Glee Season 6 Episode 7 – TV Review

Glee Transitioning All About That Bass

“We are also ’bout that fried chicken and high fructose corn syrup.”

And no, Mercedes and Roderick teaming up to sing All About That Bass isn’t the most shameful thing about this episode.

I’d append that with an “in case you were wondering.”

But you’re watching Glee Season 6, baby. There’s no wonder anymore. You know what you’re in for.

TL;DR Bieste returns to McKinley post-op; Vocal Adrenaline bully him to provoke the New Directions; Will quits Vocal Adrenaline over it; most of the episode revolves around Rachel not wanting to move house; Kurt and Blaine aren’t finished; Unique is actually one of the highlights of the episode.

That must be a new sensation for him.

So, the episode is titled “Transitioning,” so you’d think that’d mean Bieste would get a lot of screentime? Wrong. It means Rachel is having trouble with the “transition” she faces now that her dads have sold the family home and she doesn’t want to move out. Cue the glee club, plus Artie, Mercedes, Blaine, and Sam clearing their schedules to help her come to terms with it. They throw a mostly-banal party, but Sam and Rachel get their bang on, so it’s not a total waste. Eventually, Rachel gets by with a little help from her friends. What a cruel, difficult time to go through in her life. Meanwhile, Bieste returns to teaching duty at McKinley and is brutally harassed by Vocal Adrenaline, as they’re trying to stir up the New Directions into a self-imploding underdog rage. Bieste isn’t that bovvered, really, but Will goes nuclear on Vocal Adrenaline. First, he cuts Clint, their fearless leader. Then, after Clint is reinstated by Carmel High politics, he quits Vocal Adrenaline altogether, mortgage and baby bills be damned. Meanwhile, Blaine dumps Karofsky so he can get back with Kurt (they kiss at the party), but Kurt is still hanging out with Harry Hamlin. And Unique drops by to lend Bieste a little non-binary solidarity.

I’m cautious to say Unique is transgendered, because he’s not, right? I don’t remember. He’s just a glittery, androgynous blob, yes?

The Vocal Adrenaline/Bieste plotline is surprisingly fun. Bieste does us all a favour by not wallowing in oppressed grief. And Unique may have been a dumbshit character in season 4, but he’s got a decent set of pipes.

But that Rachel A-plot is an unqualified atrocity. Really? Rachel needs all her friends to help her come to terms with dun dun dun… moving out?

No, really, Glee? Really?


Why I hate this episode:

I’m pretty sure she already moved out when she, you know, moved to New York. Unless Glee is doing us all a favour and retconning all of that out of existence. Pretty please?

And yes, I know it isn’t just about moving out. It’s about losing the house she grew up in wah wah wah. Shut up, bitch. You’re way too old for this shit. Unless you built it with your own two hands, get over it.

Of course, Rachel’s plot gives us the tragically underwhelming farewell party in their basement. Which I assume is an homage to the party they had in there in season 2. But it’s probably not a good idea to remind us directly of things that Glee has done better before.

A Wheel Of Fortune spinner decides on duet pairings for the party, and Mercedes ends up with Roderick. So the two fat glee clubbers are singing together. I wonder what recent chart fodder they could sing? After two consecutive episodes of surprise, non-chart trash, it’s so sad to see Glee come crashing back into their obvious, boring safe zone.

Kurt’s spin shouldn’t have landed on Blaine, but Kurt gives it an extra nudge to make sure it does. Umm, didn’t you dump Blaine, Kurt?

Blaine’s no better. He initiates a kiss with Kurt later. And then he dumps Karofsky so he can go back to Kurt. The only saving grace of the whole ordeal is his instant rebuffing thanks to Harry still dating Kurt.

Blaine continues to hang around McKinley for no reason. Again, he has a job, right? Or did he quit The Warblers and I forgot?

Will is about as predictable as Glee’s song choices when he ends up quitting Vocal Adrenaline so he can take up a highly lucrative position as the New Directions’ unpaid, no sway-holding alumni advisor. Babies are cheap, right?

After a few losing showdowns with Vocal Adrenaline’s morality, Will concocts a final gambit to get them on side. He deceives them into thinking they’re going to prank the New Directions by smearing their stage with sex lube, and instead ambushes them with a song from Unique and a transgender chorus. Vocal Adrenaline are, predictably, unmoved. Yeah. Duh.

Demerit points for Clint and the VA crew, too. Because that whole “let’s prank McKinley” plan was an obvious trap.

Bieste can slap on all the stubble he wants, but dude’s gotta work on that voice pitch. I’m surprised they didn’t have the actor try to lower it. Or even mess with it in the editing. The fact that the voice is identical to Bieste’s voice before kind of spoils the transition. Very Tyra Sanchez.

Jayma Mays did not have the fortune to escape Glee, as she comes crawling back to appear in this episode. The poor dear. Emma is the one who advises Will to quit his high paying Carmel job so that their oblivious baby can learn about integrity. Maybe start with colours or shapes first?

