The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 13 – TV Review

TVD The Day I Tried To Live Caroline Stefan ship

Sadly, the attempt is not successful.

No, Bonnie is still hanging on.

But you’ve gotta give the little bitch points for effort.

At least she wants to kill herself. It’s a step in the right direction.

TL;DR Jeremy (with Kai’s help) prevents a despondent Bonnie from topping herself; Kai has discovered the horrors of empathy after his merge with Luke; Liv unsuccessfully tries to murder Kai; Elena and Damon are super back together; Enzo begins his scheming against Sarah; Caroline and Stefan spend the episode almost-kissing.

Grief is Mystic Falls’ favourite aphrodisiac.

So the plot this week revolves around Bonnie’s newfound suicide quest. Kai comes visiting Elena and Damon because, with the empathy he’s absorbed from Luke, he feels bad about murdering most of his family, and he wants them to deliver an apology letter to Jo. Elena and Damon see an opportunity for Kai to help rescue Bonnie, so they bargain his help to send her a message (he can’t go and get Bonnie properly because the Ascendant is too damaged). Jeremy isn’t a fan of the plan, but he gets more on board when they see that Bonnie has resolved to off herself. The race is then on for them to find a way to convince her not to. Bonnie eventually finds the inner strength herself, with some timely-but-largely-arbitrary intervention from Jeremy. Who cares, right? Liv doesn’t help proceedings when she interrupts the plans by trying to murder Kai. She fails, though, and Tyler dumps her because she’s reckless and has a death wish. Aww. Meanwhile, Caroline makes it her mission to go dig up a teddy bear she stole from Bonnie when they were little. She’s only using it as a distraction from her grief, and Stefan helps her accept it. They don’t kiss. Meanwhile, Enzo forces Matt to spy on Sarah. Enzo concludes that Sarah is a good girl, and decides the best way to hurt Stefan is to slowly corrupt her, with the eventual goal of turning her into a vampire.

So, basically, Elena 2.0. Good God, no.

Well, what can I say? An episode mostly devoted to saving Bonnie from dying isn’t going to win any points with me.

And could Liv have any worse timing? Like, fuck, bitch. At least call ahead and see why Kai is hanging out with the Mystic Falls gang before skewering people with fire pokers.

On the other hand, her rampage almost cost Bonnie’s life. So good effort, I suppose.


Why I hate this episode:

Kai is still queentacular, but his emotions and empathy are worrying. He is unable to finish Liv off after fighting back against her because the Luke inside wouldn’t allow him. I don’t have time for a homicidal life-ruiner who can’t close the deal. Katherine Pierce would not approve.

The multiple trips our heroes make into ghost world this episode feel so blasé. They fret and worry about how dangerous it is because the Ascendant is gimpy and Kai might not be strong enough to hold the spell. But on the, again, multiple occasions the spell fails, our characters are ejected back into the real world without consequence. Even a fire poker through Kai mid-spell apparently ain’t no thang to holding the integrity of their return. What were they so worried about, then?

Bonnie’s suicide is only prevented by Jeremy randomly regaining the power to manipulate physical objects in ghost world for no reason other than “the plot needs me to.” Boo.

Bonnie’s choice of suicide method is carbon monoxide poisoning. Pfft. I’d expect something more theatrical for a TVD character.

Elena’s subplot this episode involves her obsessing over a throwaway remark from Kai about how she is able to overlook Damon’s atrocities, but her old (ie: season 1 and 2) self wouldn’t have been so generous. She has an episode-long whinge to Damon about how it’s true (because it is), but then concludes with a “whatever whatever, I do what I want” and decides not to feel bad about being an enabling, bad bitch. I’d be disappointed in her if I was at all surprised.

Caroline and Stefan get oddly excised from the action at the Salvatore house because they’re too busy searching the woods for a stupid-ass stuffed animal. And they don’t even kiss, which is, like, so not cute.

Enzo’s plans for Sarah seem unnecessarily time-consuming. I know Enzo is Stefan’s number one anti-fan, but is this really all he has to do in the world? If he really cared about stamping out Stefan’s happiness, he’d haul his butt back to Mystic Falls and go put the moves on Caroline.

Elena advises Jeremy to apply for art school and leave all this supernatural drama behind. Yeah, because we’re about to see how well that’s working out for Sarah. And is she forgetting the time she had Jeremy leave Mystic Falls to attend school elsewhere, and Kol found and almost killed him?

Oh, and Kai confirms our worst fears: he isn’t gay. He mentions that he would have been fine with the whole gay thing being absorbed from Luke while lamenting the fact that all he got was Luke’s empathy. Which means he wasn’t gay before, and he isn’t even gay now. The Originals wins again.


But it’s not all bad:

But hey, he said he would have been cool with it. That’s nice of him. And now I can finally stop my crusade about Kai’s sexuality. All I wanted was an answer, TVD. And now I’ve got it.

Despite his empathy and mercy, there are some things about Kai that haven’t changed. He picks up best line of the episode when he witnesses Damon and Elena being lovey dovey and has a welcome realisation: “Oh, thank God. You two together? Still totally revolting to me.” I’m as relieved as he is.

Liv doesn’t go about her attack on Kai half-arsed. Firstly, she rebels against Tyler, who suggests they run away from his impending genocide of the Gemini coven. Then she impales Kai with a fire poker, has a cutlery throwing match against him (with Kai getting surprise help from Jeremy), sequesters Elena and Damon with a spell, and ends up getting blown up by an exploding bourbon bottle (thanks, Damon). And to top it all off, she even had a Plan B ready: let Kai kill her, because without Luke, she doesn’t want to live. And after all that, she still fails. You’ve got to hand it to her, though.

The characters quickly describe their abilities in the ghost world using Ghost as a reference. Excellent shorthand.

During his time in ghost world, Damon had marked out Silas’ gravesite on an atlas as an idea for a powerful source of magic (because the gravestone is made from Qetsiyah’s blood). He and Jeremy manage to leave it out for Bonnie to find, and now she’s off to get it so she can break free. What a great use of a callback. Honestly, bravo.

The mock party everyone had been setting up for Bonnie’s birthday is ruined. I lol’d.

Sarah has lovely hair.

Enzo gets second best line of the episode after Matt bungles his forced mission of flirting with Sarah: “You truly have an epic lack of game.” Mmm hmm.

Speaking of callbacks, Enzo mentions that he’s been stalking Matt’s mum, and he’ll hurt her if Matt fucks up the plans with Sarah. I don’t know why Enzo doesn’t just full-blown compel Matt at every turn, but I appreciate the reference.

Tyler dumps the fuck out of Liv. It’s what she deserves.

Caroline and Stefan’s subplot isn’t a complete wank, as the almost-kissing is incredibly potent. The hug they share once Caroline accepts her grief is aching enough to appease me for now.

Oh, and Damon saves Kai from his injuires with a bit of vampire blood. Emotionally weakened he may be, but Kai’s still the closest thing to Katherine we’ve got right now.

TVD The Day I Tried To Live Liv fork neck

I really do dread his defeat.

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  1. Dave says :

    The brutality of the fight scene between Liv, Kai, and Jeremy surprised me. Liv got stabbed like 3 times?

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