The Originals Season 2 Episode 14 – TV Review

The Originals I Love You, Goodbye Elijah hot

It’s no joke.

You’d think I’d be more distracted by the lavish werewolf royal wedding. Or the death of an Original. Or the revival of another. Or the revelation of Hope’s alive status to the world.

But no. The Elijah Hotness Parade is a much higher priority.

Not for Hayley, apparently, though.

TL;DR Hayley marries Jackson and forsakes Elijah; now the werewolves are empowered, Klaus announces Hope to the world; Freya revives Vincent (for fuck’s sake); Kaleb, and therefore Kol, dies; Aiden throws caution to the wind and proclaims his devotion to Josh.

And they kiss again. That’s 3-0 now, TVD. At what point do we stop keeping score and just have TVD admit it’s inferior?

So the real drawcard for this episode is the surprisingly opulent werewolf royal wedding between Hayley and Jackson. Klaus offers his compound as the venue, and shit gets decked out. Elijah, against Klaus’ orders, makes one final play for Hayley, but she tearfully rebuffs him. Both for the political advantage of the wedding, and to take the safe road for her own happiness. Life isn’t fair and the universe collapses into nothingness. The wedding later goes off without any interference, and the werewolves now have their change-at-will powers. Sweet. At the reception, Klaus shows off Hope to everyone (the vampires were invited to the wedding, by the way). Klaus is also apparently scheming to kill Jackson (against Elijah’s staunch opposition), but they’re interrupted by Rebekah, who has spent the episode trying to find a way to cure the rapidly deteriorating Kaleb. Davina lends aid, too, but they fail, and Kaleb dies in Rebekah’s arms. Meanwhile, Freya revives and heals Vincent at a morgue, reaffirming their need to unite to face the impending threat of Dahlia. Meanwhile, Aiden briefly dumps Josh out of fear of hurting him with his newer, stronger werewolf abilities (and I think a little bit ouf of shame of dating a vampire). But he sorts his shit out and kisses him and they get back together. Publicly. And Camille spends the entire episode babysitting Hope, and doesn’t even get to go to the wedding.

Fucking. Rude. We know how well she cleans up for formal events. What an immense waste.

It was only after I came down from the high of watching this episode that I realised the wedding itself was bizarrely lacklustre for a soap opera wedding. There were no wedding crashers, no fights, nobody died. Not even an evil twin. And they didn’t do the “speak now or forever hold your peace” bit.

But despite all that missing, this was still a gorgeous episode, striking the right balance between romantic schmaltz, family drama, and vampire scheming.

Which is the solid foundation The Originals has been riding ever since the first episode.

It makes that TVD endless love triangle ordeal look like poo.


Why I hate this episode:

My only thought when Hayley and Jackson were walking down the aisle was that Jackson is nowhere near good looking enough for Hayley. She really should have picked Elijah. Can you imagine how beautiful their wedding would have been? Sigh.

The whole vibe of the wedding, not to tarnish how nice it was, mind you, felt wrong for the werewolves we’ve come to know. I expected it to be out in the bayou and rustic as hell. But no. This is about as rich and upper crusty as weddings come. I thought the werewolves partied a little less civilly than this?

I’ll explain below why I didn’t hate Hayley’s rejection of Elijah, all things considered. But I would be offended by myself if I didn’t include it here simply out of principle. Ain’t nobody rejects Elijah. Especially not season 2 Elijah.

Camille’s sidelining is truly unforgivable. Fucking Gia gets to go to the wedding, but not Camille? Not okay.

Kaleb, predictably, defies his newly-forged alliance with Klaus (from a whole episode ago) by immediately rushing off this episode to complete the anti-Klaus dagger. Always and forever, Kol is a turd.

Rebekah grimly determines to find a way to resurrect Kol, because as he’s a witch, she’s going to consecrate him, and then do what the witches did last year with Genevieve etc and bring him back. But would that bring back Kol, or Kaleb? Because if it’s just Kaleb, I don’t know if I’m into that.

Fucking Freya resurrects fucking Vincent. Bitch, we were finally rid of him.

