Arrow Season 3 Episode 15 – TV Review

Arrow Nanda Parbat Ra's shirtless

I respect Ra’s’ priorities. His shirtless, toned priorities.

Thea does the smartest thing she’s done in a long time and sets the League of Assassins after Malcolm.

Then Oliver does the dumbest thing he’s done in a long time and spends the rest of the episode trying to save him.

Thea’s idiocy isn’t gone: it just changed hosts.

TL;DR Malcolm is captured by the League after Thea rats him out; Oliver goes to save him so Thea doesn’t end up regretting having her father murdered; Laurel and Nyssa bond over their grief for Sara; Ray completes his ATOM suit; flashback Oliver saves Maseo and Tatsu’s son from an Amanda-orchestrated ambush.

She’s tenacious.

So now that Thea’s up to speed on Sara’s murder, she confides in Roy and Laurel, who guilt her about still hanging around with Malcolm. So she tips off the League, which is great news for a still-raging Nyssa. The League makes away with Malcolm, but the Super Friends subdue and imprison Nyssa. Oliver is afraid Thea will regret what she’s done to Malcolm, so sets off to Ra’s’ headquarters to intervene. Diggle joins him out of loyalty (and because he feels bad about not joining Oliver last time). They fail, obviously, but it turns out Ra’s doesn’t want to kill Oliver: he wants Oliver to be his successor as leader of the League of Assassins. Ooh. Meanwhile, Laurel is rocked by Thea’s revelation about Sara’s true murderer. She takes some time out to mope alongside Nyssa. Meanwhile, Thea reverts back to her stupid ways and tells Nyssa about how she totally murdered Sara, and lets Nyssa out to exact her revenge. Meanwhile, Felicity finally gets in Ray’s pants, and her support helps him complete the ATOM exo-suit. And in flashback, Shrieve debriefs Oliver and co and sends them on their way. But they are later attacked by what Maseo presumes to be Amanda’s tying-up-loose-ends squad. Oliver is able to flee with Maseo and Tatsu’s son, but the couple themselves remain stranded under suppressing fire.

Ah, so Oliver Angelina Jolie’d their son. That’s the big, horrible thing that tore them apart.

We make some good progress on all fronts, but goddamn, Oliver. Really? You’re going back to see Ra’s again (and storming his lair this time)?

Does Oliver just want to die at this point?

Has being related to Thea finally driven him to the brink?


Why I hate this episode:

Thea can’t even keep herself in the black for a whole episode. Her ratting out of Malcolm was the right move, but then she backpedals about twenty times as much in the other direction by giving Nyssa the opportunity to exact revenge on her later. What do you fucking want, Thea?

Laurel (in Canary get-up) tries to attack Malcolm once she learns how he engineered Sara’s murder. She is nowhere near a match for him. Did she at any point think she was? Jesus, you people are on stupid pills.

The ATOM suit is pretty underwhelming. It appears to function exactly the same as Iron Man’s. Maybe the size manipulation is a little too far-fetched for the CW?

Nyssa takes a cue from PLL’s Emily and pulls the gay suffrage card on her dad when he expresses his disinterest in going to kill Oliver (who Nyssa has just discovered is still alive). She assumes he doesn’t care about bringing Sara’s supposed killer to justice because he didn’t approve of Nyssa’s love for her. Ra’s actually just doesn’t think Oliver did it (and, as we find out later, wants Oliver as his successor). Don’t be a Kurt, Nyssa.

Roy drags out his old “I killed a cop last year” sob story again to try to comfort Thea now that she knows she killed Sara while under the influence. Roy has apparently made it a mission of his to stalk the dead cop’s family and leave them anonymous gifts. Nobody cares.

Quentin is still avoiding Laurel. Rude.

Oh, and Diggle has a question he wants to ask Oliver early on, but it’s deferred due to more pressing matters. He later gets his chance when they’re chained up at Ra’s’ HQ, and it turns out to be just him asking Oliver to be his best man. Wow, I’m glad they made us wait for that one.


But it’s not all bad:

Diggle does include in his little speech that he sees Oliver as his brother. Aww. His real brother is dead or whatever.

And when the two are brought before Ra’s at the end of the episode, Oliver begs him not to kill Diggle. Aww again.

The best move of the episode is on Thea’s part, which is rare for the poor girl. She does what everyone should have done from the start and simply tells the League that Malcolm killed Sara. The Super Friends didn’t make that move because they were afraid Malcolm would immediately show off the video he made proving it was Thea. But this episode they’ve all realised that Malcolm wouldn’t do that, and he doesn’t. Nicely done, Thea.

And hey, maybe Nyssa will kill her? Moira got a sword through the chest last season. Anything could happen to the Queen family.

Laurel and Nyssa’s scene together doesn’t do much to further the plots, but it provides some emotional weight. Nyssa really did love Sara.

I suspect Shrieve is likely behind the assassination attempt in the flashback. He’s way too eager to let them go after the debriefing. And there is no way in the world that Amanda Waller’s boss is a sweetheart.

Still, I don’t doubt Amanda’s killer instincts. I’d be loathe to rob her of the credit for sending a hit squad out to kill a team of agents who took down a WMD. And for trying to murder a child (she’s living the dream).

After finding out Oliver had hidden the truth about Sara’s murder from her, Laurel has a big spat at him for not only that, but also his continued alliance with Malcolm. And she is incredulous when Oliver announces he intends to rescue Malcolm. But despite her anger, she still urges Oliver not to go on the sure-to-be-suicide mission. She says it’s over between them, but she still wants it.

The ATOM suit may be less impressive than I was hoping, but at least it’s finished. It can fly, so that would come in handy for the Super Friends.

Felicity finally makes her move on Ray. She harangues him into cleaning himself up because he’s been missing work to focus on completing the ATOM suit. He comes out of the shower shirtless, and Felicity drools for a bit before pouncing on dat dick.

Oh, and why wouldn’t she?

Arrow Nanda Parbat Ray shirtless

But you can make it disappear by putting it inside you.

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3 responses to “Arrow Season 3 Episode 15 – TV Review”

  1. Lydia says :

    Letting Maclom just die would have solved all their problems. But knowing Thea, she wouldn’t be able to keep her mouth shut anyway, so…
    I just had to lol at the fact that Oliver told her not to tell anyone, and so she then goes around blabbing it to anyone who will listen. What.

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