Glee Season 6 Episode 6 – TV Review

Glee What The World Needs Now Santana's abuela Ivonne Coll

“Or even my guest spot on Teen Wolf.”

I’d apologise for the late review, but I’d hate to presume that anyone, anywhere, genuinely cares about Glee.

I’m a rude idiot, but I’m not a moron.

TL;DR Santana and Brittany fail to convince Santana’s homophobic abuela to accept homosexuality; Rachel gets back in the Broadway audition saddle; Rachel and Sam agree to try dating (with Mercedes’ blessing); Artie hangs around for no reason.

At least he gets a fantasy sequence where he can dance. I liked the first one of those quite a bit, actually.

So, remember how Brittany and Santana got engaged before all that hypnotism/Saw shit? Glee finally did, and this episode sees Brittany doing her darndest to convince Santana’s abuela, who cruelly disowned her when she came out, to come around to the idea of attending their wedding. Brittany does a good job of befriending Abuela under false pretenses, but once the “I’m fucking/marrying your granddaughter” bomb gets dropped, Abuela still turns tail and runs. What a surprise. Meanwhile, Mercedes is in town, and convinces Rachel to both date Sam and attend a Broadway audition (apparently Sidney didn’t do what he promised to destroy Rachel’s chances to ever work on Broadway again. Goddammit). And all the songs are Burt Bacharach songs this week, making it the second episode in a row to avoid churning out current chart trash.

Glee finally doing something right? It’s a bit late in the game to start with that now, isn’t it?

Much like last week’s episode, this one is thankfully inoffensive for the most part. Brittany’s befriending of Abuela was stupid as fuck. But Brittany is stupid as fuck, so that’s to be expected.

And Rachel’s back to her wishy-washy ways. But again, that’s to be expected.

Wouldn’t have minded Sidney sliding in and chucking an IED into Rachel’s audition, though.

There could still be time for that.


Why I hate this episode:

So Kitty was right: Rachel is going to fucking leave McKinley at the first chance of a real job again. Rachel tries to justify her jaunt to New York by realising that life in McKinley was only temporary anyway, “it’s just what I needed,” blah blah blah. But bitch, Kitty was right. You are not committed to becoming the next Will Schuester. You’re a sober, unfun April Rhodes.

Brittany is kind of an enormous, didactic cunt about the homosexuality issue. Which reflects Glee quite nicely. She goes to impressive lengths to play nice with Abuela and try to change her mind, but when Abuela refuses and holds fast to her own opinion, Brittany wishes swift, callous death upon her and proclaims victory for her agenda because all the old bigots will join her in being dead soon enough. Respecting somebody else’s opinion or religious faith doesn’t matter to Glee, I see. But again, that’s to be expected.

Brittany butchers the crap out of Wishin’ and Hopin’. And it should be noted that my reference level for this song is Stephanie McIntosh’s version. So, you know. Ouch.

There was about a second where I saw Female Twin in the background of a scene, and I thought it was Marley. Don’t scare me like that.

Blaine shows up in the chorus of a couple of songs (most egregiously, Santana’s performace of Alfie for Abuela) without any context. So he just rolls around McKinley waiting for these things? He has a job, right?

After the rude response from Abuela, Will plays the “our friends are our family” card to make Santana feel better. Glee’s originality rating keeps on sliding. And Spaced already did that much, much better.

Brittany continues to rack up the “worst subplots ever” points by finding out from her parents that her real father is Stephen Hawking, which is why she’s so super smart. Worse, Ken Jeong and Jennifer Coolidge are absolutely wasted in their single scene as Brittany’s parents. Jennifer doesn’t even get a song.

Sam pines for Mercedes. Why?

Is Santana really okay with Brittany wishing death upon her grandmother. What the fuck, bitch?

