iZombie Season 1 Episode 2 – TV Review

iZombie Brother Can You Spare A Brain Blaine

He’s pretty suave for a recently zombified drug dealer.

When your antagonism involves zombifying unknowing victims and then pushing brains on them like drugs, then yes, baby. You’re bad.

Nicely done.

TL;DR Blaine plays nice with Liv, but ends up showing his true, drug dealer colours; Liv has a failed reconciliation with Ex-Fiancé; the case-of-the-week makes Liv horny and passionate.

Mostly horny.

We’ll get the case-of-the-week stuff out of the way first: a painter is murdered, and Babineaux hopes Liv’s “pyschic” powers can help in the investigation. So she nibbles a little brain matter, and a gender reversed version of Castle is born. A couple of twists and turns (and mistresses) later, and it turns out the painter’s wife (Carla from Scrubs) is the killer. An extramarital affair-turned-pregnancy-turned-baby with an eighteen year-old will do that to a person. Meanwhile, Liv takes on Javier’s (the painter) personality traits, which this go around makes her verbose, passionate, and very horny. There are some amusing encounters with the crime suspects, but she eventually tries to come onto Ex-Fiancé. He, in a rare show of self-worth, turns her down. Meanwhile, Liv and British Coworker manage to draw Blaine (the drug dealer from the party boat) out to meet them. He is initially friendly and conciliatory, but Liv is still worried that he’s not all he makes himself out to be. And she’s right, because we, the audience, get to watch as he has sex with a random woman, zombifies her, and then sells her overpriced brains.

It’s a pusher’s market.

I think I’ll have to admit that my whinge last episode about the formula being too heavily leaned on could have been premature. With the formula up front and centre again this episode, I was getting a happily Castle-esque vibe from iZombie.

Except without that “will they or won’t they” bullshit that can never be solved well. Castle is just barely chugging along with their marriage, and it utterly destroyed Bones.

So unless Babineaux suddenly gets a craving for very, very white meat, I think iZombie could be safe from that.


Why I hate this episode:

It’s not a huge deal, but I’m still finding myself frustrated at the lack of clarity on the zombie rules. Did Blaine’s sex with that woman cause the zombification? Like an STD? Or did he also bite or scratch her or whatever?

The bullet hole Liv should have from her wound last episode isn’t addressed.

Liv remains suspicious of Blaine, but she does agree to bring some takeaway brains to him. When she goes to hand them over, she sees him talking to a couple of gang thugs and assumes Blaine is lying about cleaning up his act, and is still in league with his old drug buddies. In actuality, Blaine was trying to brush them off because he wasn’t interested in being a drug dealer anymore. Of course, he horribly murders both of them later, and we see that he’s changed his product to something much more sinister. But that’s beside the point: Liv, this isn’t Gossip Girl. You don’t just see a few seconds of someone talking to someone across a street and make wild assumptions. Just go fucking ask him, and then he can tell you that he’s trying to get rid of them. Gosh.

Liv’s impulsive attempt to reunite with Ex-Fiancé and hop on his dick could have turned him into a zombie, too (I think?). Rude. I know she was at the mercy of her brain-induced traits from Javier, which she, too, realises afterwards. But check yo’self, gurl. Before you wreck that innocent guy who you love.

Oh, and part of Liv’s behavioural change from Javier is to start painting a canvas to hang in her and Aly Michalka’s apartment. It ends up looking massively basic, and I don’t care.


But it’s not all bad:

The relationships between the main characters are already starting to form, and are very promising. The best one is Liv’s protective attitude towards British Coworker. Babineaux calls Liv out to help with the case while she and British Coworker are examining Blaine. Liv subtly declares the session is over, because she doesn’t want to leave Blaine alone with British Coworker. Aww.

To Blaine’s credit, he understands what she’s doing, and accepts it.

Liv’s relationship with Babineaux is also super cute. Another trait of Javier’s she inherits is his rampant libido, which leads to her ogling and flirting heavily with one of Javier’s female mistresses. And then also flirting with said mistress’ ex-boyfriend. During interrogation, naturally. Babineaux’s “wtf” face is endearing.

The climax of the episode takes place at an art showing. The mistress’ ex-boyfriend corners Liv (his appeal to her has waned) and tries to sexually assault her. So she briefly enters rabid mode and breaks his nose to get away. He later comes storming after her, and Babineaux punches his ass out. What a sweetheart.

Liv gets the best line of the episode during the mistress’ ex-boyfriend’s interrogation:
Babineaux: “What were you doing Tuesday between the hours of six and seven?”
Mistress’ ex-boyfriend: “I was at home alone.”
Liv (surprised, sultry): “How did that happen?”
They should probably mop up the floor under her once the interview is over.

Babineaux also pegs Carla as the culprit from the second the case begins. Because she’s the spouse, and it’s always the spouse. Liv is a liberal, hippie idealist, so she finds his dismissive attitude disappointing. Of course, Babineaux ends up being right: Carla, while claiming she and Javier had an open marriage or whatever, found out he was not only banging his art dealer’s eighteen year-old daughter, but had impregnated her. Yada yada yada a woman scorned blah blah. You know the deal.

She did kill him by stabbing him through the eye with a paintbrush, though. That was pretty neat.

Blaine is impressed that Liv chose a career in the morgue, because it would give her access to brains. He claims that he robs graves to satisfy his own needs.

Which leads into trying to scam some brains out Liv so he can sell them to the poor woman he zombifies to turn a buck. And she pays up, so kudos to you, Blaine.

Ex-Fiancé turns down Liv’s sexual advance because she’s treated him like shit for the past six months. You go, boy.

Oh, and Liv has an impressively convincing “sleazy, muse-fucking artist douchebag” face.

iZombie Brother Can You Spare A Brain Liv mistress

She’s been taking butch lesbian lessons from Hanna Marin.

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  1. Teylen says :

    I do wonder if the Zombies in that verse can eat animal brain.
    Cause the little one Blaine pushed onto his new Brainaddict looked like either a animal or a baby one @.@;

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