The Originals Season 2 Episode 12 – TV Review

The Originals Sanctuary Klaus attacks Jackson

Are there seriously any Jackson fans out there? I can’t imagine there are.

Sadly, Elijah only gets one, token scene this episode. So The Elijah Hotness Parade has come to a stop.

Thank goodness for Freya.

TL;DR Freya helps Rebekah escape the witch asylum; Klaus tries to kill Jackson because he doesn’t trust him, but Hayley brings him around; Vincent captures Marcel and figures out Klaus’ child must have survived; Kol becomes permanently and mortally sealed within Kaleb.

And until we find out the name of Rebekah’s current body, I’m tempted to call her Re-black-ah. But that takes way too much effort to type.

The major plot centres on Klaus’ pursuit to stop Hayley spilling the beans to Jackson about how Hope is still alive. After reasoning with her fails, Klaus opts to just eliminate Jackson, instead. He almost does, but Jackson and Hayley eventually manage to convince Klaus that the wedding should go ahead, giving them access to a werewolf ally army that would be able to protect Hope. Meanwhile, Vincent interrogates Marcel in the hope of finding out what Klaus treasures most. Kaleb, Davina, and Aiden simultaneously stage a distract-and-rescue mission to get Josh and the vampires free. Kaleb ends up on the receiving end of a Vincent spell to trap him in his current body, with the promise that Vincent will for-real kill him sometime soon. Davina and Aiden only manage to save Josh before Vincent figures out their plan, and they’re forced to abandon the rest of the vampires. Despite Marcel’s lack of info, Vincent deduces that Elijah’s abstinence from trying to rescue Rebekah (Kaleb tells him about the trick he pulled on her) means he’s protecting something more important (ie: Hope). Meanwhile, Rebekah schemes with Cassie to escape the asylum, while also becoming friends with a new patient. The new patient turns out to be Freya, and Cassie turns out to be a Kindred spy who was plotting against Rebekah all along. Freya uses her super witch powers to put the Kindred down and bust our Thelma and Louise duo the fuck outta there. Freya seems to like Rebekah, but she promises she won’t be as friendly when she comes visiting her brothers soon.

At first I was like “Yeah, this bitch is fierce.” But then I was like “She’s probably been brainwashed by Dahlia, so ew.”

The downside to this episode is Klaus wasting a lot of time on something we already knew (he doesn’t trust Jackson/anyone).

The upside is that Klaus is most appealing when in Papa Wolf mode, and he’s in Papa Wolf mode essentially the entire episode.

Which almost makes up the sex appeal that Elijah and Camille’s absences have drained from the episode.


Why I hate this episode:

Nobody in Klaus’ subplot really learns anything by the end of the episode, either. Klaus still doesn’t trust Jackson, as he claims he might just kill him after the magical wedding has empowered all the werewolves; Hayley shouldn’t be at all surprised that Klaus is a paranoid maniac; and Jackson is so thinly drawn that he’s basically not even a character, anyway. So who cares?

Jackson’s big, devastating secret turns out to not even be close to Hayley’s secret about Hope. It just turns out to be that Jackson’s grandfather is the one who killed Hayley’s parents. Dude, that’s not even your secret, really. And it’s not like he’s been concealing it from Hayley all this time, because he only found out about it recently. For what it’s worth, his grandfather was a warmongering d-bag who killed Hayley’s parents because they wanted to work toward peace with the vampires.

Klaus then uses the fact that Jackson’s grandfather was a warmonger to barrage Jackson with accusations of similar intentions regarding the werewolf empowerment plan. Oh, Klaus. Can’t you tell that Jackson is far too pathetic to have dreams of that scope? All he wants is to be cuckolded by a woman way out of his league, who is really in love with Elijah, who is also leagues ahead of Jackson.

Cassie’s betrayal was disappointing. I always kind of liked her. She was a far better Harvest girl than Cunt Queen Monique, who I will never forgive for murdering Sophie.

Why did Vincent bother sealing Kol in Kaleb only to let him go and promise to kill him later. Kill him now, dipshit.

I find Kaleb’s sudden willingness to put himself in danger a bit hard to swallow. Kol’s singlemost defining trait is his selfishness.

Oh, and while Elijah gets a token scene on the phone to Klaus, Camille doesn’t appear at all. Detestable.


But it’s not all bad:

Rebekah and Freya do a decent job of filling the girl power void left by Camille, though. Rebekah goes out of her way to be nice to Freya, before she even knows who she is. This impresses Freya enough to save Rebekah from Cassie’s Kindred betrayal, and Freya even praises Rebekah (particularly in comparison to her vicious brothers) once they’re out of the asylum. Sisterhood!

There are a few little mysteries about Freya that pop up this episode. Firstly, she seems to have some important gemstone pendant thing. The Kindred confiscate it from her early in the episode, and she makes a point of retrieving it after defeating them. She also mentions to Rebekah that she’s been asleep for a hundred years prior to the present. I wonder what she was doing for the other nine hundred-ish years, then?

Hayley makes a fair point to Klaus about how his endless trail of enemies is the real danger to Hope. She’s got you there.

Though, I do agree with Klaus that Hayley’s plan to trust not only Jackson, but every werewolf they know, with Hope’s life is a tad naive.

Klaus beats the crap out of Jackson in his supposed effort to execute him. It appears that Klaus was simply trying to gauge just how altruistic Jackson is. And Jackson seems to make a good impression, because when he thinks he’s saying his last words, he only asks Klaus to continue helping Hayley to set the werewovles free. Klaus is apparently satisfied by this.

Well, until he says later that he will likely still murder Jackson sometime in the future. Works for me.

Jackson manages to get a barb of his own in during the scuffle, when he jeers Klaus about his relationship with Ansel. Klaus is totes lime green jelly that Ansel had such an easy bond with Jackson. Daddy issues are Klaus’ biggest bugaboo.

There’s no best line this episode, but I’ll give a best word to Marcel, who calls Vincent a “chump.” Bender would approve.

Aiden and Davina’s rescue of Josh is sho shweet.

Cassie’s betrayal was rude as hell, but Freya fucks her up so satisfyingly.

Oh, and the actress who portrays Freya was also Young Fiona in season 3 of America Horror Story. Bitch is moving up in the world.

The Originals Sanctuary Freya Riley Voelkel

I would love that too much.

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  1. Lydia says :

    Jackson is boring and creating needless drama. He should hook up with Elena at this rate.
    Or die. Dying would be best.

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