Revenge Season 4 Episode 14 – TV Review

Revenge Kindred wedding Louise Nolan

Well, wedding reception dramz. But I’ll take it.

If this episode’s resolution is to be believed, we might be thankfully rid of Mother Ellis and Lyman.

One annoying Southern accent is about as much as I can handle at a time.

TL;DR Louise’s mum actually killed Daddy Ellis, and Nolan, Louise, and Emily put that bitch to bed; Jack quits the police force out of guilt over killing Kate; Margaux is already reconsidering her Revenge; Victoria has a new, socialite adversary.

Because now that Emily’s off the table, she’s got to have another rich enemy to rally against. It’s Revenge, baby.

The pertinent plot this episode is the amazingly fabulous wedding reception that Emily agrees to host at Grayson Manor. Mother Ellis is still on a mission to call off the marriage so she can get her buttery, Paula-Deen-after-Jenny-Craig mitts back on Daddy Ellis’ money, and calls in Lyman to show Louise the police report from the night of his death which proves Louise did in fact kill him. Distraught, Louise checks herself into a mental hospital. But Nolan and Emily are on the case, in full Revenge-keteer swing, and discover that Mother Ellis banged a judge into hiding the real police report, which, along with some recovered memories from Louise, proves that Mother Ellis killed her husband and pinned it on her thirteen year-old daughter. Classy. The trio kicks Mother to the curb, along with Lyman. Meanwhile, Jack frets over the pressure of being a hero, and ends up quitting the police force. Meanwhile, Margaux has her black ops handyman dig dirt on Emily, which results in him recording a conversation between her and Jack about how he killed Kate. She is hesitant to use it because it would hurt Jack, who she still cares about. Meanwhile, Victoria faces resistance from her vapid housewife minions when she tries to get them to shell out cash for a Daniel charity foundation thing. Natalie, a new socialite on the scene makes it known that she’s up to play for some power, and now Victoria has a reason to get up and put her face on in the morning.

Well, what’s left of it that hasn’t been replaced by plastic.

It’s a standard Revenge, plot-based affair. I’d say I’m surprised that Mother Ellis was shut down so quickly and so easily, but I don’t want to tempt fate that she’ll be back with some other lame scheme.

I’d tolerate Lyman’s continued presence if he hopped into bed with either Emily or Nolan or something.

Margaux’s single and crazy. Maybe she’d go for it?


Why I hate this episode:

Really, Mother Ellis’ defeat is so blasé it was hardly worthy of the skills of Emily and Nolan. All she did was use the judge she was already having an affair with to cover up a police report. Yeah, the magic malaria pills were a nice touch, but damn did she bet a lot of her plan on Louise simply forgetting what happened on the night Daddy died. To be fair, though, I suppose she couldn’t predict Emily using a random Japanese mind trick to bring the memory back.

Mother Ellis also accepts her defeat quietly and with dignity. Which is bad because a) that makes me worry she’s not done yet. And b) I wanted a titanic meltdown worthy of the extravagant wedding reception. What’s a soap opera wedding without a meltdown? Or a shooting? Or an evil twin revelation? Step it up, Revenge.

Lyman’s involvement is still ambiguous. He claims not to have known about the forged police report, but he seems awkwardly uncompassionate towards Louise when it all comes out. His interest in the entire situation is merely financial: he only wants to be on the good side of the one holding the purse strings. What a douche.

Natalie better turn out to be something feistier than just a sneaky housewife mean girl. My dullness alarms are sounding.

Is Victoria really surprised that nobody would come out to support a charity founded in the name of an ex-wife-beating, attempted murderer?

Margaux’s commitment to her Revenge is utterly disappointing. I thought she was ready to burn the Heavens to the ground if need be, but at the first sign of compromising Jack, she’s already reconsidering. Pathetic. If you’re going to go on a ridiculous rampage, at least put some back into it.

David’s subplot this episode is just him trying to convince Emily to come out to the world as the Real Slim Shady/Amanda Clarke, with Emily eventually deciding that it would upend her friends’ lives too much. Well duh.

Jack’s guilt over killing Kate is such garbage. He discusses with David how Conrad was a multiple life ruiner, and therefore deserved to be killed, but that Kate didn’t hurt anyone or something. Bitch, she literally killed Daniel in front of you, and had previously been trying to brutally murder Emily. She’s a dirty mobster’s daughter who infiltrated a Federal agency. And she essentially tricked you into having sex with you. Shut the fuck up and get the fuck over it.

Oh, and bonus demerit points for him looking disappointed when he witnesses Emily getting her mack on with Hunter at the end of the episode. You’ve had three seasons to get in there, dude. You missed out.


But it’s not all bad:

Emily and Hunter finally get their mack on. So we can put all this dancing-around-the-point bullshit behind us and begin on the Emily-Hunter-Jack love triangle bullshit. It’s Revenge.

