Glee Season 6 Episode 10 – TV Review

Glee The Rise And Fall Of Sue Sylvester Kitty

Obtuse, frustrating static.

Is it fair to say that my recent tolerance for Glee is related to Kitty’s increased prominence?

Yeah, I reckon.

Every little bit helps.

TL;DR Sue is destroyed on national television for all the terrible things she’s done over the years; and fired as principal; Will is in her corner over it, but their war is still ongoing; Rachel pulls a season 3 Hannah Horvath and gets amazing opportunities offered to her on a platter; the Warblers merge with the New Directions.

And yes, the blazers get even more unsightly. Is this East High?

The first major thing to happen this episode is the merging of the Warblers with the New Directions, as Dalton Academy has burned down and they’re basically refugees. This looks like it’s going to set up a Jane episode (good God, no!), but, thankfully, that soon gets overshadowed by Sue. Becky comes back (with hot boyfriend) and renounces her friendship with Sue because Sue tries to prevent the Warbler merge. This immediately snowballs into the Superintendent finding out about Sue’s Hurt Locker, Sue getting fired, and then an ambush interview from Fox News when Sue tries to get her version of the story out there. A conga line of characters (including her mum) shit on her through recorded statements, and only Bieste and Will say nice things about her. A mild reconciliation with her mum and an 80s hair band-off with Will later, and Sue decides to become Vocal Adrenaline’s coach to continue her dream of crushing the New Directions. Meanwhile, Rachel gets offered that musical she auditioned for, and Whoopi offers her a chance back at NYADA. And the Warblers plotline ends up revolving around them not wanting to give up their blazers. So everyone just gets new blazers, instead.

The obsession with fashion further cements the fact that every single Warbler is gay. If the lisps and unison dancing hadn’t already convinced you.

I’m gonna take another opportunity to keep my foot off the bitch pedal this episode, and praise the fact that the season arcs are actually being worked on.

Yeah, Mercedes and a couple of other older glee club members pop by for a bit, but the episode doesn’t rely on them.

Let’s keep things moving, team.


Why I hate this episode:

The Warblers thing is crap. It was only included so the New Directions would be able to reach the minimum member requirement. The tacked-on subplot about the fucking blazers is just ridiculous. If you’re going to pull a plot contrivance, just do it. Don’t pretend we don’t know.

Their relentless allegiance to their old school is bizarre. It’s probably because I’m public school scum, but I don’t think anyone at my high school would have had tears brought to their eyes because the buildings burned down. Nobody who you would want to talk to, anyway. And most of the Warblers ended up together at McKinley, anyway. Who gives a shit?

The new blazers aren’t much different than the old ones. Except now everyone has to be swamped in private school paraphernalia. I thought the whole business casual thing the final performance had going on was bad enough, but then they rolled out those goddamn blazers. I take comfort in the fact that Glee will likely forget they exist come Sectionals.

Sue’s humiliation conga is fabulous, but it’s precipitated by some arbitrarily cruel moves from Becky. Was her Warbler fandom so strong that she would reveal Sue’s Hurt Locker to the Superintendent, which she knew would get her fired? And then Becky tips off Fox News about Sue, which is what leads to the clusterbomb of an ambush interview she gets hit with. What the hell, Becky?

The stuff with Sue’s mum just drags. We already knew she was a bad mother. We don’t need multiple scenes and a song to tell us that she’s still a bad mother, just not a Nazi hunter.

Rachel plays the “my dream is whatever is the most retarded, inconsistent thing I could say at this moment” game again (that was so much fun last season). She goes to New York to grovel to Whoopi (who, bonus demerit points, doesn’t actually appear) for a place back in NYADA. Because her dream is to finish college. When she gets back to McKinley, she redoubles her efforts to appease Whoopi, but just as that’s shaping up (and Sam supports her), she gets a phone call offering her the musical she auditioned for. Which means she promptly abandons NYADA altogether as the worst, must embarrassing plan evar and decides to take the role. Which causes friction with Sam, who still advocates college as the better idea.

The worst part of it all is that nobody discusses the fact that Rachel will have to, just like Kitty predicted, abandon the glee club in a few weeks.

Will and Sue’s singing during Europe’s The Final Countdown is atrocious.

Kurt and Blaine are back. And with the Warblers now a part of the New Directions, we can look forward to a lot more Blaine. If you can even imagine that being possible.

I thought Female Twin was Marley again. My laboured, lard-choked heart can’t keep taking this.

Oh, and in an unnecessary stakes-raising, the Superintendent tells Myron (who passes it onto the rest of the glee club) that if the New Directions fail, then all arts programs at McKinley will be cut. Was that really necessary? I think it just shows that Glee doesn’t trust us to care about anything that happens to these characters, so they have to slop on as much external conflict as possible.


But it’s not all bad:

Thank almighty fuck that the episode didn’t turn into a Jane episode. I suspect that we might get some more of her conflict with the Warblers in the near future, but I can’t express how relieved I was when the Jane/Warblers plot got stamped down into nothingness this episode. Hell, Kitty gets more focus during the Warbler scenes.

Kitty is becoming the true star of Glee. She’s like Quinn, but without as much goodness inside her. And without a baby inside her. Whatever happened to Bree, anyway?

Kitty, expectedly, snaps up the episode’s best line during the New Directions’ slapfest about the blazers:
Random Warbler (note the lisp): “Women love these!”
Kitty: “Do they?”
She pulls the face from the image at the top of this post. Obviously.

Sue’s gruelling interview is the strongest pillar of the episode. She thinks (which is fair, considering it’s Fox News) that she’s there to get her side of the story out. But the host turns it on her with a hilarious procession of interviews with Sue’s victims. He also brings up several of the throwaway brags Sue has made about her life over the years and says they didn’t hold up when fact-checked. A couple of them I even remembered, so it was great.

The interviews include Becky (who earlier in the episode had called Sue evil and renounced their friendship), the glee kids, and Sue’s mum (Carol Burnett). Sue’s mum says she never loved her. I lol’d. Also, the Nazi hunter shit was one of the stupider throwaway gags from Glee’s vast, vast history of them. So I’m glad that got shut down.

Sue and Carol’s rendition of The Trolley Song is cute enough, despite the time wastage.

Mercedes gets second best line of the episode during the glee kids’ portion of the interview: “She swapped out my weave glue with mayonnaise.” Is that a stealth fat joke?

And Joe gets a half-second spot when he says she cut his dreads off. I expect that will be the only time we see him. Hi, Joe!

I cackled IRL when Blaine said Dalton had burned down.

Sue puts Vocal Adrenaline through a horror workout and rehearsal trial to make them prove their worth, and to also prove her own ruthlessness to them. Clint assures her they greatly appreciate it, and a villain alliance is born. Let’s get to Regionals, then, and get this party started.

Oh, and Sue and Will’s The Final Countdown vocal performance was flat as fuck, but goddamn did they rock that 80s hair band styling. Their sing-battle is a fantasy sequence, complete with air guitar back in the real world. The glee club happen upon them during the back end, and are appropriately embarrassed.

Glee The Rise And Fall of Sue Sylvester Will Europe the Final Countdown

The only embarrassing thing about it is that Will’s kind of doing it for me, you know?

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  1. Anonymous says :

    Why do I put myself through this.

  2. Lydia says :

    Will’s wig is better than his real hair.

  3. SlayerNina Fansub says :

    Why you hate Jane so much? She didn’t do anything… She’s just around, like the new newbies…

    Anyway, I lol’d with your reviews!

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