Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 3 – TV Review

Eye Candy HBTU Lindy drugged

Or, for us real acoholics, “weekday morning” face.

Well well, things are starting to pick up.

The cops are on the right trail. And Gay Friend even gets his own subplot.

Eye Candy’s growing up.

TL;DR Lindy and the police manage to figure out Mr Stalker’s motive and victim list (but not his identity yet, obv); Horny Guy dies; Aussie Guy is cleared of suspicion; Gay Friend blogs about the killings using confidential information; Sarah becomes linked to Mr Stalker.

I’m taking bets for “Sarah is Mr Stalker.” Wouldn’t that be fab?

So we’re picking up right after last episode, with Lindy and Tommy investigating Horny Guy’s abduction. They find evidence belonging to another victim (the girl from the first episode), which leads them on a clue hunt. Lindy figures out that the guy is killing people and then excising their imperfections (like burning a girl’s face off because her skin was bad, etc). They also discover that he has a string of victims, and they all link back to Flirtual. Later, Black Friend throws Lindy a surprise birthday party, and Mr Stalker manages to drug and kidnap her. She wakes to witness him murdering Horny Guy (Aussie Guy was accounted for at the time, so we now know he isn’t Mr Stalker), and leaving her a gift: a bracelet that Sarah had lost prior to her disappearance that had caused a rift between her and Lindy. Intrigue. Meanwhile, Gay Friend works for a Buzzfeed-esque blog site, and his overbearing boss pressures him to write more clickbaity content. So he uses those investigation photos he snuck last episode, and private conversations from Black Friend, to write about the murder. Neither Lindy, nor Black Friend, are impressed.

But the lord of Not-Buzzfeed is appeased.

I must say, I’m kind of excited that it only took three episodes for the gang to make the solid connection to Mr Stalker’s previous murders and MO. I might be able to cross “pacing” off my list of likely issues with this series.

Still, good job of everyone to allow Lindy to be drugged and abducted from her own birthday party.


Why I hate this episode:

Well, I guess Tommy had already left by that point. But considering a for-real serial killer is after her, you’d think Black Friend and Fat Coworker would have kept a better eye out. Sheesh.

Gay Friend’s job is weird. He goes from “writing” a Buzzfeed-type article about seven cat vines that will blow your mind, to authoring a serious piece about serial killings. I wonder what exactly his job title is?

Lindy is pretty pissed off about him putting the article out there, and beats him up in an effort to convince him to remove it. His boss then steps in and is like “TFB, bitch.” You’d think the logical course of action would be for Lindy to use her 1337 haxing skillz to go onto Not-Buzzfeed and remove it herself. Which is exactly what Fat Coworker suggests, but Lindy is then like “Meh. It’s already out there.” Make up your mind.

Mr Stalker’s monologue early in the episode mentions that he is yet to meet Lindy, so we already know that Aussie Guy isn’t the one, even before the confirmation later on. Way to spoil the tension, Eye Candy.

Mr Stalker sends Lindy a collage of hers and Sarah’s faces on top of several edited crime scene photos, posed to resemble a family picture of them. Tommy uses some computer magic to quickly determine where they’re from. But that computer (and Tommy’s own eyes) isn’t magic enough to figure out that the background is just an image of television static. It takes Fat Coworker to point that one out.

Oh, Lindy readresses the fact that Aussie Guy didn’t explain how he found out where she lived last episode. He waves it off with a “you can find anything online.” Still, way to be fucking creepy, dude.


But it’s not all bad:

Tommy arrests Aussie Guy after Horny Guy’s clothes are found in his apartment building. He’s in custody at the time Lindy witnesses Mr Stalker slashing Horny Guy’s throat. Now our Lindy-Tommy-Aussie Guy love triangle can finally commence. Sorry, Ben.

It’s nice that Eye Candy is starting to dole out some subplots to our minor characters. Gay Friend has his demanding boss; Fat Coworker gets to help Lindy out with some detective work; and Black Friend has a budding, race-appropriate romance with Black Cop. Everything’s as it should be.

Lindy may not have wanted it, but her surprise party is pretty jammin’. How many people can fit into that apartment, anyway?

The connection to Sarah is the most compelling aspect of the investigation. Both in the collage that depicts Sarah and Lindy, and the bracelet. Lindy and the Sergeant both notice that the bracelet, present in the original photo, is missing from the collage. Lindy explains that it was a gift that Lindy gave Sarah after their mum died. Sarah lost it, which led to a huge fight between them.

At the end of the episode, Lindy opens a birthday present Mr Stalker had left for her in Horny Guy’s dying hands, and it’s the bracelet. Which means he’s been stalking Lindy and/or Sarah from even before Sarah’s kidnapping. Ooh.

Aussie Guy realises his phone’s been bugged, and files a police report about it. He doesn’t know it was Lindy, though. Yet.

Black Friend bans Gay Friend from the birthday party because he used private topics of conversation between them in his article. I lol’d.

Oh, and Lindy beats his ass up at a gym class.

Eye Candy HBTU Lindy Gay Friend

I’m sorry. It’s just so easy.

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    That “she is victorious” shot gets me everytime.

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