Will performs a barf-inducing cover of Macklemore’s equally barf-worthy Same Love. Unique gets to wail on the Mary Lambert parts, which is a welcome reprieve, but Will’s fake rapping about fake thinking he was gay is appalling. Vocal Adrenaline agrees with me.

Oh, and the several hundred-strong choir that appears out of the shadows on the McKinley stage is supposed to be awe-inspiring, but it’s just silly. The reveal is ridiculous.


But it’s not all bad:

Unique belts I Know Where I’ve Been from Hairspray home like a champion, though. The heels don’t really flatter him, but if Unique learned anything from Mercedes, it’s how to park ‘n bark.

Unique actually doesn’t intrude on the plot at all. He only appears in a short scene to offer Bieste a quick “I’m with you, gurl” (though, not “girl.” Not anymore, you know) about his successful transition.

Vocal Adrenaline are fantastic this episode. The episode starts out with them singing You Give Love A Bad Name, which I don’t have a problem with at all.

Then, as per Vocal Adrenaline tradition, they egg the opposing team. In this case, Rachel and Blaine (I don’t know why Rachel and Blaine were together. Seriously, did I forget that Blaine quit Dalton and joined McKinley or something?). Will is fucking furious about this for some reason, and tries to teach them a lesson about intolerance with Same Love. This leads not only to derision (and rightly so), but to Clint having the wonderfully evil idea to use the New Directions’ hatred for persecution to their advantage by pretending (they aren’t actually fussed about sexuality or gender issues) to be bigoted arseholes in order to rile them up and psych them out. It’s brilliant.

Will shouts them down for this, but they go ahead, anyway, and deface Bieste’s car with the dreaded T-Word (it’s Tranny). This leads to another round of verbal slapfighting between Will and Clint, ending in Clint’s ejection from Vocal Adrenaline.

Clint, being the determined hurricane of cruelty he is, goes behind Will’s back to a Carmel donor, who goes to the principal, who forcibly reinstates Clint on Vocal Adrenaline. Which is what eventually leads to Will quitting, and that’s just plain good news for VA. They’re better off without him.

The cherry on top is their shrug of apathy towards Unique’s rendition of I Know Where I’ve Been, because they consider the whole excursion to be a waste of practice time. Will comforts himself with his “winning isn’t everything” attitude. But not winning leads to your program being cut and the school being turned into a Sue-tatorship, and the glee club only being allowed back through Rachel’s own funding. So good choice, there, Will.

Karofsky is a fat, hairy doormat when Blaine breaks up with him. So at least we won’t have to deal with him trying to win him back or anything. I hope.

Rachel gets to bang Sam.

Jane continues to be ignored.

Blaine and Kurt’s duet is Betty Who’s 2012/2013/2014 Somebody Loves you, which is a little less on the obvious side for Glee. Refreshing.

Rachel and Sam sing Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time. Sam sounds rubbish in it, but Rachel rides it pretty well.

Kitty has good hair at the party.

Oh, and during Somebody Loves You, the other party guests get out a box of random costume props to wear and gallavant around in. Kitty and Spencer fight over a pink tutu, which Spencer ends up getting and wearing. I told you I could rely on these blonde bitches.

Glee Transitioning Kitty Spencer tutu Somebody Loves You

Kitty may be a princess, but Spencer is a queen.

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11 responses to “Glee Season 6 Episode 7 – TV Review”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Rachel had like no photos of Finn on his own or with her on her wall but had a photo of Sam in his shorts?

  2. Lydia says :

    I usually force myself to sit through Glee songs no matter how much I dislike them. But I couldn’t do it this time. I couldn’t make it through All About That Bass. I hate that song with such a strong passion.

    I guess Will is hoping some of Kurt’s luck will rub off him, and a new fancy job will just land in his lap?

  3. Amadan says :

    i don’t think anybody cares, but i would always chose karofsky… yeah i’m that kind of gay

  4. marie says :

    I don’t get why Will hates the Vocal Adrenaline students. Yeah they don’t respect him, but why should they after he tried to throw that invitational? Yeah they’re stop-at-nothing-to-win people, but isn’t that the point at elite schools/programs? Which is the place he chose to work for a lot of money, great benefits, and a chance to provide a stable life for his child. Why does egging the competition as per tradition (a prank, not a hate crime) constitute a lesson on tolerance? What tolerate your competition? If Will wasn’t a dramatic baby he could have used VA’s own logic – why waste time pranking when we could be practicing? What was Will’s goal when he ambushed VA with ‘I Know Where You’ve Been’ song? They were being intolerant as a strategy after he inspired the idea, they don’t actually hate trans people.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      I don’t think Will intended to actually change their minds. He just wanted a chance to grandstand about how he’s so much more enlightened because he’s not focused on winning.

      Because he’s a douche.

  5. I feel so sorry for the people you surround yourself with says :

    Racist piece of shit

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