Glee Season 6 Episode 8 – TV Review

Glee A Wedding

Cyanide pills are an integral part of any Glee viewer’s preparedness kit.

Oh, Kurt and Blaine. Because Santana and Brittany’s wedding wasn’t sickly sweet enough?

Also, is there supposed to be a plot this season?

Glee seems to have forgotten.

TL;DR Santana and Brittany get married; everyone pressures Kurt and Blaine into getting married; Tina makes a failed marriage proposal to Mike Chang; Quinn apparently wasn’t invited.

Oh, honey. You’re better off steering clear of this mess, anyway.

So Santana and Brittany’s big day has come. There’s some minor subplot about how Brittany is getting jitters over pre-wedding superstitions, but for the most part, nothing goes wrong. Sue does show up, to Santana’s ire, but she’s only there to bring a now-supportive(ish) Abuela along. She also brings her Kurt/Blaine shipping to completion by pressuring them into getting snap-married alongside the girls. They’re Glee characters (and pet characters, at that), which means they’re fucking insane, so they do. Then everybody sings subpar cover songs and celebrates endlessly. Because, again, this is Glee. Meanwhile, Tina tries to get Mike Chang to marry her, but he says no. And Rachel worries over how Carol will react to her dating Sam. Naturally, Carol is supportive.

Because tension and conflict don’t drive a show, dammit. What do you think this is? Quality?

Honestly, though, the episode isn’t particularly egregious (not a touch on those Hurt Locker catastrophes). Which is because there’s basically no plot at all.

Maybe that’s the best present day Glee can aspire to? Just do nothing but faff around, and you’ll be less offensive than when you attempt to do anything?

It sounds like a plan.


Why I hate this episode:

You know what doesn’t sound like a plan, though? Getting forced into marrying the guy you dumped because you didn’t want to get married. Good decision making there, Kurt. Glee: “Peer pressure is really what’s best for you.”

In a mild subversion, Kurt is shown to be initially hesitant to the plan. Blaine, however, leaps on it immediately. You kids are, what, nineteen or twenty, right? You can’t wait?

Tina asks Blaine, Artie, and Puck for their advice on proposing to Mike. Naturally, Blaine is blindly all for it from the get-go. You’re too easy, bro.

Jennifer Coolidge finally gets a song, but her performance on I’m So Excited is pretty underwhelming. Biased as I am, I’ll give Jennifer a break on this one and blame the Glee editing process for it. Same for poor Gloria Estefan.

Gina Gershon gets hauled in to play Blaine’s mum in a thankless, nothing role. She gets to sing forgettable backing vocals on I’m So Excited, and then gets PG-rated drunk and falls all over Puck. Gina Gershon is most famous for Showgirls, but even Glee is beneath her. I said it.

Speaking of Puck, where is Quinn? Rude.

Abuela’s half turnaround is hard to swallow. Especially since all Sue did was bitch at her for about five seconds, which was apparently enough to have her happily show up to a double gay wedding not in a church, and without a priest.

You’d think all that “Brittany wishing death upon Abuela” stuff would make things awkward, but it doesn’t.

Santana gives all the wedding guests caps with “OTP” printed on them. Which, of course, stands for “one true pairing.” I didn’t think Glee’s shipper pandering could get any more disgusting.

I’m still mistaking Female Twin for Marley, and it still sends a jolt of abject terror through my heart every time.

The Santana/Brittany wedding dress fashion montage is overlaid with a song not performed by the cast. What? What a wasted opportunity.

Also, Emma’s dress fitting from season 1 was much better.

Emma isn’t at the wedding, either. Rude.

Kurt, obviously, dumps Harry Hamlin. Your loss, bitch.

Brittany’s wedding dress is boring as fuck.

Ken Jeong’s character is more sad and depressing than funny. Is his character’s name “Glee?”

Outkast’s Hey Ya is sung at the reception. It is rubbish.

Sue drops her villainy not only for the Abuela scheme, but she also gifts the married couples a wonderful honeymoon each. She also sees the glee club kids as her children. Sentimentality is more important than consistency.

Oh, and I can only hope that Glee season 6 is front-loading all the series plotline wrap-ups for the older cast so we can get into actual things happening later on. But this is Glee, so there is no fucking guarantee that anything as sensible as that is going on.


But it’s not all bad:

At least Jane continues to be rightly ignored. Yes, all the new glee club kids are ignored. But Jane is included in that, so I’ll claim points for it. Let’s keep it up.

The I’m So Excited number is the highlight of the episode. Not for the singing, but for the characters and cast involved in it. Even if they are slumming it in Glee, the band of mums still includes Jennifer Coolidge, Gloria Estefan, and Gina Gershon. The Troubletones‘ principal members also reform to perform with them. Nice throwback.

Which means Sugar is back. I like me some Sugar.

During the couples’ dance, Sugar dances by hugging herself. You rock on, baby.

Puck dances with a drunk and stumbling Gina Gershon. Well, if Quinn’s away…

The wedding dress fashion montage is cute.

Santana bars Sue from coming to the wedding. She gets best line of the episode when Sue shows up, anyway (this is before the Abuela reveal, though): “You know what, Brit? We might actually have the worst luck of all time. ‘Cause I can’t marry you if I’m in jail for killing this bitch!” Sadly, she does not follow through.

Santana’s wedding dress is nice.

Mike brings some semblance of sanity to the episode when he rebuffs Tina’s proposal. Tina takes it in her stride as best she can, and there is no meltdown or snapback acceptance later on. Kurt and Blaine could have learned something from this.

Artie and Tina then make a pact that if they’re both single at thirty, then they’ll get married. It seems likely.

Oh, and Kitty looks great at the wedding. As per usual.

Glee A Wedding selfie Kitty Mercedes Sam Tina

A year exactly.

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4 responses to “Glee Season 6 Episode 8 – TV Review”

  1. Lydia says :

    SMH. Watch Kurt and Blaine’s marriage last like, two days.

  2. Marie says :

    I have another reason you should hate this. They only did Hey Ya because Heya is Heather Morris and Naya Rivera’s ship name. These people need to get off tumblr.

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