Arrow Season 3 Episode 17 – TV Review

Arrow Suicidal Tendencies ATOM lightning

Does anyone have a free bottomless pit we could throw him down?

This is also another Suicide Squad episode.

Because the last one of those was so great.

TL;DR Diggle and Lyla go on a time-wasting Suicide Squad mission; the remaining Super Friends work to anticipate Ra’s’ next targets; Ray finds out who the Arrow is and tries unsuccessfully to arrest him; Oliver and Felicity bitch at each other; the flashbacks are to Deadshot’s life prior to becoming an assassin.

Fuck that Japanese kid. His backstory can wait, dammit.

So it’s a pretty time-wastey episode all over the shop this week, but we’ll start with the Suicide Squad stuff. Because it is pure padding. Diggle and Lyla get married at the start of the episode, but are quickly called in by Amanda to extract some embattled senator under siege by terrorists in a fake foreign country. Their Suicide Squad teammates are Deadshot and newly-recruited Cupid. Blah blah the senator is actually the evil mastermind, and the gang ends up saving the hostages, but Deadshot dies in the process. Flashbacks show us how Deadshot returned from being in the army with PTSD, estranged himself from his wife and daughter, and reluctantly became an assassin. Aww. Meanwhile in Starling City, the Super Friends struggle to keep ahead of Ra’s game (headed by Maseo this episode) to kill gang thugs while posing as the Arrow. Ray sees this as the perfect opportunity to test out his ATOM suit and apprehend the Arrow, but things get awkward when he discovers it’s Oliver. Some dick measuring later, and Ray gets over himself. And Felicity and Oliver bitch at each other about nothing important, but end up getting over that, too. And then Maseo fucking murders the mayor, and the episode ends as he takes aim at Felicity.

Oh, come on, Arrow. You wouldn’t kill two blonde Super Friends in one season, would you?

While the goings on with Ray and his ATOM suit are a necessary step forward, every other front this episode is padding paradise.

The Suicide Squad mission amounts to nothing. And Felicity and Oliver’s back-and-forth is nothing we haven’t heard already.

Even Ra’s couldn’t be bothered getting out of bed for this one, so he just sends in Maseo, instead.


Why I hate this episode:

I’m still struggling to accept Maseo’s apparently fanatical allegiance to Ra’s and the League. Sara was saved by the League, and she was always in opposition to them. Nyssa is the head honcho’s daughter, and she’s only supportive of their rules when it benefits her and her heart’s desire. The reason for Maseo’s descent into darkness had better be bloody spectacular if we’re to believe his callousness shown this episode.

How much more of Oliver and Felicity’s UST do we have to endure? He keeps putting himself in the way of it, and Felicity keeps instigating drama by constantly accusing Oliver of being jealous. You two need to pick up a substance abuse problem or something. Anything to shut you up.

Laurel is annoyingly strapped in the back seat this episode. She gets a token scene when she rejects Ray’s attempts to out Oliver as the Arrow (for the purpose of arresting him). And she wears a shitty, orange dress to Diggle and Lyla’s wedding. We need a bit less Felicity and a bit more Laurel.

The Suicide Squad mission goes nowhere and means nothing. The senator ends up getting away with everything, because despite the Squad’s successful rescue of the hostages, he just pays them off to keep his good name. The net outcome of the entire ordeal is Deadshot’s (supposed, anyway. This is a comic book show) death.

Lyla decides to quit ARGUS because she had an epiphany about how if she and Diggle were to both die on a mission, then their daughter would be orphaned. Way to keep a tough woman down, Arrow.

Cupid is still as one-note as she was the last time we saw her. She’s like a second-rate Huntress, but with much worse hair.

Oh, and we haven’t seen Deadshot since his minor cameo in last season’s finale. I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t exactly hanging out for a flashback sequence to blandly explain his tragic history.


But it’s not all bad:

The one redeeming element of the Suicide Squad mission is Cupid’s newfound affection for Deadshot. Initially, she continues to babble on about how her and the Arrow are meant to be together. Then Deadshot takes a bullet for her, and she instantly falls in love with him, instead. It’s a shame that he blew up.

Deadshot sacrifices himself to ensure the rest of the Squad and the hostages get away. We last see him accepting his fate on top of an exploding hospital. How heroic of him.

And in the flashbacks, we see how he frightened his family with his PTSD, eventually pulling a gun on his wife in front of their daughter and getting sent to jail. A woman from a shadowy organisation posts his bail on the condition that he use his marksman skills to take out a target: Diggle’s brother. To Deadshot’s credit, he refuses the offer as much as he can.

Laurel’s dress at the wedding was crap, but her hair was absolutely stunning. Ditto Felicity. And Felicity caught the bouquet, too.

There is no Thea/Malcolm shit this episode. Thank God.

The cliffhanger is obviously not going to happen (Arrow is way too in love with Felicity for that), but I’ll applaud Maseo’s audacity to murder the mayor during a city leaders’ meeting.

The ATOM suit CGI is tolerable.

Ray manages to get the jump on Oliver and Roy when he makes his attempt at apprehending the Arrow. His suit can’t be penetrated by arrows, and he has that awesome Force lightning attack. Oliver wins the battle by hilariously severing an exposed power cable, which renders the suit useless.

Thankfully, Ray accepts Oliver’s insistence that he’s not evil and retracts his mission to get him arrested.

When Ray figures out that Felicity knew the Arrow’s identity and was part of his team, he kicks her out because she broke his trust. Oliver later gives Ray a verbal slap for pissing on Felicity, which Felicity appreciates. Oliver’s such a sweetie.

Ray steps in to officiate Diggle and Lyla’s wedding when their celebrant can’t make it. So not everything he does is stupid this episode.

Oh, and Oliver looks panty-droppingly suave at the wedding. As expected.

Arrow Suicidal Tendencies Oliver wedding sad lonely

If Laurel could ditch that hideous orange dress, then she could apply.

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  1. Lydia says :

    I was excited for Atom. But now I’m not. They really are just making him into Iron Man. Ugh.

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