Revenge Season 4 Episode 13 – TV Review

Revenge Abduction Victoria knife

Cheap shots are best shots.

Well, Malcolm’s dead. So who’s going to be our new Big Bad?

Margaux? Really?

TL;DR Malcolm almost kills Emily, Victoria, and David, but he ends up dead and everything’s okay; Victoria has suddenly become magnanimous; Margaux isn’t as generous, and begins pursuing her own Revenge against Emily; Nolan and Louise tussle with Mother Ellis (the real one. Not a hallucination); and they get married.

And we don’t even get a fabulous, OTT wedding? Wasteful.

The relevant plot this week picks up with Emily and Victoria’s abduction (“Abduction” is the episode’s title, too) by Malcolm. He holds them and makes arrangements with David to exchange them for Kate. David, naturally, doesn’t have Kate, and he, Jack, and Hunter (who now knows everything, remember) scheme to find a solution. Despite some valiant scrambling, they almost come up short, with Malcolm on the verge of murdering Emily, Victoria, and David. Jack arrives just in time and Malcolm ends up on the wrong side of a few bullets and a stumble into a furnace. Victoria, despite knowing now that David’s been planning to kill her all along, decides it’s time for Emily and David to have a life together, and chooses to go her separate way from them. Margaux isn’t as forgiving, and is determined to have a guy plant evidence on Emily that will expose her. Victoria doesn’t agree with it, and warns Margaux to make sure she does it right. Meanwhile, actual Mother Ellis shows up to threaten Louise into silence about the whole “I’ve been drugging your for half your life” debacle. Lou cries to Nolan, who finds a marriage loophole in Louise’s financial conservatorship. They get hitched, and now Mother Ellis ain’t got that daddy money.

Louise also apparently killed her father. So there’s that, too.

Nolan’s little rich girl playdate aside, this is a pretty stunning episode of Revenge.

Not only for the close of the Malcolm Black plotline, but also for Victoria’s impressive turnaround.

I never thought I’d see her so humble and reasonable. I’m tempted not to believe it, but damn, she seems committed to it.

Snaps for Victoria, everyone.


Why I hate this episode:

What is up with that Nolan/Louise plotline, though? Emily is literally in mortal danger, and nobody clues Nolan in. So he spends the entire episode doing second-rate scheming with fucking Louise. And then they get married.

And that marriage is off-screen (and likely a registry office affair). How insulting.

Mother Ellis’ little threat to Louise about exposing the truth of Louise’s murder of daddy is a bit hollow. Firstly, Nolan’s other best friend is Emily. Who has done many, many awful things. So I doubt Nolan will really mind. Secondly, I think Louise’s story about how her politcially ambitious family drugged her to keep her quiet/steal her money would do enough destruction to the Ellis family’s reputation to offset some silly claims from Mummy Poorest about how Louise maybe killed her dad.

And the drugs Louise were on were apparently magic, because they also suppressed her memory of killing her dad or something. This is the Hamptons, not Hogwarts.

Jack tells David about Malcolm’s release from the Feds, and also that the flash drive of evidence is gone. David’s reaction indicates there were no backups for the flash drive. Seriously?

Malcolm tries to earn some Bad Guy points by tossing David the knife after his capture and tasking him with killing Emily and Victoria himself. It fails, obviously. Did you really think that would work, Malcolm? David’s kind of crippled and unable to get up, for starters.

Oh, and Margaux’s resolution to seek brutal Revenge against Emily is so dumb. Did she really even know Daniel that well? Wasn’t she so totally in love with Jack around this time last season or something? Get some perspective, bitch.


But it’s not all bad:

You know who did get some perspective, though? Bloody Victoria. She surprised me, along with I think most of the characters in the show, with her selflessness and reason.

The only time in the episode where she acted like a cunt was when she seemed to flip Jack and tell Malcolm that if he wants answers about Kate, he should seek him out. It turns out that she did this hoping Emily would realise the scam (which she did), so Emily could mark Malcolm’s henchman’s shirt with a picture message for Jack. The plan succeeds, and the message (along with some detective work from Hunter) is what allows Jack to intervene in Malcolm’s plans and saves everyone. Nicely done, Victoria.

We also see in a flashback to Victoria’s hospital visit to Margaux last episode that Victoria encouraged Margaux not to go after Emily. Then this episode she again counsels Margaux against the dark path of Revenge. Even when it’s clear Margaux is resolute, Victoria still doesn’t offer help. All she does is tell Margaux that she better be fucking sure she’s got Emily cornered, because that bitch is good. Which is right, because that bitch is good.

Even after finding out David had planned to murder her all along (thanks for that reality check, Emily), Victoria still chooses to let it slide. To allow Emily and David the chance to live a life together; a life she stole from them. What a sweetie.

Victoria gets best line of the episode when she fake confesses to killing Kate, to stop Malcolm from stabbing Emily to death: “She murdered my son, and I shot that bitch in cold blood… You know the best part? I loved it.” She then seals the deal by spitting in his face. He then headbutts and gut punches her. Everybody wins.

Hunter turns out to also be a pretty cool guy. He’s initially miffed that Jack and everyone had been lying to him, but when the heat with Malcolm is turned up, he’s solidly got Jack’s back. He even closes out the episode by having a little sexual tension with Emily. Which I welcome.

Margaux may be a small fry compared to Emily in the revenge stakes, but she’s rich enough to make this shit look good. Her meeting with her black ops handyman (who will be planting the evidence) is straight out of the supervillain playbook. Kudos, Evil French Person.

Malcolm gets shot multiple times, and falls into an active furnace. So I think it’s safe to say he won’t be back. Case closed.

Oh, and although I’d always pictured Nolan marrying Emily as part of a scheme, Louise is a suitably bubbalicious replacement.

Revenge Abduction Louise Nolan married

They’ve got to at least have an extravagant reception, right?

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4 responses to “Revenge Season 4 Episode 13 – TV Review”

  1. ex360 says :

    You loved this episode? It was so cheaply solved.
    Are you not going to make fun of Emily drawing something in the guy’s back for Jack to figure everything out? JACK?? JACK? Really…Jack who gave all the evidence expecting the best, who was on Charlotte’s side?
    Even though Margaux did know Daniel since they were kids, I don’t care about here revenge. I’m about to watch the latest disappointment, I mean episode…We’ll see how it goes.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      I was dazzled by the fact Revenge actually managed to tie up a plotline so quickly. Jack figuring out a random squiggle from Emily was a sacrifice to the gods of efficiency.

      Be warned, the next episode is pretty lame. But Emily does get to wear a spectacular dress.

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