Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 20 – TV Review

PLL Pretty Isn't The Point Mike crying


Really? The sixteen year-old little brother of one of the protagonists isn’t the homicidal, big bad wolf of the series?

That’s cuh-razy.

Who would have ever predicted that?

TL;DR Mike isn’t A, but it looks like Alison isn’t, either; Hanna’s pageant dreams are dashed; Emily dumps Cater Girl because she’s a lying slutbag (another massive shock!); Johnny gets kicked to the curb because he’s fucking retarded.

It’s just shock after shock this week!

Here’s each Liar’s shocking plot rundown:

It’s Aria with the plot ball again this episode, as she continues to snoop into Mike’s shit. She enlists Andrew, again, to help tail him, and she eventually discovers Mike has hidden a vial of blood. Mike finally acts like a normal person and talks to his sister, though, and explains that Mona herself had planned to stage her murder and get Alison arrested as per A’s instructions. Mona would then double cross A and liberate everyone from their tyranny. But it looks like A got to the double crossing part first. Shocking.

Hanna preps for her pageant by asking Emily to teach her how to dance for the talent portion of the contest. After finding out her stepsister Kate is also entered into the pageant, Hanna psychs herself out and is dumped by her pageant coach. Of course, A faked Kate’s name on the pageant sign-up. Isn’t that totally freaky? Nobody saw that coming.

Emily gets a nod from the pageant coach, though, and volunteers to win the pageant for Hanna. She also encounters Talia’s (Cater Girl was due for a name upgrade) husband, whom she told her fling with Emily was a one-time thing. Emily dumps Talia because, as already noted, she’s a lying slutbag. That’s freakin’ weird, man. Talia would never lie.

Spencer and Johnny discover that their graffiti has been segmented and donated to an art gallery. Johnny is pissed off because someone else is making money off his “art,” so he and Spencer rationally decide to rob the shit out of the gallery. Toby, because he’s a cop, picks them up shortly after the heist, and Johnny gets the boot from Veronica. Wait, Johnny’s a crazy dickhead? No way!

I just can’t even with all the suprises this week.

Compared to the last few snoozer episodes, this one’s a bit more on the money. We get some resolution with the dumbass Mike subplot. And I hope and pray that Johnny will not resurface.

But did we have to bring Toby back? I was having such a pleasant vacation from him.


Why I hate this episode:

Toby only arrests Johnny for the robbery. Which I understand, because he wants to protect Spencer, you know? Except he makes the arrest and loudly tells Spencer to slink away in full view of the employee at the service station where Toby found them. This better come back to bite Toby later.

Johnny also kisses Spencer before leaving after Veronica bails him out. Gross. She’s in high school, dude.

Kate is heavily featured in the intro recap, and Hanna has some rage flashbacks of her, but she doesn’t actually appear in the episode. Tease.

I was also pretty keen for a Kate/Hanna pageant showdown, but was deflated when it was revealed Kate had never applied. Bloody A.

Andrew appears in another episode where he doesn’t take his shirt off. It’s not like we’re keeping you around because you can believably play someone high school aged. Pecs or GTFO.

Hanna does the old soap opera character staple of hearing just enough of Emily’s conversation with the pageant coach to find out she wants to coach Emily, but runs off before hearing the next few seconds of the conversation where Emily stands up for Hanna and rebuffs her. Boo.

Unless I got my times messed up, Leslie mentioned that she heard Mike during her phone conversation with Mona the night before Mona died. This episode, we see that conversation, and after Mona hangs up on Leslie is when Mona has to divulge the details of her fake murder plan. Then, in the present, Mike tells Aria that he and Mona argued “for days” about it. Didn’t Mona die the very next day? I’m 60% sure I’ve made the mistake here, so correct me at your pleasure. But if I’m not, tsk tsk, PLL.

Mike tells Aria that A ordered Cyrus to take Alison out of town during the time Mona’s murder went down, so Alison couldn’t possibly be Mona’s murderer (picked it). Which means the Liars will have to apologise to Alison. I do not look forward to her smugness.

Oh, and Hanna blows her chance to impress her pageant coach with her dance moves by awkwardly freestyling out of rage against Kate. Emily really should have shut the music off sooner.


