The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 11 – TV Review

TVD Woke Up With A Monster Kai

Especially when he’s so refreshingly evil.

The bad news, Kai might be straight. Because he totally flirts with Elena this episode.

The good news is, Nina Dobrev is ridiculously good-looking, so maybe I’ll just give him this one.

The hope isn’t dead yet.

TL;DR Elena is rescued from Kai’s torturous grasp (boo); Elena and Damon have a spark of romance; Liv and Tyler convince Luke to join them in their efforts to escape the twin-merging fate of the Gemini Coven; Stefan visits Actual Sarah; Enzo tags along; Caroline trials vampire blood to cure cancer, and gives some to Liz before finding out that shit don’t work.

No. I can’t take another cool, Mystic Falls mum dying.

So Elena pretends like she’s important, and acts as the major complication of the episode. Kai is experimenting on her so he can control his newly-absorbed magic power (because he’s afraid he’d kill Jo, rather than merge with her). Elena calls Damon for help, and Liv offers to cloak him so he can rescue her. Luke intervenes, so Jo offers to cloak Damon, instead. Jo’s recent magic training doesn’t hold up, but luckily Alaric and Jeremy swoop in as unannounced backup to subdue Kai and save the day. Meanwhile, Liv explains to Luke that she’s certain he’s the stronger twin, and is scared of her impending death if they do the merge ritual. Victory had apparently never crossed Luke’s mind, and he now sees how barbaric the ritual is, and decides to oppose his Gemini kin. Meanwhile, Caroline visits Duke University to see a cancer specialist for a second opinion. The truth is that Liz is fucked, so Caroline tries using some vampire blood on a patient in a similar condition. Initial results are promising, so she rushes home to dose up Liz, too. Then we see cancer guy sputter and vomit and collapse, so oopsy. And Stefan unnecessarily watches over Actual Sarah, which works out great for Enzo, who is a competent stalker. Now Enzo knows the real deal with Sarah.

As long as we can cause some pain to Stefan, I will happily accept her sacrifice.

So it’s actually a pretty great episode this week. Caroline doesn’t simply take Stefan’s word for it about the vampire blood and does something proactive with her time.

And although Elena’s rescue is disappointing (Kai is my number one hero), it was admittedly inevitable.

She gets fucked up a bit, though. So it’s all good.


Why I hate this episode:

Not enough, though. If only Kai had been successful in turning her blood into acid.

My real sticking point for this episode is more of a personal thing, but what the hell is up with Kai flirting so much with Elena? Like, no. Kai has so far been portrayed as mostly non-sexual, but just eccentric enough to head to the gay side. I want my nasty little fancyman back. What kind of Katherine replacement are you if you have a crush on Elena? Yuck.

Also, I know Elena is hot, but Elena doesn’t need another lovesick admirer. Certainly not our wonderfully amoral, homicidal bitch maniac. And has Kai met Elena? Dude, you don’t want it.

Elena and Damon have their moment of  electricity while he’s trying to remove the stake he speared her with when he thought she was Kai. Elena precedes it by hamming it up like there’s a splinter in her heart and she’s mere moments from death. Mmm, that’s real sexy. Yeah. Just like that. Fucking not.

Stefan twat teases Caroline a little bit with a lingering hand-hold and longing stare near the end of the episode. Either go for it, or go home. And I’d expect a little more forwardness from Caroline, to be honest.

Stefan’s completely unnecessary visit to Sarah’s art showing (she’s a photographer. Because why not) is what leads Enzo to finding out about her. Good work, Stefan.

I can’t believe it took Liv literally spelling out that “Hey, you might kill me” to Luke for him to realise that maybe the merging ceremony could be shit after all. Holy fuck, dude. This is your sister. This ceremony is bonkers. Get up to speed, goddammit.

Stefan isn’t glad to run into a shirtless Jeremy in his kitchen first thing in the morning. Speak for your fucking self, Stefan.

I’m still anxious that Kai won’t be a lasting presence on TVD. Yeah, he’s essentially a replacement Katherine. But Katherine’s evil was motivated mostly out of self-preservation and fear of Klaus, so the show’s morality could accept having her around. Because she wasn’t really that bad. Just kinda rude. Kai, conversely, literally murdered his family because he wanted power. Yeah, it’s because his family drove him insane, but insane is forever. Please don’t go.

