The Originals Season 2 Episode 13 – TV Review

The Originals The Devil Is Damned Elijah hammer nails fence

There’s an easy “hammer” pun in there. You don’t need me to do it for you.

Vincent dies this episode.

I’m sorry to spoil it so upfront, but this moment simply couldn’t come soon enough.

TL;DR Pretty much everyone knows Hope is alive now; Elijah kills Vincent when he comes after her; Kaleb, Klaus, and Rebekah forge an alliance; Freya helps out Vincent but is rather nonchalant about it; Jackson gathers more werewolf minions; Marcel and Hayley spend the whole episode doing pointless busy work.

They’re lucky they’re both so beautiful.

So Vincent, having deduced Hope is alive last episode, is on the warpath. He claims he wants to eliminate her for the same reason Esther tried to: to spare everyone the possibility of Dahlia coming in and fucking their shit up in pursuit of Hope. Freya mentions that Dahlia is indeed crazed and powerful, so maybe he’s got a point. Freya helps him locate Hope, Elijah, and Camille, and Vincent sets up a series of wild goose chases to keep his opponents busy. Firstly, he offers Kaleb a cure to his impending death (not only is he sealed in his body, but his body is also shutting down) if he can get some Klaus blood. Kaleb, Klaus, and Rebekah fight and bicker a bit, but Kaleb ultimately sides with Klaus, who promises to help save him. Secondly, he tasks Marcel with getting some Hayley blood. Hayley, knowing Vincent is after Hope, tries to think of a way to trick Vincent. She and Marcel are interrupted by Vincent’s third distraction: Gia and the remaining vampires, who Vincent dumps near the werewolf camp. They fly into a feeding frenzy when they happen upon an induction ritual Jackson and his Grandma are performing for some new werewolf Alphas who want to join the Crescents, but Marcel and Hayley whisk the would-be victims to safety. Meanwhile, Vincent assaults Elijah at the house (Camille and Hope happen to be out at the time). They fight and posture about morality and stuff. Vincent has the upper hand, but Klaus, Kaleb, and Rebekah do some witchy woo to channel large amounts of magic power into Vincent, forcing him to sever all his channelled magic (like the power he’s getting from his parents) to avoid being dissolved by it. Then Elijah blows up the house, immolating Vincent’s mortal body (Elijah’s immortal, so whatever).

We already know you’re hot, Elijah. You don’t have to be so literal about it.

God, I’m so glad Vincent is dead. I was getting tired of his sanctimonious, fake professor garbage.

Would it be possible for him to jump into a female body? Because that would give the Original children an even gender split for the first time ever.

Kudos to Freya for aiding on that front, too. Rebekah was out there alone for so long.


Why I hate this episode:

I’m actually starting to quite like Re-black-ah a lot. I almost don’t want her to go back to being Claire Holt. Which makes me feel like a traitor. Maybe Re-black-ah could stick around as her original personality once Rebekah gets outta there?

Freya feels strangely underused in this episode. She shows up to play buddy-buddy with Finn for a little bit and help him with a locator spell to find Hope, then disappears from the rest of the episode. For what it’s worth, I’m betting that she’s the reason Elijah recovered so quickly from Vincent’s staking, and I also had her pegged as the reason why Camille’s car stopped before she got too close to the exploding house.

Kaleb and Klaus’ relationship turnaround is pretty hard to swallow. After so much mistrust and so much betrayal, I find it difficult to believe that they could come to a genuine agreement in only one episode. Klaus plays the “you’re my blood/you’re a Mikaelson/always and forever” card to explain his allegiance to Kol. Then in the next breath he’s like “now let’s go murder Finn.” Isn’t he your brother, too? And apart from the current spat, and that time in TVD season 3, he’s done a lot less to betray you than Kol has. Finn just seems to be better at almost killing you.

Klaus brings the invinci-stake to Kaleb for the plan to overload Vincent with channelled magic. That’s way too fucking risky, bro. No way Klaus would do that.

Marcel and Hayley get saddled with rubbish, time-wasting subplots. Things kind of get exciting when Gia and the vampires show up at the induction ceremony, but all Hayley and Marcel need to do is snap the necks of a few weakened, emaciated vamps and the threat would be over (at most, there’s a van load of vampires. It’s not that many, guys). But no, they instead retreat to Grandma’s cottage while the vampires scurry around outside because they can’t get in. Yeah, that works, too. But come on.

Oh, and there’s a mostly throwaway sequence early on where Hayley is confused as to why people keep leaving brooms for her and Jackson. Jackson tries to explain that in olden times it was difficult to get a priest out to the bayou for speedy werewolf weddings, so they would use brooms in the interim to stave off premarital sex. Given that this is a CW show, they don’t spell it out completely. Which makes it totally fucking weird. Did the women masturbate with them? Did the men masturbate with them? Did the men masturbate the women with them? What? Unless I’m just a sheltered little angel who doesn’t know my broom-sex-toy lore?


