The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 15 – TV Review

TVD Let Her Go Caroline singing funeral

It only took her four seasons.

Yes, for the first time since season 2, Caroline sings unnecessarily.

And Bonnie’s back now, too. If you care about that kind of thing.

Is there still time to swap her for Liz?

TL;DR Liz has a cool-ass funeral; Kai harangues Jo into giving him her magic to keep him from dying and save the Gemini coven (why would anyone want to save the Gemini coven?); Stefan misses the boat with Caroline; Bonnie escapes from ghost world, but not before meeting a special mummy dearest from a parallel prison world.

I told you all those mentions of Damon and Stefan’s mum was gonna be meaningful.

The episode centres on Liz’s funeral, which Caroline tasks her friends with getting set up super fast. Elena does what she can to console Caroline through her grief (Elena has lost parents, too. So this is the rare time her opinion on something would actually matter), and the funeral ends up being quite nice. And drama-free (except for a drunken Tyler, who is barred entry). But then we find out why Caroline got her shit together so fast: she wants to turn off her humanity switch so she can free herself from her crippling grief. Meanwhile, Stefan spends the episode looking for answers for his feelings about Caroline. He eventually decides to go for it, but is too late. Meanwhile, Kai shows up at Jo’s door while he’s on death’s door. He explains the non-traditional merge with Luke is killing him, which will apparently result in the death of the entire Gemini coven, too. Despite some resistance from Alaric, Jo agrees to giving over the remainder of her magic to keep him alive. Thankful, Kai departs Jo’s place with a “You’re pregnant, btw,” which prompts Alaric to propose to her. She accepts. Aww. Meanwhile, Bonnie’s plans to get outta ghost world are complicated by Kai’s illness, which sends her between her own prison world and someone else’s. She finally makes her way out, but not before discovering the prisoner of the parallel world (thanks to a positive ID from Damon): Mama Salvatore.

I knew Damon had to get his wickedness from somewhere.

I suppose I should concede that, like last episode, I found myself wet in the eye area over Liz’s death. Caroline’s singing is some bullshit out of nowhere, but she sells it.

Damon also spends the episode trying to come up with an appropriate eulogy. What he decides on is simple and potent.

It’s just a shame it took Liz dying for me to find myself emotionally re-invested in this show.


Why I hate this episode:

Kai doesn’t get to be any fun this episode. I miss our homicidal little munchkin of doom. Now he’s just puking blood all over his sister’s shoes and begging to be saved. And he wasn’t even lying about his illness to steal Jo’s magic, because we saw that his bad shape did wreak havoc with the prison worlds. The least we deserve, now that he refuses to murder his siblings, is a little cruel deception. But no.

He also implies that he’s going to leave Jo alone for good. Oh no he betta don’t. Well, maybe he can leave Jo alone, but there’s still an entire Gemini coven (and, especially, Papa Gemini) to get revenge on. Hop to it, baby.

Have Alaric and Jo not been using protection? Fucking reckless, douchebags. Jesus.

Damon is the first person Stefan asks for advice on Caroline, and Damon nonchalantly tells him to dump her, because they’re not soulmates or whatever. Cunt, you’re the one who’s dating Elena, when thousands of years of Amara and Silas doppelgangers have proven that she’s destined to be with Stefan.

The flashbacks to the time of Mama Salvatore’s funeral have Ian Somerhalder retouched into oblivion to make him look younger. When Young Stefan is being played by, like, a ten year-old, it doesn’t really convince.

Tyler isn’t that drunk when he arrives at the funeral. He was nowhere near blackout. He wasn’t even white girl. He was barely at tipsy, and Matt wouldn’t even let him sit in the back or something. That’s fucking cold.

Enzo isn’t in this episode. Though, I suppose that means his superfluous subplot with Sarah also isn’t here, so I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing.

Matt has decided to follow in Liz’s footsteps and become a police officer. He also gets Tyler an application. I know Tyler deferred college or whatever, but Tyler’s still got college plans, right? Way to be presumptuous, Matt.

Jeremy’s decision not to wait for Bonnie is even dumber now that Bonnie is back a mere episode (and, what, a couple of in-universe days?) since he left. Impatience isn’t a virtue.

Was Kai actually scamming Jo with the “all the Geminis will die if I’m not cured” thing? Because he tells her she’s sick because he’s sick. But after he’s gotten her magic, he says she was actually sick from being pregnant. Which should indicate it was a scam. But the prison worlds were affected by Kai’s illness like he said they would be, so that wasn’t a lie. So were the Geminis actually in peril?

Oh, and Elena is completely right when she warns Caroline not to flip her humanity switch. Because look at all the stupid shit she and Stefan (and Damon) have done while in that state. Caroline, impetuously, does not take her advice. Come on, Caroline. This is one of the only times Elena is going to be right about something. Give the poor thing a break.


But it’s not all bad:

Caroline might have a point, though. Despite all the murders and horror that no-humanity Elena caused, she was able to ride out the worst of her grief over Jeremy’s death, which is all Caroline wants.

It’s a shame Stefan arrives about five minutes too late to declare his intentions of being with her. One of the contributing factors to her decision to flip her switch was Stefan’s apparent indifference to their hook-up. You’ve gotta vamp whoosh faster next time, Stef.

At least Caroline gets to burn Elena. Elena hugs her while thinking her advice about not flipping the switch is getting through. Which is when Caroline quickly snaps Elena’s neck and parties on, baby.

Liz’s funeral is wonderfully epic and solemn. Damon, having come to a conclusion over his eulogy woes, delivers a consummately tasteful speech about his fallen friend. He makes sure to praise Caroline, as well as calling Liz a hero. The Liz/Damon friendship was always one of the better relationships of TVD. See, Harry and Sally? Boys and girls can be friends. And really good ones, at that.

The Kai subplot hasn’t got the malicious sparkle we’re used to from season 6’s replacement Katherine, but it keeps the plot pushing ever so slowly forward. He first comes to Jo looking for any help in why he’s sick, but it’s only when he accidentally grabs her arm while vomiting that he realises sucking up her magic makes him feel better. Jo makes the selfless decision to give him all of it to save her ungrateful, murderous family. What a darling.

Jo initially baulks at Alaric’s proposal because she thinks he’s only doing it out of pity for the pregnancy, but he reveals he was planning on proposing that morning, anyway. He was just interrupted by Jo’s sickness and Kai’s knock on the door. She’s no Jenna, Alaric. But yeah, she’s pretty cool.

Bonnie, surprisingly, carries the most plot-related responsibility. Her jaunt into the parallel prison world takes her to the original Salvatore house, wherein she finds diary entries dating back to 1903. And photos of pre-vampire Stefan and Damon. Just before escaping ghost world, Bonnie is confronted by the parallel prisoner: a period-dressed woman. And she just so happens to be self-filming her mission, and manages to capture a shot of her. She shows it to Damon, and voila: that’s mum. I hope she’s a bad bitch.

Best line of the episode goes to Damon when Stefan tells him about his hook-up with Caroline: “Ooh. Finally.” Gurl, you betta dish.

The first person to greet Bonnie once she’s back in the real world is Damon, and their reunion is kind of lovely. Not quite as lovely as Stefan’s reunion with Damon, but still.

Oh, and I couldn’t miss this Kat Graham-related pun: hey, Damon? Where did you get your nastiness from?

TVD Let Her Go Mama Salvatore

We’ve lost a cool mum, but I’m happy for an evil mum to step up.

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