But it’s not all bad:

Mike’s coming clean to Aria was very satisfying. After these few ridiculous episodes of cat and mouse, I’m glad it turned out that Mike wasn’t a supervillain. Because that was never, ever going to be believable.

Their conversation is preceded by said cat-and-mousing. Mike chucks a tantrum at Aria for going through his room (she and the other Liars did a full sweep at the start of the episode), and when he goes out, Aria asks Andrew to tail him. Andrew sees Mike hiding a package in a tree. When Aria goes to investigate, she finds a vial of blood (the one we saw him with last episode). Mike catches her red-handed, and she drops it struggling to get away. She then races home out of fear of Mike hurting her, which is when Mike comes clean.

Mike has been operating under the impression that Mona could be alive, because the plan was for her to fake her own murder, get Alison arrested and appease A, then get close to A to find out who they are, and eventually return to Rosewood to expose A and free everyone. Mike had been hoping the plan was still in motion and Mona was out there alive somewhere. He’d been visiting Alison to see if she had any clue who A was. And given her silence (and the fact we know she’s dead, baby), Mike is now ready to accept that A probably double crossed Mona and killed her. Aww.

Mike’s vial of blood was Mona’s blood, by the way. She gave it to him as some kind of promise she’d return (what?), and it was all he had left of her. He hid it so Aria wouldn’t find it and keep asking questions.

Veronica bails Johnny out of jail using his rental deposit money, and orders him to fuck off. Which he is doing. Goodbye, Johnny. Nobody will remember you.

Toby and Spencer’s relationship continues to fray. Good.

Emily vaguely asks Ashley for advice on whether she should date someone if she knows it’s only going to be short term. Ashley internally panics because she thinks she’s asking about her sex with Jason. It’s good to see Ashley hasn’t forgotten, at least.

I know we haven’t seen the last of Talia. But a verbal dressing down from Emily is a worthwhile first step.

It’s an Ezra-free episode.

Best line of the episode goes to Spencer after Aria briefs the rest of the Liars about her conversation with Mike: “I can’t believe that your brother knows about A at all.” I know, right.

Hanna may be out of the pageant, but at least we’ve still got Emily.

Oh, and Hanna’s freestyling may not win her any points at a pageant, but she would be a riot to drunk dance with.

PLL Pretty Isn't The Point Emily Hanna dancing Bang Bang

“I did bang bang a couple of shots shots.”

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13 responses to “Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 20 – TV Review”

  1. Anonymous says :

    I think at the start of his explanation to Aria, Mike mentioned that what happened in the flashback was a few days before her murder. So what Leslie heard was Mike arguing with Mona about the plan the night before.

    Also, what was the point of introducing Johnny? He didn’t bring any good except getting Toby to fuck off for a bit. Just another irrelevant character I suppose.

  2. Dave says :

    The dance scenes alone made this episode worth it, filler though it was. Shay and Ashley were really not in those scenes. And Shay’s a pretty good dancer, her moves were really fluid.

  3. rockabore says :

    I was so disappointed for the fact that PLL teased a Hanna Vs. Kate beauty pageant thing. For shame PLL. That would have been awesome. I am interested in seeing Emily pull through for Hanna though, that was sweet of her to do it for Hanna.

    Was Johnny just thrown in so Spencer can view with Tobey as a “serious cop” who “just doesn’t understand” No thanks, Johnny. Goodbye and Good riddance, hipster slimeball. In spite of how silly it is, I do wonder what will come of his little coffee shop device though that seems too focused on to not come of anything, Chekhov’s Gun and all that.

    Also, I LOL’d at Emily’s reaction to Talia being reveal as being a sleazy ho. Emily’s never been very bright but the fact that she was remotely surprised she lied to her husband after she lied to Emily makes Emily look like the most gullible doofus ever.

  4. marie says :

    Did they change the actor who plays Mike? I haven’t watched for a season and he looks like a different person.

    Also, how can A be scary anymore if it seems like half the town knows about her? So many of their secrets have been exposed all ready and people have died. Why not just gather up everyone who knows about A and be like, hey let’s not anymore. And then ignore her. What can she do without a bunch of randoms following her orders because reasons?

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      I think MIke just grew up and hit the gym really hard.

      And I agree with your A tactic. If they hadn’t been such lying idiots in the first place, A would have never had any power over them. Once people started dying, the girls really should have just sucked it up and come clean about everything.

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