Also, Freya is all about teaming up with Vincent to gather whatever allies she can to fight off Dahlia when she comes knocking. Umm, bitch? Why did you choose Vincent, a singular agent, when you could have teamed up with the Original triumvirate of Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah? Who have proven themselves much more competent over the years. Dumbass.

Sadly, Freya’s gemstone necklace was not a communication device to keep in touch with Dahlia like I’d predicted. She gave it Vincent to protect him from disintegration in his battle against Elijah. Which means Freya isn’t brainwashed or inhabited by Dahlia. Which makes her choice to ally with Vincent over the Original triumvirate even more confusing.

Hayley and Jackson’s wedding vows are disappointingly vanilla.

Oh, and Rebekah also doesn’t get to go to the wedding. But at least she had a decent excuse (trying to save Kaleb’s life).


But it’s not all bad:

Rebekah may not get to party, but she does put a lot of effort into trying to save her brother from dying. Kaleb ends up dying in her arms, and her promise to consecrate and revive him is comforting.

Kol is also genuinely scared of dying again. I almost felt bad for him, but that dagger shit kept me from it.

Oh, and because it took me a second to think about it, I will mention that Rebekah’s revival logic does check out. Despite the Other Side being gone, Genevieve clarified last season that the consecrated ancestors exist in a different plane of afterlife. So Rebekah’s plan is possible.

As you might have guessed from my endless gushing, any scene with Elijah in it is the best thing ever. But his scene with Hayley before the wedding might just be the climax of their entire relationship. Before their meeting, Klaus demands Elijah not spoil the wedding. But he goes to Hayley, anyway. Before he can say those three little words, though, Hayley stops him, and struggles to explain that she had wanted that from him for so long, but now she can see a happy future with Jackson. It’s clear that she doesn’t feel as strongly about Jackson as she does about Elijah, but she wants to be happy, and she thinks he can make her happy, which I can respect. A lone tear rolls down Elijah’s devastated face as she wraps up her speech, and now I know what true sorrow is.

Before this, though, Elijah scoops himself the best line of the episode when he sees Hayley all done up for the wedding: “You look perfect.” I came then, if you were wondering.

Rebekah gifts the dress to Hayley, offhandedly explaining how she’s had numerous wedding dresses commissioned over the years and never gotten to wear any of them. What a darling.

Klaus is ever the sneaky snake, and Elijah is incensed to discover he plans to kill Jackson. The extent of Klaus’ plan is not discovered due to Kaleb interrupting things with that whole “I’m dying” situation. But a dead Jackson is good for everyone. Even Elijah, as Klaus points out to his noble brother. You gotta admit it, Elijah.

Josh and Aiden’s relationship gets some nice, if rushed, development this episode. From Aiden’s kinda breakup, to Aiden then asking Davina to switch seats with him at the ceremony so he and Josh can sit together (Davina is glad to do it, I should add), to Aiden not giving any fucks about being public with their relationship. Which can only mean one of them will die before the season ends. I’ve got my popcorn ready.

Jackson reassures Aiden about his relationship with Josh. Aww. And they also lament how Oliver couldn’t be here for the wedding. It’s nice to see he’s not forgotten.

Camille doesn’t get much play, but Klaus does take the time to thank her for her help with Hope. She advises him to be a happy, good father to Hope, which will help ensure Hope is happy, too. Elijah had earlier jibed Klaus by saying Klaus is truly opposed to Jackson because he’s worried Jackson will be a better father to Hope than he is. So I hope Klaus takes on Camille’s advice. And takes off her pants.

Klaus delivers a bag of severed heads of Finn-loyal werewolves to Jackson before the wedding. Jackson is impressed and disgusted.

Freya tells Vincent that Esther ain’t shit compared to Dahlia. Bring on the fireworks.

Gia looks nice at the wedding.

Oh, and Hayley’s lucky she’s so wonderful behind all that Jackson-marrying garbage. I wouldn’t accept that kind of Elijah abuse from just anyone.

The Originals I Love You, Goodbye Elijah crying

That’s 50 shades of fucked up.

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    Klaus brings the best wedding gifts.

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