The Originals Season 2 Episode 10 – TV Review

The Originals Josh Aiden kiss

Considering Liv gets Tyler and Luke gets nothing, I’d say he does.

Josh and Aiden are even boyfriend official, now.

Seriously, TVD. You need to pick it up.

At least give Kai someone to mack on. We all know he’s fabulous.

TL;DR Vincent arbitrarily creates tension between the vampires and werewolves; Rebekah investigates the house she’s locked in; Camille psychoanalyses Elijah; Klaus realises Kaleb’s betrayal; Vincent isn’t a fan of the newly-sired Lenore.

He’s just jealous.

The major plot is an obstacle-of-the-week type affair, as Vincent randomly interrupts a meeting between the vampires and werewolves (convened by Hayley, in an attempt to gain traction for the anti-witch push) and places a barrier spell that traps them all together. He then cranks up the vampires’ bloodlust, and waits for a feeding frenzy to ensue. Thankfully, it doesn’t. Klaus, also trapped inside the compound, tasks Kaleb with finding a way out. Kaleb and Davina do produce a loophole, but Klaus slips through at the last moment and reveals he’s deduced Kaleb’s betrayal of Rebekah, and leaves the tasty little Kaleb at the ravenous mercy of the vampires. Meanwhile, Klaus reluctantly had to give up Lenore’s location to Vincent, who is disgusted to find she chose to become a vampire. Meanwhile, Rebekah, in her hot new body, befriends Cassie (actual Cassie. Not Esther Cassie) in what she discovers is a witch insane asylum. She communicates with a ghost that might be Freya. Meanwhile, Klaus has Camille hide out with Elijah and keep watch on both him and baby Hope. Camille puts her psychology skills to work trying to help Elijah, who is typically stoic.

Stoically panty-dropping. How can Camille resist him? Elijah’s definitely the hotter brother.

So yeah, the episode’s major conflict, the sequestering, is totally out of the blue. And it’s solved just as blithely as its created (Davina and Kaleb do a random spell to get the werewolves out).

But the drama that results from it is worthwhile enough. I was hoping Klaus wouldn’t take too many episodes to discover Kaleb’s betrayal. Now the revenge-en-ing can begin.


Why I hate this episode:

Still, Vincent’s random showing up and “Yo, imma imprison you now, ya hear?” schtick is so whatever.

Vincent picks up some hypocrisy points as he uses similar channelling magic to Papa Tunde, anchoring his barrier spell with first Mikael, and then Lenore. Guess you’re not so pure and righteous after all, Finny.

Also, Mikael is an immortal original vampire, so he should withstand the channelling just fine. But Lenore is just a run-of-the-mill vampire. So I guess that means she’s dead? The episode doesn’t mention this. Which means it either considers Esther body-jumping to someone else unimportant, or the rules of the channelling magic have changed without any notice. Tsk tsk.

Hayley admits to Jackson that she had sex with/is in love with Elijah. Firstly, dumb move, Hayley. He didn’t need to know that. Then Jackson ends up deciding to be a whipped little bitch and goes through with his proposal to her, anyway. And then and then, Hayley accepts. If you people are going to live with lies, you should have just kept your sex stories to yourself, Hayley. That would have been much more convenient.

Josh is worried that Aiden’s hesitation to be seen hooking up means Aiden doesn’t want to be public with their homosexuality. Aiden passes it off as worry over the werewolves finding out he’s getting busy with a vampire. But I don’t trust him. After having hated Josh for an entire season, he’s finally won me over. Aiden better not be stuffing him back into the closet. Only I am allowed to hurt Josh.

Vincent has a whinge about how he wishes his parents hadn’t had any more children after him. Wah wah wah.

Why the fuck would an insane asylum for witches have Freya’s body in the attic?

Oh, and Camille really should take this opportunity to bang Elijah. He’s emotionally vulnerable. Get it in, girl.


But it’s not all bad:

Even without the sexual tension, Camille and Elijah are still the best pairing of the episode. Mainly because they’re both divine creatures.

Camille is ever the obliging little psychology degree holder, and is happy to help out Klaus’ brother. She’s just a good person, you know?

Elijah is his usual, stony self. But I think Camille will help him come around. His frustration over being unable to help Klaus is also heart-meltingly honourable. God, he’s perfect.

Despite all the arc-relevant stuff going on, the highlight of the episode is when Klaus introduces Camille to Hope. Not because babies are cute and stuff (they aren’t), but Camille’s reaction to the revelation that Hope is alive is just lovely. She had blamed herself for Hope’s supposed death, so the relief on her face (not only for herself, but for Klaus) was like a million rays of sunshine. Camille is the light in my life. And her hair’s better this season, too.

Even in a different body, Rebekah is still the same belligerent, driven bitch. She hides her pills so she isn’t drugged up, she befriends a witch to try and learn how to do magic (because she’s in a witch body), and even finds a shrouded coffin in the attic. Her choice moment is when she tries to barge through the attic door, and she laments the loss of her vampire strength. Keep it real.

Cassie explains that a group of evil witches called The Kindred have self-imposed as the rulers of the asylum. They do necromancy and shit. Which is pretty neat.

For what it’s worth, Kaleb, once he’s stuck inside a compound filled with starving vampires, appears to sincerely regret pranking Rebekah like he did. So you should, turdman.

Klaus teases Hayley about her sex with Elijah. I lol’d.

Jackson’s disappointment at Hayley’s sex with Elijah soothes my soul.

Oh, and fucking Freya is on the phone, Rebekah. You better answer.

The Originals Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire Freya

That’s “Words With Friends” for you young’uns.

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