iZombie Season 1 Episode 3 – TV Review

iZombie The Exterminator Marcy

Zombification in this world just gives you perfect blonde hair and superpowers, and that’s the way I like it.

Last week saw Liv get hot and horny.

Now it’s time for her to be cold.

Dead cold.

TL;DR Liv and Babineaux bring an assassin-hiring, business partner-murdering douchebag to justice; Liv and British Coworker encounter another zombie from the boat party; Ex-Fiancé moves on with some new chick; Blaine’s villainy deepens.

Blonde guys are evil. Didn’t you know?

So, case-of-the-week time: Liv eats the brains of a hit and run victim, who turns out to be a hitman who killed a prominent tech business man, whose murder trial Aly is the prosecutor for. To prevent them nailing the wrong man, Liv twists Babineaux’s arm to uncover the real truth: the tech man’s business partner ordered the hit (for better profits, obviously), then killed the hitman himself to tie up the loose end. Aly is initially pissed off that Liv’s investigation irreparably harmed her own career as a prosecutor, but she’s grateful that the truth was revealed. Meanwhile, some kids find a zombie trapped in a hole in an abandoned shipyard. Liv and Ravi (British Coworker, welcome to your name upgrade) find out it’s Liv’s friend Marcy, the one who invited her to the boat party. Marcy is too far gone, despite Ravi’s earnest attempts to help her, and because Liv has the sociopathic qualities of a hitman’s brain running through her, she advocates and carries out Marcy’s execution. Aww. Liv’s inherited sociopathy also causes minor tension in general. And Ex-Fiancé, who is currently kissing around with a new chick, comes to Liv for help: a troubled youth he mentors had a friend go missing, and he has Liv take the case to Babineaux. But of course, we get to see that Blaine is apparently abducting “nobody will miss them” youths off the street.

I would presume to eat/harvest them. Because they wouldn’t be able to afford the monthly brain delivery fees.

I can’t say I’m as impressed with Sociopath Liv as I was with Horndog Liv, and it worries me exactly how many personality types iZombie can burn through before they run out.

But hey, it’s only episode 3. It’s still fun.

I’m hoping that she’ll one day eat the brain of a bitter, narcissistic TV blogger. I think she’d love it.


Why I hate this episode:

For someone who doesn’t like mixed messages, Ex-Fiancé’s appeal to Liv for help with his missing kid is pretty on the nose. “Unexpectedly showing up is only okay when I do it.”

Babineaux doesn’t even get a chance to do anything. We last see the missing kid’s friend (Ex-Fiancé’s mentee) out canvassing the skate park by himself. Which is when Blaine lures him away. So it’s moot, anyway.

I found it odd that Aly is on her first case as prosecutor, and the DA has assigned her a high profile, kinda-celebrity murder trial. I get the whole “throwing them in the deep end” approach, but that’s pretty risky.

When Liv laments how her inherited sociopathy isn’t good for her, Ravi suggests eating a new brain to get rid of it. But then immediately counters that with the fact she needs Hitman’s memory flashes to help solve the case. Don’t be a brain-tease, bro.

Ravi’s fall into the Marcy pit was painfully inevitable.

Oh, and Liv, after some sociopathic hesitation, jumps into the pit to save him, and bashes Marcy’s head in with a pipe. But they don’t show us: we just get the back of Liv’s head covering up the action, and a little blood splatter on Liv’s pretty, white cheek. And you know how much I love zombies without gore. Even when they are CW zombies.


But it’s not all bad:

This is the first time we’ve seen what the real consequences are of zombification. Marcy is all textbook rotted and stupefied. Ravi tries throwing some brains for her to eat in the hope that it will rejuvenate her, but evidently you can get to a point of no return. They assume Marcy has been in the hole since shortly after the boat party. So that’s six months of isolation and transformation into a monster. How awful for her.

Ravi, ever the beacon of idealism, is disgusted with Liv’s suggestion to put Marcy out of her misery. He attempts to get a sample from Marcy, which is how he falls in. As long as his virtue doesn’t become too much of an inconvenience, I’m happy that someone around here gets to be the good guy.

Speaking of good guys, the whole crew comes together to nab the evil Business Partner in the crime-of-the-week. Once Babineaux and Liv have just enough evidence to go on, they couple that with a memory flash of Liv’s where she saw a garbage collector apparently witness a conversation between Business Partner and Hitman. They bring in the smug snake and lay out their theory, with the bottom half of the garbage collector visible in the police station through a partially obscured window. Business Partner falls for it, and Aly struts in with a plea deal to make sure he goes down. He does, and then it’s revealed that Ravi was in the garbage collector uniform; the actual “witness” didn’t remember seeing them, so they bluffed it. Teamwork!

One of the vital clues to connecting Hitman to the tech man’s killing is the results of a trivia tournament at a bar they both visited on the night of the murder. See? Spending hours on Wikipedia and TV Tropes could pay off one day. That’s what I’ve always maintained, and now I have proof.

I was wondering where’s Blaine’s evil could evolve to after his sexually transmitted zombification gambit from last episode. Abducting underprivileged youths is an inspired choice.

Liv tells Blaine to fuck off earlier this episode, which he is evidently adhering to. Kudos.

Oh, and part of Liv’s arc this episode is making the decision to get rid of the rest of Hitman’s brain, despite how liberating it was not to feel emotions while under its influence. Personally, I probably would have stashed a tiny bit away in case I ever needed it, but I admire her integrity.

iZombie The Exterminator Liv hitman brain

Emotions are for ugly people.

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