Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 24 – TV Review

PLL I'm A Good Girl I Am Alison guilty

There. I just saved you forty minutes.

Well, thank goodness the trial is over already.

That shit was not exciting at all.

Well, at least not after the revelation of Jason and Ashley’s sexcapade. A measly murder trial ain’t got nothin’ on that.

TL;DR Alison is found guilty; the other Liars are arrested quickly thereafter; Leslie swings back into town to help the prosecution; Mike is attacked by A; Toby and Spencer get back together.

After Johnny and that weird English roommate, I’m kind of okay with it.

Things are still pretty contained this week, so we’ll skip the Liar-by-Liar breakdown again. Alison’s trial is still underway, and Lesli (yeah, it’s actually spelled like that. Holy fuck) is back to make Alison look bad. Alison’s lawyer does manage to make some ground when she supposedly proves a physical impairment of Alison’s that would have made “her” actions on the murder video impossible, but the prosecution quickly negates it, and the jury finds Alison guilty. Roma then arrests Spencer, Aria, and Emily (for the fake kidnap story? I forget). Meanwhile, Aria is afraid of Mike going to testify, so she has Ezra ferry him out to the cabin for a bit. Caleb is panicking over Hanna’s case, and pursues them. Mike actually wants to testify, but he is attacked by A. Meanwhile, Spencer and Emily had been trying to locate a witness to Alison’s failed playground rendezvous with Cyrus on the day Mona was killed. They manage to find the witness, but they couldn’t use her because she was on drugs. And we’re yet to decipher that message from Mona’s hand mirror.

I’m still betting on an anagram.

Much like last episode, this one is pretty straightforward. It all centres on the trial, and the characters’ desperate pursuit of anything to prove Alison innocent.

The only flicker of relationship melodrama is when Andrew gets jealous of Ezra, but that drops off as quickly as it appears.

Long live the dull and simple age of Pretty Little Liars.


Why I hate this episode:

I’m starting to think Roma might be affiliated with A, because she is needlessly obstructive at every opportunity. Maybe she’s just like us, and is pissed off with the Liars for all the back-and-forth they’ve put her through. But Roma used to be at least somewhat interested in the truth, yet this episode she just blocks anything they put to her. And to have her as part of the A Team would be so disappointing.

Toby, after an eternity of putting “being a cop” before his girlfriend, randomly decides he’d rather have her back than respect himself and all the hard work he did to become a police officer. Yeah, I know I whined about him taking his job too seriously. But the original plan was for him to be the inside man. Not to be a by-the-book waste of space for ages, and then quit altogether.

I don’t understand why Mike decided he needed to steal a car and drive away from Caleb and Ezra at the cabin. All he would have had to do was be like “Let’s go, Caleb,” and they could have gone together. Ezra doesn’t have the muscle mass to restrain them. Stupid.

The whole runaround with the park witness is pointless busy work to give Spencer and Emily something to do this episode. Even more bizarrely is it unnecessarily involves Ella.

The way Lesli’s name is spelled? Fuck. Off. Forever.

Sara Shepard (the PLL books’ author) cameos as a trial expert for some news coverage. They should have kept it classy, like Cecily von Ziegesar’s cameo in Gossip Girl. Tsk.

Perd Hapley from Parks and Recreation is a news anchor. They did the same thing in Revenge, and it’s still just as hard to take seriously.

What do you think our chances are of the finale finding time for the beauty pageant?

Oh, and how is some completely subjective grade school camp archery trophy able to trump medical evidence of Alison’s elbow injury?


But it’s not all bad:

Alison darkly laughs later that she cheated and lied to win the archery trophy. How fitting.

I’ve got to award some serious points to Mike this episode. He twiddles his thumbs a bit, but he does end up resolving to testify, despite the danger to himself. He then promptly finds himself in danger, but it was worth it to watch him get maced and tied to a pole.

With Toby and Spencer back together, we can say goodbye to the Johnnies of the world. And hey, his stupid art installation secret recorder thing never made much of an impact. Gone and totally forgotten, Johnny. Don’t come back.

Caleb’s determination to get Mike to testify is admirable. He faces opposition from Hanna, who echoes Aria’s sentiments that Mike is just a kid and doesn’t deserve to have to face A’s wrath; and from Ezra, who feels the same.

To his credit, Ezra does tell Aria that she should go to the police after A delivers a cow’s tongue as a taunt to her.

Andrew continues to be shady as shit. He’s notably MIA the night when Mike is attacked by A. In the A stinger at the end of the episode, A is shown to have a tuxedo and a corsage, indicating that they are male. It’s time to step up. Andrew.

Alison gets best line of the episode when the Liars conference call with her and Hanna after Lesli’s testimony: “Who the hell is Lesli Stone? I mean, does she go to our school? Because I’ve never even heard her name before today.” That’s pretty much how we all feel, too.

Playground Girl didn’t see Alison on Thanksgiving day, but she does claim to have heard her talking on the phone and driving away. Alison’s lawyer dismisses her as a potential witness because she was only in the park so she could come down off some speed she’d had at a party the night before. I lol’d.

Alison has been trying to decipher the hand mirror note, but hasn’t had much success. I have faith she’ll get there.

Oh, and in order to get some more alone time to discuss the hand mirror note, Alison burns herself with an iron and slams Hanna’s hand in a dryer door, so they can go to the infirmary together.

PLL I'm A Good Girl I Am Hanna Alison infirmary

Alison’s always been a bitch, but now she’s Hanna’s.

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  1. Anonymous says :

    My fave line in this episode has to go to Ella: “You’d be surprised what students will confide to their favourite teacher. Or maybe you wouldn’t”. THE SHADE.

  2. Anonymous says :

    haha that 2nd photo

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