When talking to Mercedes about her career downfall, Rachel describes it as “it all fell apart.” Cunt, no. It didn’t just fall apart. You tore it apart with ten million sledge hammers. Repeatedly. First you quit NYADA to be on Broadway. Then you quit Broadway to be on TV. Then you made the worst TV show ever. You did this. It didn’t just “fall apart.” You purposely ruined your life. Repeatedly.

EDIT: An eagle-eared commenter has pointed out that Abuela’s first name is actually Alma, not Alba. I was so ready to play my “homogenous racism” card that I heard what I wanted to hear. Shouldn’t I know by now that Glee can be plenty awful on its own without me having to make things up? My apologies. Oh, and I found it strange that Abuela’s name was also Alba (like in Jane the Virgin), and she was also a huge fan of telenovelas (which is how Brittany bonds with her after invading her home). I know the televnovelas thing isn’t anything new, but the same name? Which show is stealing from which?


But it’s not all bad:

Ivonne Coll is still a star, baby. Even when saddled with a one-dimensional, stereotypical “old, religious Latina” role. It’s nowhere near as fun as the one she also plays in Jane the Virgin. But Glee is nowhere near as fun as Jane the Virgin (Jane the Virgin is quite good, you know).

And I appreciate the fact that she held to her beliefs instead of being won over by some glee club dazzle. Surprisingly, real world people aren’t going to change their lifelong opinions on lesbianism because of their granddaughter singing a song about a man. Brittany and Santana didn’t really think that one through, did they?

Rach might get some of that Sam dick in the near future. He (his body, at least) is prime real estate.

Artie’s dancing in Brittany’s fantasy sequence was nice.

Mercedes leads Brittany, Santana, and Rachel in a rendition of Baby, It’s You by the Shirelles. The song is nothing spectacular, but they all wear 60s-inspired, pink, sequined dresses. They were pretty.

Rachel asks Mercedes to watch over the glee club while she goes to New York for her audition, because she doesn’t trust Kurt to be in charge of them. Fucking lol.

During the dinner scene at Will’s house at the end, we only see shots of Emma from the back. Has Jayma Mays finally broken free of Glee?

Mercedes mentions that her song Shakin’ My Head only made it to number 89 on the iTunes charts (although, she says it like it’s her claim to fame). I’m glad to see she tanked her career with all her capricious garbage she put her record company through last season.

Oh, and the highlight of the episode for me is the snide aside Kitty makes to Spencer (Gay Footballer) during the glee club meeting at the beginning of the episode. The aside itself isn’t very cutting, but I’ve been jonesing for a blonde bitch/bitchy gay tag team union. Kurt and Quinn were always a disappointment, but maybe Spencer and Kitty could be my saviours. And bonus points, because they’re both blonde.

Glee What The World Needs Now Kitty Spencer

Brunettes best beware.

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8 responses to “Glee Season 6 Episode 6 – TV Review”

  1. Amanda says :

    I actually thought Rachel describing her career as having “fallen apart” was about right. I mean, WRONG for all the reasons you say, but right in that she’s terrible and that’s how she really would frame it. I hate Glee’s treatment of her less when she’s just being straight-up awful than when the writers try to evoke our sympathy for her (I have none) with hints that she’s learned from her mistakes and grown, which, no, she hasn’t.

    By the way, I thought Santana’s grandmother’s name was Alma, not Alba. Of course I could be wrong because I was very stoned when I watched, which I find the best way to get through the season 6 insanity.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      Some quick Googling suggests it is indeed “Alma.” I was just so willing to think of her as her much-better Jane the Virgin character. Thank you for correcting me.

      And I’ll take the advice about the intoxication on board. I believe it would help.

  2. Anonymous says :

    I had no idea Artie danced or maybe I skipped it.

  3. Lydia says :

    All of Glee’s attempts to make us feel pity for Rachel are falling on deaf ears. You can’t make a character throw away every single blessing they’re given, and expect us to feel sorry. She’s without a doubt the biggest Mary-Sue on Glee. (Kurt’s the Gary-Stu.)

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