Arrow Season 3 Episode 11 – TV Review

Arrow Midnight City China White Kelly Hu wig

She’s flashback, bitches.

Laurel really does look terrible in that wig.

The outfit’s quite flattering, though.

TL;DR The Super Friends (minus Oliver, plus Black Canary Laurel) reunite to oppose Vinnie’s machinations; they are hit and miss in their success; Malcolm fails to convince Thea to leave Starling City; Oliver is all healed up; flashback Oliver and Japanese guy rescue the wife.

I’m name uprading Japanese guy to Maseo, his wife to Tatsu, and Vinnie to Brick. This is my gift to you.

So just one episode after their dramatic disbanding, the Super Friends are back in business because Brick is a total fucking psycho who enjoys shooting up city leaders’ meetings and abducting aldermen. They’ve reluctantly taken in Laurel to help, despite her lack of fighting prowess. The first rescue attempt of the aldermen ends with Brick executing one and escaping with the remaining two (surprisingly, it’s not Laurel’s fault). Brick then demands the mayor withdraw all police presence from the Glades. Despite a second, successful rescue by the Super Friends of the remaining two aldermen, the mayor capitulates and agrees to the demand to prevent further attacks. Meanwhile, Felicity, with her renewed faith in vigilantism, decides to again help Ray in developing his ATOM suit. Meanwhile, Laurel continues to withhold the truth of Sara’s death from Quentin, going so far as to pose as Sara to him to keep the illusion up. Rough. Meanwhile, Oliver heals at the cabin. The League catches up to them, but they fight off the attackers and Maseo returns to Ra’s to sell the cover story. Meanwhile, Thea insists to Malcolm that they stay in Starling until she can find Oliver, despite imminent danger from the League. Thea’s DJ hookup turns out to be a League member, so Thea’s wrong. As usual. And in flashback, Oliver and Maseo enact their rescue of Tatsu. It turns out that Maseo planned to exchange the Omega component to Kelly Hu for Tatsu all along, which disgusts Oliver. They do rescue Tatsu, but the component was a fake, meaning Amanda knew they would do this, and sent them to steal a fake component in the first place.

So basically, nobody trusts anybody. Except Kelly Hu and her wig department. They’ve got that shit locked down.

As revolving door as it was, I’m so glad the Super Friends got their shit together and got back in business this episode.

I would have also accepted a few episodes of Ray going out into the big bad world and getting his butt kicked in their absence, but I supposed I don’t watch Arrow for the ATOM.



Why I hate this episode:

Tatsu and Maseo are still dancing around this horrible tragedy that broke them up. Given that Maseo is a subservient member of the League of Assassins, and Tatsu apparently hasn’t got anything in her life that would prevent her from hanging out in a mountain shack to heal an almost-dead acquaintance, I’m still gonna bet on their son being dead. So just fucking tell us, already.

Roy is actually the one whose actions result in the alderman getting executed. The rescue attempt is mostly a wash when Laurel’s poor fighting ability doesn’t win her any points with Brick. Brick, interestingly, refuses to bash a woman, so just tosses her aside and prepares to make his getaway. But then Roy swoops in and plants an arrow in Brick’s chest, so Brick retaliates by murdering one of the aldermen. If an arrow didn’t take him down last episode (or a bullet to the head, for that matter), what made you think it would do any good this time?

Laurel’s continuing charade to Quentin to make him think Sara is alive is frustrating. She’s been dead for ten episodes, now. And what’s her endgame here? Just man up and tell him. I’m sure him finding out that you’ve been impersonating your dead sister won’t be traumatic at all.

Thea doesn’t do anything of value this episode. She and Malcolm get some bland scenes where he’s like “Let’s leave town” and she’s like “Nah, tho.” Then we find out DJ Douche is actually a League spy. Somehow I think Thea’s hurried training with Malcolm that is yet to be properly field tested will pale in comparison to actual League assassins, so I’m bracing for Thea’s inevitable kidnapping. Yawn.

Thea goes so far as to proclaim to Malcolm that she’s not afraid of Ra’s. Oh, honey.

Oh, and Laurel’s wig is still a fuckin’ mess.


But it’s not all bad:

Laurel does show some vigilante promise during the second, successful rescue attempt. She saves Roy’s life once. And then when Brick corners her (he’s changed his mind about the hitting women issue), she testicle-punts him to get away. Diggle had the right idea last episode, he just shot the wrong head.

The flashbacks are actually the most fun parts of the episode. Not only because Kelly Hu is back in all her white-maned glory, but because of the endless spy wheelings and dealings. First, theres’s Maseo’s disappointment to Oliver that he planned to exchange the Omega component to Kelly all along. Maseo tries to reason with Oliver later that he considered it likely Amanda had sent them after a fake component all along, and that there wasn’t any danger. But Oliver is still disgusted that Maseo would gamble the possibility of Kelly getting her hands on a WMD. I’d have to agree.

And then, of course, is, as Maseo predicted, Amanda’s original set-up of the two to have them steal a fake serum. I thought it was unlike Amanda to have Oliver operate his idea for the Tatsu rescue mission under her nose. It turns out I was right. Amanda is all over these bitches.

Maseo helps fight off the present-day League assassins that try to kill Oliver at the hut of healing. He slices part of his own neck open and intends to lie to Ra’s that Oliver killed the goons and injured him while he escaped their clutches. We later see Maseo alive at League headquarters, so Ra’s must have bought it.

Maseo is the one who answers DJ Douche’s call about locating Thea, by the way. He says he’ll pass it onto Ra’s, but I think he’ll either a) not; or b) do it, but tip off Oliver, at least.

For what it’s worth, Tatsu says she still wants to be with Maseo, but that whatever horrible thing happened was so horrible that Maseo is forever lost to the League. Aww.

During Brick’s attack on the city leaders’ meeting, Laurel breaks off one of her stiletto heels so she can stab and subdue a goon, who she later threatens into revealing Brick’s location. Cool.

Felicity has realised the true goal of vigilantism should be to protect those who can’t protect themselves, not to chase vengeance or whatever. She passes this insight onto Ray, who seems to agree. How altruistic.

Ray gets best line of the episode during the parley between the mayor and Brick (which Ray and Quentin also attend):
Brick: “But you can’t fix this with money, Palmer.”
Ray: “I don’t know. I’ve got a lot of money.”
Justin Bieber would be impressed with that level of arrogance.

Oh, and Laurel should really consider dropping that wig. She fills that Black Canary costume just fine without it.

Arrow Midnight City Laurel outfit

Well enough to trick you, yourself, Laurel.

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  1. Lydia says :

    I’m just happy the writers are finally having Laurel do something interesting. And it isn’t a fail, like Thea. Who, yeah, is probably going to get kidnapped and it’s probably going to be very annoying.

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