The Originals Season 2 Episode 15 – TV Review

The Originals They All Asked For You Elijah Freya

I’ll take one order of Freya’s hair and Elijah’s everything.

Freya finally takes my advice and fucks off Finn to side with better Originals.

Even Mikael.

But not Esther. Nobody wants Esther.

TL;DR Finn/Vincent are finished; Freya makes alliances with Mikael and Elijah (and kinda Klaus, by reluctant extension); Re-black-ah turns out to be a child murderer; Klaus grooms Aiden to challenge Jackson’s rule; Jackson and Hayley have sex; Gia and Elijah have sex.

What foul abomination do my eyes behold?

So the best thing to happen this season is the long-overdue putting down of Vincent. Freya starts out all chummy with him so she can get in to see Mikael, who is overjoyed to be reunited with the daughter he thought had died one thousand years ago. Klaus orders Jackson to order the werewolves to find Vincent, which they do, and Klaus confronts the turd. Freya steps in before Klaus kills him, though, and extracts Finn out of the body, leaving Actual Vincent for Elijah (we’ll get to that in a moment). Klaus is skeptical of Freya’s tale, but Elijah is keen on forming whatever alliance they can to fight off an inevitable Dahlia. Meanwhile, Rebekah gets attacked by some witches while outside the French Quarter. Elijah takes Gia on a diplomacy mission to their leader, and after some tit-for-tat, agrees to exchange Actual Vincent (who is evil or something. What a surprise) for Rebekah’s protection. Elijah also has sex with Gia, which is too disgusting to describe. Meanwhile, Marcel calls in a seer to help find out why Rebekah was treated with such hostility, and it turns out the body is actually that of Eva Sinclair, a witch who likes to murder child witches and channel their magic. Oops. Meanwhile, Klaus becomes the devil on Aiden’s shoulder to encourage him to overthrow Jackson. And Jackson and Hayley have sex in an embarrassing attempt to kid themselves into thinking their marriage is anything other than a sham.

Not that I have a problem with sham weddings. Especially ones as spectacular as theirs.

So this isn’t the most stellar episode of The Originals ever. It pains me to endure the underdeveloped, Pair The Spares romance between Elijah and Gia. And listening to Jackson talk is becoming more grating every episode.

And no Camille or Davina?

I’m hitting the snooze button. Wake me next week.


Why I hate this episode:

The worst thing about Gia is that her character doesn’t really serve any purpose. She’s essentially a replacement Josh and/or Thierry, so that Marcel can have a named vampire character around him. But Josh is still here. Then her threadbare romance with Marcel fell through, so now she’s Elijah’s pet project. A fact the show only remembers when it’s convenient. Unless she turns out to be integrally linked to some New Orleans conspiracy or something, I can’t understand why she’s not only still here, but was ever here at all.

Oh, Josh isn’t in this episode, either. And Aiden isn’t much to write home about when Josh isn’t around. He falls for Klaus’ obviously evil whisperings so easily.

Jackson and Klaus’ dick measuring contest is tiresome. I suspect that we’re going to have to endure a lot of this now that they’re living together.

Hayley and Jackson’s sex is nowhere near as passionate as her and Elijah’s sex. Figure it out, Hayley.

Eva Sinclair is described as having perpetrated her crimes against “children,” but at the end of the episode, it’s clear that “children” merely meant “teenagers.” And not, like, kids and stuff. Way to pull the punch.

How is this the first time we’ve heard about the witches outside of the French Quarter? What have they been doing the past two years? Sitting on their hands?

Marcel is the one who suggests Elijah should go seek out Josephine (the matriarch of the witches outside the Quarter) to find out who Re-black-ah is,  which is what Elijah says he’s going to do. Then Marcel also, for some reason, summons a seer to help find out who Re-black-ah is. That’s double the work for the same goal, baby. Stupid.

Elijah plans to interrogate Actual Vincent before handing him over to Josephine. Why? If he was taken over by Finn the whole time, would he even know anything?

Oh, and Josephine’s actress is Meg Foster, who played Grunwald on Pretty Little Liars and Ravenswood. Dear God, don’t give me Ravenswood flashbacks. I wanted to sleep well tonight.


But it’s not all bad:

She does excel as a bitter yet cheeky witch matriarch, though. So I’ll give her that.

Freya’s new alliances are the most relevant advances of the episode. She uses Vincent to get to Mikael. His reaction to finding the daughter he long thought dead is very sweet. Freya later mentions to Klaus and Elijah that she’s sent Mikael on a fetch quest to gather the materials they’ll need to defeat Dahlia. If Mikael is anything, it’s dogged and relentless. So as long as he keeps a certain invinci-stake away from the beating hearts of Elijah and Klaus, he’ll be a peerless asset.

Freya’s mention of Mikael being her errand boy is the last straw for Klaus, who doubts both the veracity of Freya’s claims of identity, as well as the sincerity of her plan against Dahlia. He doesn’t really put his foot down on a firm “no,” and Elijah agrees to her plans, so I reckon Klaus will be on board if it comes to it.

The defeat of Finn is also a shining moment. Klaus spears him during their scuffle in the cemetery. Before he can finish him off, Elijah steps in because he wants to deliver him alive to Josephine. Then Freya blows in and gives them both what they want: she seals Finn in her pendant, and she heals Actual Vincent up so Elijah can take him away.

Freya makes it clear she’s nowhere near interested in talking to her mum. Because Esther is awful.

I don’t know if I was right about Lenore dying when Vincent died. The channelling circle appears to be still functional, because Mikael doesn’t wake up until Freya wakes him up. And Vincent puts a sheet over Lenore to move her. But it’s not explicitly said if she’s dead or not. I’m confused, but optimistic.

The reveal of Re-black-ah to be a heinous supervillain is cool as hell. The Originals is kind of leading the pack with its stable of independent, resolute, female villains (Esther, Dahlia, Celeste, Genevieve, Monique, Sophie-ish). This ain’t no boys club.

Aiden is a malleable dumbass, but any cruelty against Jackson is okay with me. You groom that boy, Klaus.

And Jackson even realises that his approach to seeking Mikael would have resulted in more casualties than Klaus’ plan, which is what Aiden implemented after Klaus got in his ear. You’re just inferior, Jackson.

His one area of expertise is calming babies, as evidenced with Hope this episode. This act is also what turns Hayley the fuck on. Who doesn’t love a rugged man who’s good with children?

Marcel and Rebekah flirt heavily, but Rebekah maintains that even if she wanted to kiss him (which she so totally doesn’t, you know?), she won’t, because it would be a consent violation of the body she was forced to inhabit. At least someone around here has some morals. Even if the body does belong to Eva “your children are my dessert” Sinclair.

Oh, and the final scene of the episode is Eva somehow getting control back and going on a little murder spree. Slash on, baby.

The Originals They All Asked For You Eva Sinclair

Self harm is so 2007. You know, back when bragging about it on MySpace was still a thing.

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6 responses to “The Originals Season 2 Episode 15 – TV Review”

  1. May says :

    I thought that perhaps Eva didn’t take back control of her body, but rather was just Rebekah finally tapping into her host body’s true potential – she did spend the beginning of the episode wandering the market trying to find a way to increase her strength to bring Cole back? I may be looking at it the wrong way though.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      Fair point.

      I’d like to believe Rebekah wouldn’t be so cruel as to go around kiddie-murdering just to get Kol back. But we’ve seen Klaus and co do much worse things from time to time, so it’s possible.

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