The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 14 – TV Review

TVD Stay Jeremy Elena stoned

Even Elena doesn’t give a shit. Look at her.

The only thing I’ll miss about Jeremy is his occasionally bare torso.

On the other hand, I’ll miss everything about Liz because she was awesome.

Sorry, Jeremy.

TL;DR Jeremy leaves Mystic Falls and The Vampire Diaries; Liz dies; Stefan and Caroline get their mack on; Enzo begins introducing Sarah (via Matt) into the dark world of vampires.

Again, she is Elena 2.0.

The major plot of the episode mostly ignores our dear, departing Jeremy and instead shifts focus to the far better Liz. It’s her last day as sheriff, and she decides now is the time to clear out her cold case catalogue. In particular, she wants to find out what actually happened to the Gilbert family on the night they crashed off Wickery Bridge. She suspects it’s something supernatural, but after much sleuthing (with Damon as her trusty sidekick), she is disappointed to conclude that it was simply due to bad weather. Oh, well. Then she slips into a coma and dies. Caroline, meanwhile, has been prepping a cabin for Liz to spend her remaining time. Stefan helps Caroline temper her stress (with his mouth), and they make it to the hospital just in time for Stefan to teach her how to do that vampire dream memory mind trick thing so Caroline can send Liz off to death with a sweet dream. I literally cried-ish. Meanwhile, Enzo forces Matt to awkwardly flirt/hang out with Sarah. Then Enzo runs Matt over with a car, and uses vampire blood to heal him in front of Sarah, who appropriately freaks the fuck out. And Jeremy ends up leaving town not to go to art school, which is the lie he’s told everyone, and instead to go on a vampire-hunting odyssey.

Good fucking luck. Really?

I’d read a few articles about how this was Jeremy’s final episode (the production team have conceded he could cameo for any future important events), but I wasn’t prepared for Liz’s crushing death to be lumped in here as well.

My rotted, ashen heart wasn’t ready, dammit.

Oh, Jeremy’s leaving, too? Okay, cool. Goodbye, I guess. Whatever.


Why I hate this episode:

Jeremy’s departure is truly uneventful. And you’re not going to stick around and wait for Bonnie to come back? She’s only a plane flight away from Silas’ tombstone. You can’t tough it out for a little while longer? Pussy.

With Liz’s death, we no longer have any cool mums left in Mystic Falls. The closest thing to a parent left on this show is Alaric.

Also, this episode marks the second time recently that we’ve had a significant mention of Stefan and Damon’s mum. That can’t be simple throwaway stuff, right? She better not pull an Esther and show up. One Esther is enough, good God.

Kai does not appear in this episode. Hell, none of the Gemini coven appears in this episode. I appreciate the devotion to Liz and Jeremy, but we need more forward momentum. Not even a Bonnie scene. Not that I missed her.

The only relevant plot we get a push on is Enzo’s scheme with Sarah, which is so dumb. I love me some Enzo, but is this really all he’s good for? The simple solution would be for Stefan to just rip Enzo’s heart out as soon as he finds out what’s going on. Damon obviously doesn’t care about Enzo that much if he hasn’t spoken to him for this long. Sorry, Enzo.

Enzo also insists, still, on not just simply compelling Matt into doing his bidding. He arbitrarily holds Jeremy hostage to force Matt to play along with the scheme this week. Just compel him, doofus. Gosh.

Jeremy’s plan to secretly go vampire hunting is ridiculous. He won’t last five seconds out there without his crew of vampire friends and family to keep him safe. I can’t believe Alaric is condoning this. Also, money? Do you have any, Jeremy?

Oh, and Damon gets to share Liz’s final (conscious, at least) scene. Which is lovely. But while talking to her, he brings up how he never got to say goodbye to his own mother, implying that he views Liz as a mother figure. Which is bullshit, because they’ve always been friends. A more generous interpretation would say that he was simply referencing the fact that Liz is a mother to Caroline, and not read anymore into it. But I didn’t start a website called I Just Hate Everything to be generous, baby.


But it’s not all bad:

The final scene between Damon and Liz is the shining light of the episode, and a beautiful send-off from Liz’s best (living) friend on The Vampire Diaries. Damon takes Liz home to bed after her condition worsens at the sheriff’s office, and he hooks Liz a lead-in to the episode’s second best line:
Damon: “Nice PJs situation. You look hot.”
Liz: “I do not have the energy to tell you how deeply that disturbs me.”
Oh, Liz. Why you gotta be like that. You two were the Sam and Diane of this show.

Best line of the episode comes shortly after. Liz finally breaks down and curses fate for dumping cancer on her. She did all the right things in life, and this is how she is repaid. Damon responds with rare sincerity, and brought a tear to my Mojave desert of an eye: “Sometimes really terrible things happen to really amazing people.” I wish I hadn’t used all my tissues on Elijah a couple of months ago.

The Gilbert crash investigation takes on some interesting turns. Liz got a voicemail from Miranda a couple of hours before the crash that night, saying she had something important to discuss with Liz. Joining that with the fact that the Gilberts took an unnecessarily long route home that night, no skidmarks at the crash scene, and the luggage found in the trunk, and Liz is right to suspect something is up.

It actually turns out that all the details are mere red herrings: the voicemail was an empty threat after Miranda caught Jeremy smoking pot (she made the call loud enough for Jeremy to hear); there was a storm the day before the crash, which downed a power line on the regular route home, which is why the Gilberts drove over Wickery Bridge; there were no skidmarks because the road was slick from the storm; and the luggage was still in the boot of the car because Grayson had planned a surprise family trip, which had been delayed by the storm. Case closed.

Liz’s zeal over investigating the crash was really to prolong her time at the sheriff’s office before she’d be forced to go home and prepare for death. At least Damon helped her close up a slew of cold murder cases: he committed them.

Stefan and Caroline’s little romance subplot is refreshingly earnest for a TVD love story. The highlight would have to be their dramatic kiss after Stefan calms her down. It’s against a sunset and it feels so right. As hard as I campaigned against their friendship turning romantic last season, I can’t stand in the way of something this sweet.

Caroline also perves on Stefan while he does handyman stuff. She’s not entirely an angel.

There is no Bonnie this episode.

Jeremy was cute, but he’s been irrelevant for a long time. Now all we have to do is get Matt outta here, and we’ll have a show on our hands.

Damon and Elena finally profit from compulsion when they compel Jeremy’s principal to allow him to graduate, so he can go to art school. Next stop: the bank. Come on.

Enzo’s running down of Matt is the requisite Enzo level of asshole-ish.

Damon sneaks Jeremy a joint as a going away gift, which Elena discovers and surprises Jeremy by demanding they smoke it together. They do, and Elena is actually fun for about two minutes.

Oh, and the memory Caroline chooses to give Liz before she dies is that of Liz teaching young Caroline how to ride a bike without the training wheels. It’s nice. And Liz has a wig and makeup. She deserved a bit of glam before the end.

TVD Stay Liz young long hair

Teach me how!

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  1. Lydia says :

    Liz was a better character than half the main ones. Damn.
    Also, I need a gif loop of Enzo running over Matt.

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