Revenge Season 4 Episode 15 – TV Review

Revenge Bait Natalie Grayson

The Real Housewives of Melbourne isn’t the only show that can have a cashed-up bogan.

I’ll dash your hopes from the start: Charlotte isn’t the “death in the family” last episode teased us with.

But Natalie has become much more promising than I gave her credit for.

The bandage dress is a bit four years ago, though.

TL;DR Natalie is actually the widow of Conrad’s recently-deceased father, and Victoria is going to fight that bitch for the inheritance money; Lyman is still around, and he’s going to be Victoria’s lawyer; Louise is recruited into the Revenge-keteers to thwart a feeble attack from Margaux; Jack makes his play for Emily’s heart too late.

Again, you had three and a half seasons to get it in, and you waited until the day after she bangs your partner? Come on, dude.

The major plot this episode concerns Margaux’s takedown attempt on Emily. She engineers a bevy of double crosses, the net outcome of which is Emily and Nolan are tipped off about the video she has of Jack and Emily discussing Kate’s killing. Jack finds out, and tries to romance Margaux into submission, but she is unmoved. Margaux tries to pre-empt Emily and Nolan raiding her server room, but they use some other computer bullshit (and a delicious decoy distraction from newest Revenge-keteer, Louise) to outplay her. Obviously. Emily doesn’t miss the chance to gloat, either. Meanwhile, the death in Victoria’s family was Conrad’s dad, whose millions of dollars of inheritance should have gone to her. If not for his new wife of four months who got his will changed: Natalie. Victoria can’t afford a pricey lawyer to contest the will, but Lyman, desperate for some cash, offers to do it if he can get 20% of the winfall. Victoria engineers a public showdown between herself and Natalie, which she plans to use to pick apart Natalie’s case. Meanwhile, Nolan and Louise pledge their true friendship to each other; Jack makes his move on Emily too little too late; and David gets his flirt on with Natalie.

Victoria is going to fucking love that.

This episode, the first following Louise’s liberation from her evil mother, gets us back on track with two of Revenge’s most important elements: Emily taking down a bitch, and Victoria queening around with a cocktail in hand.

And for once, they’re not fighting against each other. Which means I can wholly support both causes.

It’s a good time to be a fan of petty, soap opera meddling.


Why I hate this episode:

Lyman has decided to stick around, but he didn’t take my suggestion to stick his dick into Margaux or Nolan. He seems to be getting close to Victoria, of all people. Please don’t. Victoria loses all her whimsy when she gets cock whipped. If her awkward relationship with David following his return taught us anything, it was that.

I still find Nolan’s buddy buddy-ness with Louise to be frustratingly accelerated. He’s treating her almost as well as he treats Emily (maybe even moreso), and he’s only known her a couple of months or something. I’m also afraid, particularly with Lyman’s continued presence, that there will be more to our little psycho Southern Belle. And I don’t want that.

And would somebody please get this woman a love interest? Nolan needs to spend his time palling around with Emily, not you.

Speaking of love interest, Jack’s play for Emily’s heart is way too late. It’s heartfelt and sweet and, at least in my opinion, true. But it’s horrible timing. And Emily rather predictably turns him down out of pragmatism, and I assume an attempt to keep him safe from the dangers of loving her. Jack should have anticipated that.

Natalie was Edward Grayson’s nurse before marrying him. Hold my earrings while I call the cliché police.

When trying to explain his relationship with Emily to Louise (obviously, he doesn’t want to give away Emily’s secrets), Nolan describes them as “superheroes.” He should have just said “vigilantes.” It would have been more accurate, and sounded much less absurd.

David’s flirting with Natalie is teeth-grindingly contrived. I didn’t buy his romance with Victoria, so I’m sure as shit not buying his with Victoria’s nemesis. This subplot can be redeemed if they both turn out to be using each other to get at Victoria. But Revenge seems to love turning out earnest subplots a little too often, so I’m not holding my breath.

Oh, and an old associate of David’s has apparently offered him a job? Seriously?


But it’s not all bad:

At least David’s shit with Natalie might keep him from clogging up the important plotlines.

Natalie has turned out much better than I had initially judged her to be. I may have to keep the cliché police on speed dial while she’s around, but who doesn’t love a gold-digging whore nurse? Lyman digs some dirt on her to impress Victoria, and discovers she’s pulled a similar routine before. Hell, she might even be a black widow. David better watch himself.

Her smugness towards Victoria is sublime, but it doesn’t hold a candle when Victoria returns the favour during their public bust-up later. Victoria has Natalie served for the contesting of the will, and Natalie confronts a gloating Victoria.

They trade barbs about how pure Natalie’s love for a dying old man is, which blooms into Victoria pinning down the episode’s best line with her martini olive skewer:
Natalie: “I know it may be difficult for small-minded people to comprehend, but we fell in love.”
Victoria: “Mmm hmm.”
Natalie: “So while our marriage may have been brief, our love nevertheless was real. And if giving you his entire estate would bring him back, I would.”
Victoria: “Oh, why don’t you try? You never know.”
Natalie, naturally, isn’t a woman of her word.

Victoria is also close behind with the episode’s second best line during her meeting with the lawyer who turns her case down: “That woman is a criminal. She duped a dying man out of millions. My millions.” She lowers her voice during the last part in a feigned attempt at diminishing her overpowering greed. I feel like Victoria should be old enough to know that greed is good.

Lyman later blasts Victoria for the bust-up, because Natalie’s speech was recorded and sent to gossip sites, and the public loves her apparently genuine feelings for Edward. Victoria counters that now they have Natalie’s story on public record, and they can begin debunking and poking holes in it for their case. And lies and fabrication aren’t off the table. Please, do.

While we’re in a gloating frame of mind, Emily makes sure her victory over Margaux doesn’t go unappreciated. Margaux’s plan was to lure Emily into physically raiding the LeMarchal server room for the video and then ambush her with some FBI agents. Instead, Emily and Nolan rig Margaux’s bracelet to have an NFC chip in it that deletes her entire database when she logs into the building’s security system, and they send Louise in to play dumb like she’s looking for the gym, just to extra embarrass Margaux in front of the FBI agents. Emily then waits for Margaux in her office chair, and gives her the “Good try, Mr Bond” speech. Click click, bitch.

Margaux’s rage is magnificent.

Louise begins the episode by wanting to take Nolan on honeymoon to Italy. He’s keen for it until Emily calls him in to help with the Margaux problem. Louise pouts around for a bit, which leads Nolan to include her in the plan. Well, she did well this time. Let’s hope she can keep it up. With Jack heartbroken, David occupied, and Victoria off on her own schemes, the Revenge-keteers need to replenish members.

Of course, like any Revenge fan, I’m holding out for Jack and Emily to sort their shit out and ride off into the sunset. But they’re going to have to do a better job of it. I’ll allow them their tears this time, but you two better get it together before you try again.

Following her crushing defeat, Margaux’s next plan sees her going to Hunter with info on the whereabouts of his ex-wife. Apparently a very bad man would also like to know her location, and she threatens to tip him off if Hunter doesn’t comply with whatever scheme she’s cooking up. I still enjoy Margaux, so I’m happy to watch her keep up the struggle.

Victoria’s new terms of inheritance in the will is to get Edward’s two incontinent corgis. I lol’d.

Oh, and rich socialite catfights are so much better with martinis.

Revenge Bait Victoria martini olive

Pretty sexy, too.

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