The Originals Season 2 Episode 11 – TV Review

The Originals Brotherhood of the Damned Klaus Elijah

Tyra would approve.

The Originals also interrupts its narrative of brotherly feuding to give you bizarre, unnecessary flashbacks to Marcel’s vampiric romp through the frontlines of the first World War.

And way too many Gia scenes.

TL;DR The vampires end up okay after their sequestering; Vincent tries to turn Klaus and Elijah against each other, but fails; Hayley and Jackson begin their wedding rituals; there is no Rebekah this episode.

How dare they tease us with a witch insane asylum and then not deliver.

The plot picks up right after last episode, with Marcel, Kaleb, and the vampires still trapped inside Klaus’ compound. Another random New Orleans festival is going on, and it’s Vincent’s plan to unleash the starving vampires right into the middle of it, triggering a feeding frenzy, thus violating any deals and secrecy the vampires had and forcing them (and, presumably, the werewolves and witches) to be ejected from New Orleans. To facilitate this, Vincent also does some voodoo knockout spell on Klaus, Elijah, and Kaleb, and bitches at them for a while to keep them busy. Kaleb gets kicked out because he is just kind of a douche, but Elijah and Klaus end up defeating Vincent’s mindgame through their brotherly bond. Meanwhile, Marcel, suffering from a werewolf bite, hallucinates about a regiment of soldiers he sired when he fought in World War I. Meanwhile, Hayley and Jackson get started on their magical wedding rituals, with the aid of Jackson’s grandma. The first ritual is that of divulgement, which Hayley baulks at (because it would mean revealing Hope is alive). The episode ends with Klaus hot on the trail of the werewolves in pursuit of preserving his secret, and Vincent kidnapping Marcel and the vampires after they arrive home safely.

All that self-control for nothing.

The brotherly bond stuff between Klaus and Elijah is expectedly heartwarming, but it’s kind of par for the course for The Originals.

Combine that with the stupid little WWI flashbacks Marcel has, and the strangeness of watching Hayley and Jackson lark around with wedding plans while New Orleans’ supernatural community dangles in peril, and it’s not a banner episode this week.


Why I hate this episode:

I’ll throw some demerit points Davina’s way on that front, too. She just sits around and waits for Klaus to wake up. She’d already done the locator spell, and although she hadn’t found Vincent’s exact location, she had enough clues to go and try to find him. But no, she’s too busy pouting over Klaus and slapping him while he’s out. Get a move on, Davina. Gosh.

I understand the ritual of divulgement is a big one when Hayley’s got Hope’s safety on the line, but I thought it was so tragic that, after being keen enough to get cracking, Hayley immediately pulls out at the first hurdle.

And then she ends up agreeing after Jackson gives her some spiel about how he has secrets, too. Fuck, Hayley. I’m pretty sure your baby’s life is more important than Jackson’s. Or some ragtag bunch of werewolves you barely know. At least consult with the rest of Hope’s family first.

I’m still not sold on Gia. She’s like the Josh of season 2.

After all the worrying over the vampires’ bloodlust (and the fact that Vincent had banked his entire plan on it), the vampires just waltz through the festival and make it back to base without incident. Even Marcel’s collapse on the way there doesn’t disrupt them. What a terrible, terrible plan, Vincent.

Gia is insubordinate to Marcel because she thinks he’s being sneaky by hiding his werewolf bite from the rest of the vampires. Shut the fuck up. Nobody cares what you think. I’m disappointed Josh didn’t get in there and bitch slap her uppity ass.

Marcel’s army flashbacks are just weird. He had a falling out with Klaus because he insisted on going off to fight in WWI. Marcel’s zeal for joining the army, as well as Klaus’ vehement opposition to it, aren’t really explained. There’s some cut/paste dialogue about the importance of family, but it’s not like Marcel, as a vampire, is in any actual danger. What’s the issue?

Then one of his army buddies realises he’s a vampire or some shit. And later, after a gas attack, Marcel sires the whole regiment (terminology?) so they can survive. What happens when the sun comes up, honey? Also, I’m pretty sure someone will notice a crew of vampire soldiers. Good luck keeping that quiet.

Rebekah’s absence does not make my heart grow fonder. It makes my heart grow impatient.

Oh, and Vincent’s voodoo knockout spell puts the four brothers inside a “hunt room,” which is some witchy prison thing. Each person inside the room is represented by an animal head trophy. Kaleb is the wily fox; Klaus is the big bad wolf; Elijah is the noble stag; and Vincent chooses to represent himself as the boar. Klaus makes the joke (twice) that Vincent is a “bore,” which is why it’s accurate. But Vincent doesn’t say anything to justify his own choice for himself.


But it’s not all bad:

Elijah’s plan to defeat the hunt room is pretty clever, and achingly self-sacrificial. A rule of the hunt room requires all the representations to be accurate. If they’re not, then the room will collapse and the spell will be broken. Elijah decides to shatter his facade of nobility by admitting to Klaus (and Vincent. Kaleb has already been booted out by this point) that he murdered Tatia, not Esther.

Klaus, in turn, defies his representation as the big bad wolf and promptly, and sincerely, forgives Elijah. Vincent’s frustration at their victory, and at their bond, is delicious.

For what it’s worth, Vincent isn’t all hot air this episode. He does accurately narrow down Klaus’ list of most important things in his search for his one true weakness. He hasn’t figured out what it is yet, but he’s determined that it isn’t Elijah, Rebekah, New Orleans, Ansel (lol), or the vampires. That leaves only one thing, obviously: Camille. Duh.

Nah, I know it’s Hope. Which is why Klaus goes rage mode when Aiden tells him Hayley and Jackson are getting up on that divulgement ritual. As he should. Hayley should have waited.

Speaking of Camille, though, she does get a little bit of a session in with Elijah before the voodoo strikes. He admits to her that he compartmentalises all the bad things he’s done in a corner inside his brain, and he also tells her that he’s the one who killed Tatia. Once Elijah’s knocked out, Camille holds down the fort with baby Hope. She can’t do much because they’re out in the middle of nowhere and she’s also a puny human, but anyone who guards Elijah while he’s vulnerable is a hero to me.

Gia’s one positive contribution to the episode is picking up Marcel after he collapses and getting his stash of Klaus blood into him to cure the werewolf bite (which he had suffered in a scuffle last episode). With Camille and Klaus basically official, I suppose Marcel needs someone to be his love interest.

Kaleb takes a positive step towards redemption when, after being booted from the hunt room, he chooses to fill Marcel in on Vincent’s feeding frenzy plan. Now if only you hadn’t fucked over Rebekah for a century-old, minor indiscretion, baby. Then you wouldn’t need to redeem yourself in the first place.

Vincent intends to extract Klaus’ secret most treasured thing from Marcel, which is why he abducts the vampires. If Davina can use magic to break compulsion, then surely Vincent can. Uh oh.

Oh, and The Originals is seriously just turning into The Elijah Hotness Parade. And I haven’t got a single problem with that.

The Originals Brotherhood of the Damned Elijah hunt room

I don’t even need pornography anymore.

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