But it’s not all bad:

Jackson doesn’t do anything objectionable or bone-headed this episode. That’s nice. Instead, he inducts a swath of new werewolf Alphas (and, by extension, their packs) into the Crescents so they can benefit from the magic marriage when it happens. That army might not be such a useless investment after all.

Freya doesn’t get a lot of play this episode, but she makes what little time she gets in her chat with Vincent count. She tells him that the reason she’s still alive is because of a spell Dahlia placed on her and herself, that forces them each to sleep for one hundred years, then wake for one year, before repeating the cycle. So they’re not immmortal. Just extremely protracted.

She’s also on the run from Dahlia, whom she wronged (she doesn’t say how). One would assume that the reason she helps Vincent on his mission of baby murder is to prevent Dahlia getting her hands on Hope.

My money, however, is on Freya being a double agent working for Dahlia. During her sit-down with Vincent, she surreptitiously handles her gem necklace, which I suspect is some form of communication device. That, or “Freya” is actually Dahlia herself. We know how much The Originals loves to play the body switching game.

The Elijah Hotness Parade is back, bitches. Camille tasks Elijah with a list of chores to fix up the house, as a way to keep his mind active and not thinking about his PTSD. One of these chores is to repair a fence with a hammer and nails. Still in his dress shirt and pants, though. My libido wasn’t ready for that.

Both Hayley and Klaus, upon realising they can’t get to Hope to protect her, are unwavering in their belief that Elijah will protect the crap out of her. Because it’s bloody Elijah, goddammit.

Elijah gets best line of the episode when Vincent claims that their “sister” helped him locate him and Hope: “Rebekah would never lower herself to wallow in your filth.” All this mutual love and respect is so sweet.

Hope hurts herself accidentally, and gets a tiny cut on her forehead. Later, Camille notices that it has healed. She assumes Elijah slipped her some vampire blood, but I’m thinking this is an innate ability of Hope’s. Along with that little magic show she apparently puts on to keep Camille’s car back from the exploding house.

Elijah takes a page from the Elena Book of Gambits and fills the house with gas before removing his daylight ring and using his flaming hand to ignite it, blowing Vincent up. Who knew present-day Elena could be so helpful?

Klaus and Kaleb’s tiff comes about from Klaus peeking into Kaleb’s memories to find the exact wording for the body-sealing spell Vincent did on him (Klaus wants to use it against Vincent so they can kill Finn once and for all). Kaleb is too slow to protest, and Klaus instead gets a face full of Kaleb’s plans with the anti-Klaus dagger. I lol’d.

Kaleb apologises to Rebekah for his body jump prank, and she forgives him. Now, could you stay in line this time, Kol?

Elijah goes into another of his trances during his showdown with Vincent, but manages to overcome it. This bodes well.

Vincent’s channel-severing means that Mikael will wake up. And it should also mean that Esther will jump into a new body, because channelling of non-immortal vampires has traditionally meant death.

I’m looking forward to Finn’s new body host. Will they be black, British and fabulous like Rebekah?

Oh, and even temporary death to Finn is still welcome at this point. Stop with the baby murdering, dude.

The Originals The Devil Is Damned Vincent death explosion

I’m pretty sure baby murder isn’t much of an alternative.

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10 responses to “The Originals Season 2 Episode 13 – TV Review”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Wait, so did Hope or Freya stop the car?

    Also, I feel like Kol might actually die (again) soon because of all the mending of his family relationships.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      I’m still banking on Freya. Elijah recovers way, way too quickly from that staking, so someone must have been around to make that happen.

      I wouldn’t have thought Hope was involved at all if it wasn’t for Camille’s little look at her at the end.

      • Anonymous says :

        Same here. I was thinking Freya until the episode ended with Hope.

      • Anonymous says :

        “Lastly, Cami makes a startling revelation involving baby Hope.”
        This was in the official summary for the episode.

        • Anonymous says :

          *the next episode.

        • ijusthateeverything says :

          I was hoping it would end up being Freya so they could excuse Elijah’s too-quick recovery from the staking. If Freya wasn’t lurking to make that happen, then it just means that the TVD-verse has arbitrarily changed the rules on how long it takes an Original to recover from a staking, which would be disappointing.

          I am an optimist.

  2. Anonymous says :

    Was actually really torn about the Finn death as he and Freya are the only things I like about this season, so definitely hoping he’ll just kill everyone lol Even poor Elijah, and he used to be a favorite. Caught the part about his fast recovery as well though. Seems like we’re in dire need of more Freya time to explain that. Loving the in-depth reviews though. Thank you for taking the time to write them!

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