil doppelgangers, though? That I can handle. Gosh, I miss Katherine.


Why I hate this episode:

Quentin needs to fucking calm the fucking fuck down, for fuck’s sake. I suppose another symptom of being deep into a third season means that formerly rational, helpful characters suddenly become toxically antagonistic just for the sake of driving the plot. Why can’t Quentin deal with Sara’s death in the same way Laurel did? By putting on a tight, leather suit and a ridiculous wig?

Oliver’s decision to turn himself in was disappointing, but I understand that it was the safest move he could make (and he apparently has some further plan). What was more disappointing, though was the big missed opportunity for the Spartacus moment. I’m not kidding. As soon as I saw Roy in that green suit, I was like “Cool, here we go.” But they didn’t.

The flashbacks are, again, just padding. All Mei does is mope about how her sister and father are missing and presumed dead. Then Oliver confirms they’re dead. Then Mei has a bit of a teary. Then obligatory ARGUS agents shoot up her house, Maseo and Tatsu pile in for a reunion, and that’s it. Did Shadow’s actress have a spare episode in her contract or something?

Roy is fucking still whingeing about that cop he killed last year. He tells Thea at one point that he thinks he deserves to go to jail. If Oliver can get over intentionally murdering people by the dozens in season 1, I think you can stomach putting an accidental killing behind you, baby.

Ooh, Felicity can’t say “I Love You” back to Ray because she’s still in love with Oliver. What a bloody surprise.

Oh, and if Oliver is again cleared as being the Arrow (which will be required if this show is to continue existing), my condolences to the stupid, stupid citizens of Starling City.


But it’s not all bad:

I’m liking this stakes-raising. Not only has Oliver been taken into police custody as the Arrow, but Quentin has also announced his identity to the world. Bitches better work if they’re going to get out of this one.

Quentin learns Oliver’s secret identity because Ra’s straight-up tells him. Who knew Ra’s al Ghul was such an avid gossip monger?

Laurel’s reaction when Quentin tells her he knows the Arrow’s identity is a wonderful and appropriate “Oh, crap” face.

The Super Friends’ assault on Maseo and the League goons ends in failure, but I’ll give them points for effort. Nyssa even helps them by giving them the location, though she refuses to engage in combat with the League.

This failed assault actually evolves into an incredible chase sequence throughout the city, as Oliver, Laurel, Roy, and Diggle attempt to outrun the police forces trying to catch them. I do love a good practical effects car chase.

Quentin himself manages to corner Laurel, but Nyssa intervenes and gets her out of there. Could this be love?

Mei earns herself a few points by being grateful when Oliver tells her the fate of her family. She’s not a combatant super soldier like her sister, though, so I don’t think she’ll be joining the flashback gang.

I predicted Mei would be Shadow’s evil twin, but given how innocuous she is, I’d say she’s probably the good one. I lol’d.

With Maseo and Tatsu now reunited with Oliver and their son, I’m left guessing again as to what great tragedy will soon befall them. I’m still banking on the son’s death, if you’d care to know.

Oliver makes a deal with Quentin to bestow immunity upon the rest of the Super Friends in exchange for his submission. Always the hero.

Donna is back in all her skintight dress glory. She creates a melodramatic fake medical emergency diversion so Felicity can slip Ray the nanobots. She’s also the one who deduces that Felicity’s inability to say ILY back to Ray is because she’s still in love with Oliver. How about Felicity gets Oliver, and Donna gets Ray? Perfect. Laurel can have Nyssa.

When Felicity first exits Ray’s room after administering the nanobots and getting his “I Love You,” Donna excitedly assumes Felicity is flushed because she just had hospital sex. I respect Donna’s priorities.

Oh, and I can’t think of any character more deserving of an arrow to the chest as a reality check. Especially if it’s to save a much cooler character.

Arrow Public Enemy Ray shot with arrow

If you have to ask, then no.

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7 responses to “Arrow Season 3 Episode 18 – TV Review”

  1. /dev/null says :

    Lyssa is interesting (and hot) but Loliver 4ever.

  2. Lydia says :

    If they don’t somehow clear Oliver’s name of being the Arrow, I will be impressed they had the balls to out his secret identity.

    Also, I’m still really disappointed with what the writers are doing with the Atom.

    Meanwhile, the Flash continues to be great. It’s still got that first season buzz.

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