The Originals Season 2 Episode 16 – TV Review

The Originals Save My Soul Klaus

It’s pretty much how we say “hello.”

Chug your Red Bulls now: it’s an exposition episode.

But it’s the exposition episode we needed.

TL;DR Freya tells her brothers about life with Dahlia (it was shit, fyi); Jackson worries about usurpers in his midst; Actual Vincent has a therapy session with Camille; Eva starts making ground against Rebekah; Klaus’ paranoia intensifies.

You’ll get that when a millennium-old, family-hunting super witch is waiting to steal your baby.

The featured player this episode is Freya, who finally has a sit-down with Klaus and Elijah and tells them her tale of Dahlia woe: Dahlia used magic to bind her and Freya together, making them super powerful. When she heard of Esther turning her own family into infertile vampires, she pressured Freya into supplying babies for her dream coven. Freya, not a huge fan of slave life, and not a huge fan of subjecting anyone else to that, wouldn’t, and that’s why Dahlia is so mad at her. Rebekah later joins the family reunion, but before Freya can do a spell to help with Rebekah’s headmate problem, Klaus neck snaps her so he can get more out of her. When she awakes, she tells Klaus her true beef with Dahlia: Freya did break her vow one time and got pregnant. Dahlia killed her lover, and to prevent further torment, Freya drank poison to kill herself. She sadly found out that she was immortal, but her baby wasn’t. Grief context complete. Meanwhile, Rebekah struggles to keep her consciousness, but Eva keeps fighting through. We find out at the end of the episode that Davina is her latest channelling victim. Meanwhile, Marcel calls in Camille to help Actual Vincent talk about stuff. He seems like a pretty decent bloke, and he is also Eva Sinclair’s husband, but doesn’t want anything to do with her anymore. And he and Camille flirt up a storm. And Aiden worries Jackson about the stability of his werewolf leadership. Hayley later bitches at Klaus for creating this instability, but Klaus rants about how he’s going to protect his daughter yada yada yada.

I’d be against it, but Papa Wolf Klaus is best Klaus.

Yeah, the episode is light on anything other than pure exposition.

But given that we’re on episode 16, and Dahlia has been teased since episode 6, it was about fucking time.

And, as I was hoping, Dahlia is marvellously cruel.

That’s how you know she’s definitely a member of this family.


Why I hate this episode:

I’m surprised it took Freya until the 1400s to attempt suicide for the first time. You’d think she would have given it a go sometime during her turbulent teenage years. I guess she’s just a late bloomer.

I don’t understand why Freya didn’t include the baby part of her story in the first place. Yes, she reserves it for her one-on-one with Klaus because, as Klaus keenly points out, it would tug at his heart strings because of Hope. But Elijah, and Rebekah, are just as invested in Hope. Why not just tell the whole story from the start?

Jackson is really starting to irk me. I really don’t care about him at all. He’s merely an obstacle to separate Elijah and Hayley, and I am certain he is destined for death sometime soon. He’s superfluous: Hayley is more in charge of the werewolves than he is, and Klaus is more in charge than both of them. You can leave now, Jackson.

Hayley’s devotion to him is painfully forced. It exists solely to create tension between her and Klaus. But even Hayley must recognise that having Klaus on her side is more important to Hope than having Jackson on her side. And let’s not forget that she romantically loves Elijah more than Jackson, too, so it’s not like she has that as an excuse. Jackson, like Gia, is redundant.

If it’s so easy for Dahlia to just do some spell to link herself and Freya and become basically omnipotent (and let’s not forget that pseudo-immortality that she later whips up), then why haven’t any other witches done it before?

The Camille/Actual Vincent flirtation is vile. Camille and Klaus need to at least give it a good go before I’ll accept her moving onto anyone else.

Oh, and Aiden apparently reneges on his interest in usurping Jackson from last episode, because this week he tells Jackson that if he doesn’t get stronger, then his Alpha status will be in danger. I don’t think Aiden would be dumb enough to tip Jackson off, so I have to conclude that he’s no longer into the idea of taking Alpha from him. Pfft.


But it’s not all bad:

Dahlia is unashamedly evil and crazy, so you’ve got to admire her commitment to the bit. Turning your niece into your slave is one thing; promising to abduct the first born of each generation of your sister’s family is another; and then pressuring your niece-slave into pumping out babies for your ideal coven of doom is the icing on the cake. Well, that and forcing her into becoming pseudo-immortal. So you can keep pressuring her into pumping out babies.

Freya’s heartache at the fate of her lover, Mathias, and her baby seems genuine. Getting to see a flashback usually means the character is telling the truth, so I’ll believe her for now. And I imagine that waking up from a failed suicide attempt to find out you only killed your baby, and your captor aunt is still around, would be pretty upsetting.

Klaus manages to become the episode’s star with his endless paranoia over Hope’s safety. His rant at Hayley at the end of the episode first appeared to be his usual “I know best/I’m the boss” schtick. But as it went on, I started to feel that Klaus’ tireless obsession with protecting Hope seems to be taking its toll on him. It would be exhausting to have to constantly second guess everyone around you, even your own family. I want to both comfort him, and see him driven over the edge. Because it would be explosive.

Klaus snaps Freya’s neck because he recognises the way she’s been handling the meeting as the exact same method he would use in that situation. It takes a slimy, sibling betrayer to know one.

Klaus later gets the episode’s best line when dressing down Freya for her easy ingratiation to his trusting siblings: “The truth is, Elijah and Rebekah can be a bit naive when it comes to family relations. Case in point: their unending faith in me.” Klaus is above it all, darling.

Actual Vincent appears to be a decent guy. He says he left the Treme witches to live a normal life. Given that, I thought it was odd how Josephine said last episode that she wants to get her hands on him for being a criminal or whatever. I suspect she just wanted him because he was Eva’s husband, and possibly leverage to get to her. That, or he’s lying through his teeth and is just as bad as his estranged wife.

Speaking of Eva, the end of the episode shows that she popped into consciousness during Rebekah’s meeting with Davina, and she’s now channelling her power. Davina was being a brat, anyway, so I’ll condone it.

Freya says Dahlia’s ultimate plan is to achieve proper immortality, and she’ll want to take Hope’s power as her own to that end. It looks like Esther’s one magical leg-up on Dahlia is that she worked out a functional immortality spell ages ago. Ya burnt, Dahlia.

Oh, and the episode ends with creepy images of Dahlia intercut with Hope sleeping in her crib, while Elijah and Klaus worry over just how closeby their evil aunt is. Much like a box of Fruity Lexia, I was chilled.

The Originals Save My Soul Dahlia flashback

“Just give me the baby and nobody gets hurt. Except the baby.”

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