Revenge Season 4 Episode 17 – TV Review

Revenge Loss Margaux hit by taxi

Oh, dear. I hope the baby (isn’t) okay.

While watching this episode, I came to the conclusion that Emily should just straight-up murder Margaux, and that would be that.

She doesn’t, obviously.

But I won’t knock back a reckless taxi sent from the heavens.

TL;DR Margaux continues to fail against Emily; she gets hit by a taxi, loses the baby, and stokes Victoria’s revenge fire against Emily; Stevie comes to town to be Jack’s lawyer; Jack gets off okay; Louise tells Nolan about Lyman’s death; Nolan gets a new love interest.

And, thank God, it’s not Louise. The girl’s got a rack for days, but Nolan’s better when he’s with men. Remember Tyler? Ah, memories.

So Margaux’s ineffective revenge against Emily is still sputtering along, and Jack’s drink driving case doesn’t look great. The lab “lost” his blood sample (he took my advice), and the judge turns out to be in Margaux’s pocket. Emily, as is now obligatory, shits all over anything Margaux can muster and gets the blood sample back, blackmails the judge, and has the charges dropped. Stevie didn’t add anything, really, but it’s nice to see her again. Any callbacks to season 3 are welcome. Meanwhile, Emily tries to extend a truce offer to Margaux, but the dumb bitch is haughty and isn’t a proponent of looking both ways when stepping out into a busy street, so she gets nailed by a taxi. She loses the baby, and then lies to Victoria that Emily pushed her. Ugh, so you’re still going with this revenge thing, then? Sad, really. Meanwhile, Lyman’s death is apparently not suspicious to the police, so when Louise confides in Nolan what happened, he advises her to just keep her mouth shut and let it go away. Meanwhile, Nolan flirts with a spunky social worker (who had been sniffing around about Jack while the charges were still a thing). And Victoria has some unnecessary, throwaway subplot about trying to get a research wing built on the hospital as a memorial for Daniel.

Margaux, of all people, is the only board member to vote against it. Because she’s what? A fuckwit.

I am amazed that Revenge just keeps on stomping all over Margaux’s plans. Like, every single thing she does is a goddamn train wreck. Thank you, Revenge. This girl is on fire. When it comes to failure.

But now that she’s got Victoria out to avenge the death of her unborn grandchild, things might be, unfortunately, looking up.

Just no, Margaux. No.


Why I hate this episode:

I just fucking knew that dumbass would blame Emily for her taxi attack. There were plenty of witnesses on that street, so in a perfect world we’d see Victoria do some quick research and find out that no, Emily didn’t push her. But this is a prime time soap opera. So that is not going to happen.

Margaux is a wishy-washy fool all over the place this episode. After her handyman helper reports that Emily got the blood sample back from him, Margaux says she’s ready to call it quits on her plans. Both because Emily is trouncing her at every turn, but also because she believes Emily killed Lyman, and she won’t have any more blood on her hands. Mr Handyman then gives her some “but your family name or honour or something” speech, and she’s back on board.

This culminates in her and Emily’s roadside showdown, where Emily offers her the actual birth certificate as a sign of goodwill to bond the proposed truce. Margaux capriciously rejects her and then does her rude, French roots proud by walking into the street without looking. I’m becoming ashamed that I used to like Margaux back in season 3.

And Margaux is also the one hospital board member to vote against the Daniel Grayson Research Wing. Merely because Victoria wanted to make the announcement about its approval simultaneously with an announcement about Margaux’s pregnancy. To bolster goodwill towards building a memorial to a supposed monster (sorry, Daniel). When Victoria finds out and confronts her, they decide to just not include the pregnancy announcement, and this appeases Margaux. Or, like, you could have had that conversation first, and avoided the hullabaloo of a botched board vote? Communicate, people.

I suspect that Louise is too flaky to be able to shut up about accidentally killing her brother. Goddammit.

Oh, and honestly, now that the baby is no longer a complication, Emily should just kill Margaux. She no longer means anything to Jack, either, now that she tried to have his son taken away with a false drink driving charge. Get rid of the bitch.


But it’s not all bad:

Thankfully, I think David might already be enacting such a plan. The episode makes a point of showing us David playing with a toy taxi when he’s babysitting Carl early in the episode. So I assume we’ll find out next episode that he was behind the wheel of the heroic taxi that took down Margaux. You have my thanks, David. Now finish the job.

Hell, with Victoria on Margaux’s side now, David could even indulge his original desire to bump her off, too.

The Revenge-keteers’ dismantling of the drink driving charges is comprehensive. First, they call in Stevie to be Jack’s lawyer. Things are complicated when the blood sample goes missing, but Emily gets it back by beating up Margux’s handyman, and having Hunter smuggle it back into the lab so it can be “found.”

Things go off track again when the judge bizarrely refuses to accept it into evidence, despite precedent, and then holds Stevie in contempt of court with no ground. Our Revenge-keteers aren’t going to stand for that kind of disrespect, though, so, after discovering Margaux is paying her off, they lace her water while she dines at Nolan’s club with acetone (the same spike that Mr Handyman put in Jack’s drink to force the breathalyzer’s reading), then have Hunter pull her over and test her at 0.15. Emily then calls and gloats before blackmailing her into allowing the blood sample, which gets the charges dropped. Mission complete.

Louise didn’t suddenly summon Hulk-like strength and drag Lyman up the beach and into his room at Nolan’s house. She just left him there. And it appears the police aren’t investigating it as suspicious.

Louise concedes to Nolan the fact that his death was curiously similar to her father’s. I lol’d.

Before finding out it was Margaux, Victoria ambushes Emily and accuses her of being the sole board member to vote against the wing proposal. Emily corrects her: she went out of her way as an honorary board member (voting isn’t compulsory for them) to vote in favour of it, out of gratitude to Daniel. Eat it, Victoria.

Emily made sure to steal her birth certificate back from Margaux’s handbag before giving it to Victoria at the hospital. Smooth.

Nolan’s new man admirer isn’t as hunky as Patrick, but he has potential.

Oh, and I personally reckon that his beard looks fake, and he’s hiding behind bulky glasses. So he’s not all he seems. And don’t you think he looks a lot like David?

Revenge Loss Tony social worker

Well, Nolan is the kind of guy who’s rich enough to have two of everything.

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6 responses to “Revenge Season 4 Episode 17 – TV Review”

  1. Jessica says :

    I’m so glad you mentioned the silliness of having Margaux vote against the wing to avoid announcing her pregnancy. ??? Like you say–she could’ve just texted Victoria. So dumb.

    Also, since when do misplaced blood samples mean the person is automatically guilty?

    I get that the show is totally unrealistic, but it’s in these minor/boring details that I feel more insulted. 😛

    PS I kind of miss Daniel and Conrad. This season is a completely different show.

  2. dixie says :

    i really don’t like nolan. sorry but he treated his wife like shat. now i know its not supposed to be a real marriage but come on he had a diamond in his wife and he just gave her the finger. if you ask me nolan deserves to grow into a bitter old man alone. he’s an idiot. i hope his wife gets revenge 🙂 .

  3. HL says :

    I wish Nolan and Louise would seal the deal – I really like them together. Louise is a million times better than that stupid Padma bitch that Nolan was in love with in season 2. The Padma story line was a big part of what was wrong with season 2, and Louise is going out of her way to make season 4 not suck like it would otherwise. Again, love this blog – you’ve left a timeless treasure of analysis and commentary for those of us binge streaming Revenge years later.

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