Revenge Season 4 Episode 18 – TV Review

Yes, now that every single important character knows Emily’s secret, it’s time for the world at large to get in on the goss.

This is the kind of thing hospital research wing groundbreaking galas usually end on, right?

TL;DR Emily decides to both clear Daniel’s name (with more lies), and reveal her own; Louise continues to act like a wife despite her and Nolan’s marriage being a sham; Victoria makes a token effort of going after Emily, with no success; Margaux proves she has learned her lesson, and is abandoning her revenge against Emily.

Well, with the baby crushed under a windshield, who was she doing it for now, anyway?

The episode’s major plot revolves around Emily’s sudden onset of guilt over the smearing of Daniel’s name. It’s brought on by the hospital’s decision to nix the new research wing being named after him due to bad publicity. She goes to Jack and asks him to rescind his earlier lying statement about the night he died, and make a new lying statement that Malcolm Black attacked Emily and Daniel saved her. Jack almost goes for it, but Stevie stops that dumb shit right in its tracks. So Emily just goes to the press-laden groundbreaking gala for the new hospital wing (it’s still going ahead, just without Grayson involvement) and announces to the world Daniel’s heroic act (false), and her own real name: Amanda Clarke (true). One out of two ain’t bad. Meanwhile, Victoria goes on the warpath following Margaux’s lie about Emily being responsible for the taxi mow-down. She tries to get up in Hunter and Louise’s shit to get dirt on Lyman’s suspicious death, but gets nowhere. Meanwhile, Louise gets all clucky and repeatedly suggests adopting a baby to Nolan. And she also gets a case of the jellies when she finds out he’s been gallivanting around with that floozy of a social worker of his. And Hunter, too, gets a case of the jellies because Emily is consulting Jack more than she is consulting him about her plan to clear Daniel’s name.

Oh, Hunter. Emily and Jack are destined to be together. And if this season’s middling quality is any indication, Revenge is on its way to a speedy wrap-up. Just get out of the way now.

The whole episode is one giant waste of time, save for the final moments when Emily outs herself to the world.

Victoria’s subplot is meaningless and unfruitful; Louise’s “our marriage isn’t a sham” subplot is still as retarded as it was last time; and Emily’s sudden spur into action to clear Daniel’s name is arbitrary and dangerous to herself, and everyone else involved in the coverup.

What the fuck, Emily?


Why I hate this episode:

She continually reassures her friends that she’s on top of it and her plan won’t go awry, but it’s ridiculously risky. And very out of character for her. If she was doing her research, she should know that Margaux is out of the revenge game. And Victoria’s schemes are stamped out by fucking useless Louise, of all people. With the baby dead and the hospital board’s decision on the wing naming final, there is no reason to risk so much to make this happen.

Hunter is right when he scolds her for not consulting him, because it could fuck him over. And he only just got promoted to detective, bitch. Rude.

Jack, ever the sexy lapdog, only hesitates because Stevie forces him to. Is he hoping his compliance with the plan will make Emily like him? Is he that desperate? “Who cares about getting caught lying to the authorities when I could impress a hot blonde.”

I’m also not seeing how Emily revealing herself to the public is going to do her any good. Maybe that will become clearer soon.

In the Bizarre Stunt Casting stakes, Courtney Love turns up for one scene as an assassin that Margaux forgot she hired for a hit on Emily. I can only assume Courtney must be friends with the producers or something, because it makes no sense at all. Her scene is surreal and absurd. An assassin? Really?

Louise needs to shut the fuck up with this marriage shit. She wants a fucking baby now? Has she forgotten that this is a sham marriage to a mostly gay guy to circumvent legal red tape for her money? What the hell? Are we supposed to feel bad for her when Nolan lies about going to hang out with Tony? Is Revenge actually serious with this?

Oh, and Stevie and David get a couple of water-treading scenes just to get in their obligatory screentime. Really riveting stuff.


But it’s not all bad:

Stevie and David are the strongest opponents of Emily’s quest to clear Daniel’s name, though. So thank God for that. The scene where Emily first asks Jack to make a new statement and Stevie comes out and is like “Hell no, Goldilocks” is one of the episode’s highlights.

The reactions to Emily’s press conference range satisfyingly from relief from Margaux, “wtf” from Nolan, anger from Stevie, satisfaction from David, betrayal from Hunter, and confusion from Louise. Victoria’s reaction is the hardest to pin down. She should seem happy that Emily is clearing Daniel’s name, but I don’t think she’s willing to give up her revenge on Emily for supposedly killing Margaux’s baby. We’ll see.

Louise maybe proves she’s not entirely hopeless by agreeing to divorce Nolan. She’s a psycho little cat, though, so I’ll temper my enthusiasm for this until she proves she isn’t going to do something stupid. Because she does overhear Nolan telling Jack he pities her, and seems pretty hurt by it. And knowing Louise, her reaction of doing the sensible thing by ending the marriage seems mighty odd.

I’m impressed with Margaux’s efforts to fully withdraw all revenge attempts on Emily (except the lie to Victoria, though). She goes out of her way to personally meet with Courtney Love: International Assassin and order her to stop the hit. Courtney, oddly, doesn’t want to. And she also implicitly threatens Margaux because Margaux knows her true identity. I’m not sure I can suffer more of Courtney’s “acting,” but an assassin might be able to finish the job that the taxi started. I’ll allow it.

And for what it’s worth, Margaux is lightly backpedalling on the Emily lie. Victoria assumes Margaux will be taking her allegations to the prosecutor’s office, but Margaux is like “Uhhhhh.”

Emily chooses to go to the groundbreaking gala with Jack instead of going to Hunter’s celebration party. And Hunter sees them together on TV (as well as the later revelation bombshell). That’s score one to Jack, baby. Hunter better step it up. With more shirtless scenes, that is.

Lyman’s funeral happened off-screen and with no fuss. Thank goodness. Mother Ellis was not someone I wanted to see again.

Tony fucks Nolan off when he witnesses him lying to Louise about his whereabouts when they’re at a party together. Way to have some dignity. But with his obviously fake beard, I’m still betting we haven’t seen the last of him. Arbitrary mystery is the bread and butter of a good soap.

Oh, and let’s just take another moment to appreciate Queen Courtney, in all her “why the hell are you in this what’s happening” glory.

Revenge Clarity Courtney Love

“Or is it hatred that my career lives on? I don’t remember.”

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  1. Dave says :

    “Well, with the baby crushed under a windshield, who was she doing it for now, anyway?”

    I think I’m in love.

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