Jack does make some positive contributions to the episode, though. In his quest to deny his heroism, he instead shifts all focus onto Hunter for his bravery and cunning, which is nice. He also has a tender moment with Margaux at the wedding reception when he compliments her maternal skills from what he witnessed when she was with Carl. I always found Margaux and Daniel’s relationship gratingly forced, and I wasn’t the keenest on her with Jack, either (because Emily and Jack are destined to be together omg). But at least she makes more sense with Jack than Daniel.

The true star of the episode is the divinely lavish wedding reception, which also somehow manages to gather every single character into attendance. Even Victoria, who has no reason to be there at all (she claims it’s to be there for Louise, but I’m pretty sure she hates Louise, so). And Natalie, who doesn’t know anybody. Touché, Emily’s party planners.

The takedown of Mother Ellis may have been rudimentary, but it was still pleasantly efficient. Nolan did the ground work by digging into the true police report, and then Emily puts on her medical facility inspector disguise to get access to Louise. And Louise herself, not exactly the bastion of menace, puts on a brave enough face when tearing down Mother Ellis with the truth. Maybe Emily and Nolan should consider Louise for application into the Revenge-keteers?

Victoria’s skirmishes with Natalie are similarly uninspired, but they do provide that Queen Victoria smarm that’s been missing of late. Victoria holds all her houswife minions’ secrets over their heads to force them to pay exorbitant donations to the Daniel foundation, and is on top in her budding war with Natalie for now. Fortunately, Natalie and Victoria promise each other further animosity.

The tastiest tidbit of the episode comes to Victoria. She gets a phone call, and a British-sounding voice informs her there’s been a death in the family. Good God, please be Charlotte.

David’s subplot is irrelevant, but sweet enough. Emily’s going public would also prevent any further tabloid articles like the one Margaux runs this episode, where they are presented as lovers. Gross, Margaux.

Emily isn’t super impressed by said article, and bitches at Margaux about it. Margaux threatens to expose Emily, and Emily rightly hits back that she has enough dirt on Pascal’s past to obliterate LeMarchal. Margaux is too haughty to let that stop her, though.

Lyman tries one final gambit to get his campaign funds from Louise after all the truth comes out, but she swiftly fucks him off. Good.

Oh, and Emily’s outfit and styling for the wedding reception are to absolutely fucking die for.

Revenge Kindred Emily Nolan wedding reception

“I don’t care that it’s fake. This is my special day!”

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9 responses to “Revenge Season 4 Episode 14 – TV Review”

  1. Anonymous says :

    what if it’s Patrick who died

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      Why must you crush my dreams?

    • Jessica says :

      I was thinking the same–that it’s Patrick. He’s in Europe painting, right? Though he’s in Italy, I think. Where is Charlotte actually supposed to be, besides rehab? I actually feel a little bad for Victoria with everyone in her family dying, though. She’ll have no one to sometimes-protect pretty soon.

      It seems like Emily going after Hunter is just so she can get the tabloids to back off. He’s just meh to me. Also, I was never crazy about Jack and Margaux, but I actually wouldn’t mind them getting together again. To help with her pregnancy and stuff.

      Sorry, I got chatty.

      • ijusthateeverything says :

        If Patrick was indeed the one who had died, then I guess I would still be happy.

        Charlotte would be the only family member Victoria has left, which is as good a reason as any for Victoria to commit suicide.

  2. ex360 says :

    I was ready to hate this episode (as usual) but I didn’t.

    It seems that the writers finally took everything into consideration and decided to address the illogical things: like, Louise and Margaux at the same party, like Margaux’s need to keep in secret what her father did, like Margaux stating what a lame revenge is to have that photo in her sh-tty tabloid.

    It feels nice when there’s a little bit of logic in this crazy show. I just wish that useless David would have told Victoria she is not redeemed just lying about Daniel because she had Amanda locked up when she was just a little girl and she had her doctor destroying her entire childhood. (By the way, isn’t it great how Amanda remembers her childhood but Louise says she might have forgotten what she did because she was only 14…WTF?)

    The other thing I enjoyed was that these characters that we have invested so much time in were finally talking: Jack to useless David, as an older man who once knew him as a kid and can give him some advice; Emily and not-so-lame Hunter- by watching them talk and making Emily smile (at last) and make fun of his undercover story, I finally saw some sparks and got me somewhat interested in them. Finally, Margaux and Jack – that talk puts her stupid nonsensical revenge in perspective and allowed her to show some humanity towards the father of her child and the man she once lived with.

    And just when I’m feeling happy about this talking and display of human emotions, we got Emily and the knife. Of course!! That was a LOUSY subplot even for me, who does like Louise and expected more of her.

    Although you are not very happy with Natalie. I am. Gina Torres was amazing as Sydney Bristow’s nemesis and she has the poise to play this character. I don’t trust in the writers and I know the show won’t last – but this tone-down version of bitchiness is what made the first season’s Victoria enjoyable for me.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      I’ll allow Natalie some time to settle in. Victoria should just be grateful she has an opponent who isn’t a super spy/martial artist/con artist/revenge seeker like Emily. Socialite v socialite is where Viccy excels.

  3. ex360 says :

    And if Charlotte is dead…that automatically would make this the best episode of this season.

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