Oh, and I really wouldn’t like Liz to die. I just thought I should reiterate. Because she is the coolest of cool mums. Yeah, she hasn’t got the glamorous alcoholism of Carol. But Liz does have a gay ex-husband. And being a sheriff is pretty neat, too.


But it’s not all bad:

She’s not dead yet, bitches. And we don’t see cancer guy actually die. He’s just in really bad shape. So I’ll hold out hope for now.

Liz’s condition provides one of the sweetest moments of the episode. Stefan, after he’s had his fill of shirtless Jeremy, wonders where Damon is in the morning. It turns out he slept in the chair at Liz’s bedside. Aww.

The true star of the episode, unsurprisingly, is Kai. Flirtation with Elena aside, he’s still the same preening bitch goddess he’s been this whole time. He begins the episode by eating at the Mystic Grill with Elena. He explains that he tried a couple of spells on the disgruntled owner to try to kill him, but the excess magic inside him made it difficult to nail down. He ended up flubbing his third attempt and exploded the dude. Kai then takes the cloaking spell off the body to reveal it’s been under Elena’s nose the whole conversation. I love it.

Kai also picks up best line of the episode when answering Elena’s rhetorical, condescending question:
Elena: “What the hell is wrong with you?”
Kai: “I just told you: I have too much magic.”
Yeah, bitch. Fucking listen for once. God.

Kai also gets second best line in a later scene. Elena tries to make Kai talk about whether he ever cared about anyone. Given Kai is a family-murdering psychopath, he concludes that no, he didn’t, before expanding on a Ricki Lake reference he made moments earlier: “If Ricki taught me anything, it’s that liking yourself is the most important thing. And I like me.” For those of you who don’t know, Ricki Lake is like the Ellen show, but without the bloated self-importance, self-aggenda-ing, self-aggrandising, softball celebrity interviews, passable musical guests, and tired pranks. Well, I suppose they’re not that much alike, then.

And to Kai’s credit, he is only thwarted by a surprise crossbow bolt from Jeremy. It took the combined efforts of five people to bring him down. And given his current magical capacity, I don’t think he’ll be down long.

Elena ends up, shockingly, with the most badass moment of the episode. One of Kai’s spells melts her daylight ring. In an esacpe attempt, Elena runs to a chemisty lab, sets her hand on fire with sunlight, then makes a gas tap into a makeshift flamethrower to attack Kai. Even Kai admits he was impressed. As he should be.

Sarah’s kind of cute. And she looks marginally more Italian than the existing Salvatores. If she survives whatever Enzo’s cooking up, I’m interested to see what TVD will do with her. But please, God, don’t make her an Elena expy.

Enzo is first ecstatic that Stefan had to admit the truth to him about Sarah. But then, as Stefan points out, if Enzo outs this information to Damon, then Enzo will have nothing left to obsess over. Enzo is deflated, but seems to agreee. Then we see him later compel the exhibition director to give him Sarah’s photographs, so Enzo isn’t done with this shit yet. Delicious.

Bonnie isn’t in this episode.

Damon tells Alaric that there’s no way Jo will be strong enough to defeat Kai. Alaric seems to agree, and he and Damon share a drink. I’m glad to see their bro bond is repairing.

Caroline only tests her vampire blood on cancer guy because he’s totally terminal and has no next of kin. So she’s a logical angel of death.

I’m hoping the final resort for Liz’s condition is to simply sire her. That would work for me.

Oh, and during Damon and Jo’s botched rescue of Elena, Kai cloaks Elena to look like him so Damon will attack her. Sucker.

TVD Woke Up With A Monster Elena impaled

“My non-existent income stream can’t handle this.”

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4 responses to “The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 11 – TV Review”

  1. Lydia says :

    Maybe he’s bi? There’s no bi people yet, and they’ve gotta fill their token LGBT count, so we don’t feel excluded.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      If he must be bisexual, hopefully he sees the light and turns his affections towards someone less rubbish. Bonnie’s pretty lonely right now. I bet she’d jump on the first man to look her way.

      But I’m still kinda hoping that will be Damon.

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