Glee Season 6 Episode 11 – TV Review

Glee We Built This Glee Club Vocal Adrenaline performance reactions

Glee-watching emotions range from “horror” to “disgust.” I would know.

I was under the impression that Glee would be getting 24 episodes for its final season.

But it turns out it’s only getting 13, and next week is a double.

So this time next week, Glee will be finally dead for good.

We won, you guys.

We won.

TL;DR The New Directions win Sectionals; because Sue sabotages Vocal Adrenaline from within; Rachel chooses NYADA over the musical; the glee club bid farewell to Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine, who are returning to New York.

Really, if I’d known Glee was ending so soon, I wouldn’t have been so generous the past couple of episodes.

So Sectionals are finally upon us (I mistakenly thought it was Regionals last episode, so my apologies), and the only major drama about it is Roderick and Spencer’s inability to dance well. Spencer then injures his ankle during rehearsal, and has to choose between getting an injection and dancing on stage, anyway, which could scar him for life; or, like, not being a fuckhead and being sensible. He chooses the injection, but then Roderick uses the power of friendship to change his mind. The New Directions win, anyway, so who cares? Sue, who has been waging a prank war with Will, claims responsibility, because she undid Vocal Adrenaline on purpose out of gratitude for Will standing up for her last episode. Whatever. Meanwhile, Jesse St James is back in town and reveals he’s the male lead in Rachel’s Broadway musical, and that he’s the one who helped get her the offer. Despite some flirtation, she ends up choosing to go back to NYADA, because she managed to scrape together the two brain cells she had left that hadn’t yet committed suicide. The episode ends as the New Directions reorganise their trophy case, and we see flashbacks of times the glee club celebrated wins in the choir room from seasons past.

The Finn angsting is mercifully tame.

I really am surprised that this is the third last episode of Glee ever. It’s not particularly eventful. The only subplot with any substance is Rachel’s, and that has to rely on the stunt return of Jesse.

And the New Directions’ setlist for Sectionals is rubbish.

Maybe they’re withholding the Journey for the finale.


Why I hate this episode:

The song they start with is that Take Me To Church song that everyone has been sick of for the past two years straight. Yeah, Roderick slams the vocals, but the whole thing is very ho-hum.

Then, in a truly cruel twist of fate, they follow it up with Sia’s Chandelier. I’ll freely admit that it’s just me, but I fucking hate Chandelier. It sounds like a song from Rihanna’s knock-back pile that Sia shuffled out to make a quick buck for herself. I also hate its stupid film clip and the succeeding rise of Sia’s “I’m not famous” schtick. Bitch, I’m Australian. I used to watch your older film clips on Rage. I know what your goddamn face looks like. It doesn’t help that Female Twin leads the singing. We’re sure she’s not just Marley with a haircut or something, right? And as much as I love Kitty, the poor dear can’t handle that song.

And Myron dresses up as Maddie Ziegler from the film clip and does the shitty dance thing through the crowd. Ugh.

Also, those are both massive chart trash from the last year. At least Glee is keeping to form.

The third song, Come Sail Away, isn’t chart trash (it’s classic rock). But the twins lead it, so pfft.

The New Directions defy my prediction about forgetting the blazers, and do indeed wear them for Sectionals. Their outfits make them look like massive preppy turds, which obliterates their underdog charm. But it’s Glee, so it doesn’t hurt their chances to win.

The New Directions only win because the judges, none of which are surprising or exciting (it’s the black chick that’s always there, Rod the news anchor, and a poodle), are completely apathetic and arbitrary about the decision.

Vocal Adrenaline does a better job with their set, too. The episode title (“We Built This Glee Club”) is taken from We Built This City, which is their first song. It’s decent enough. But then they transition into Hey Mickey, and it’s much more enjoyable than the New Directions’ entire set. They close the performance with two of their members getting shot into the audience in cannons. Fuck off, New Directions.

Rachel doesn’t seem to have any reservations about flirting with and kissing Jesse. What about Sam?

The Roderick and Spencer subplot means nothing. No, that’s not even a hyperbole. Spencer ends up going out on stage on his crutches, anyway, and nobody is bothered by it. Why did we sit through all that “I want to break my body for life for the sake of a Sectionals performance” shit, then?

Bieste catches Sue and Vocal Adrenaline in the McKinley locker room, where Sue is showing them Nazi footage to inspire them before Sectionals. Bieste takes this opportunity to play the transgender suffrage card (she just scratched out the “gay” on the card she stole from Kurt) and blast Sue about how the Nazi party wouldn’t have accepted a transgender person. Oh, shoosh.

Kurt mentions to Rachel that they had the exact same discussion last year when she was trying to choose between NYADA and a musical. Yes, you fucking did. Way to rub our noses in it.

Sue mails the glee club some glitter bombs as part of her prank war. They act like they don’t love it. Don’t lie to me.

Kurt wears some poncho thing that I’m pretty sure is just a throw rug.

Oh, and Sue’s apparent heroism in ensuring the New Directions’ win is nothing new. Literally. Because she’s helped them win before.


But it’s not all bad:

Will refuses to thank Sue for sabotaging Vocal Adrenaline and helping the New Directions, so she vows to continue their war. I suspect it’s merely huff and puff. But I’m still holding out hope that she’ll drag Terri out or something in a final gambit. I miss Terri.

Hey Mickey is the musical highlight of the episode. It’s just the vapid-yet-classic song that Vocal Adrenaline can thrive on. And those cannons were impressive.

Close behind is Rachel’s solo rendition of Listen To Your Heart after feuding with Sam over her New York options, which is interrupted by Jesse joining in. Who knew Jonathan Groff would be the Glee cast member to go on and become an actual star? Thanks, Disney. That Looking show is a bit alright, too.

Sue claims her two major pranks on the glee club (the glitter bombs and some water tampering which makes everyone throw up) were to help increase their alertness and help them lose some quick weight, respectively. She’s a benevolent soul.

The black judge at Sectionals flat out hates everything. She’s my representative on this show.

Rod only votes for the New Directions because he thinks Jane is hot (ew). And the poodle, which also happens to be racist, is a dog. But hey, a win is a win, right?

Rachel makes the right choice.

Will pranks Sue back by posing (in drag) as her hairdresser, and shaving her bald. Cute.

The flashbacks are nice.

Kitty gets the best line of the episode. Before the Sectionals winners are announced, the waffle restaurant sponsor gets a plug. We then get a close shot of Kitty whispering to herself: “I love waffles.” I lol’d.

Oh, and Kitty grabs the trophy. Again. And she has good hair.

Glee We Built This Glee Club Sectionals trophy Kitty

She then crushes Myron with it. In my dreams.

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7 responses to “Glee Season 6 Episode 11 – TV Review”

  1. Lydia says :

    I’m not so sure. Just watch them announce a spinoff or something.

    Come Sail Away and Hey Mickey were the only songs I actually enjoyed.

  2. nick says :

    I don’t think Sia hides her face for publicity. She has an auto immune disorder that causes her eyes the pop out far and her face to swell or something like that.

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