Revenge Season 4 Episode 12 – TV Review

Revenge Madness Nolan Louise slap

Quick! Somebody hold his earrings.

No no, it’s a simple misunderstanding. Louise only slaps people when she’s hallucinating one of her parents while unknowingly under the influence of malaria medication.

No, really.

TL;DR Louise isn’t crazy, but we’re not sure if her brother’s evil yet; David wants to kill Victoria; Malcolm slips through everyone’s grasp and captures Emily and Victoria; Victoria tells Margaux (and by eavesdropping extension, Hunter) the truth about Emily; Jack is obstructive.

Jack’s abs can obstruct my view anyday.

The pertinent action concerns Malcolm Black’s arrival in the Hamptons. He makes himself known to Jack, who runs to David (and David only) for help. David hatches a scheme to try to trap Malcolm in yet another ambush (this time perpetrated by David himself, and not faceless Miami gangsters), but Jack is worried it will only lead to more retribution. Jack intercepts the plan by stealing the flash drive with evidence against Malcolm and giving it to the Feds. Predictably, Malcolm gets himself out of that mess, and closes out the episode by drugging and abducting Emily (who he now knows is Amanda) and Victoria. Oops. Meanwhile, Lyman Ellis is also in town, and Nolan recruits Emily to help take down the mean old brother of poor little Louise. Emily isn’t entirely convinced he’s the demon Louise makes him out to be, and may be proven right when we find out Louise’s mental instability (which Lyman is worried about) is caused by tainted pills prescribed to her by her mother. Lyman may or may not be in on it. Meanwhile, Victoria comes clean to Margaux about everything Emily, which Hunter happens to overhear by using the power of “standing just outside the door frame of a room in a busy hospital wing.”

Better Hunter hear it than some random nurse, right?

Malcolm Black certainly knows how to escalate a situation.

And Louise has been kind of superfluous, but I’ve always secretly been rooting for her. With the charm and chest she has, how could you not?


Why I hate this episode:

Lyman turns out to be a very vanilla, unimpressive kind of guy. He definitely doesn’t live up to Louise’s hype of this torturer she made him out to be. At least he’s not as unattractive as Gideon.

I’m still not convinced by David’s apparent resolution to straight-up murder Victoria. Mainly because he’s had so much opportunity to just do it, already. And he hasn’t. Emily’s with me on this one, as she insists David not kill her. Mainly so Victoria can suffer living with the torment of a dead son, but also because, like, slow down, David.

Jack goes to David only for help when Malcolm makes himself known. Don’t you think it would have been better to invovle the rest of the Revenge-keteers? Surely Emily and Nolan could have added something to the potential scheming.

Emily decides to leave the Hamptons with David, and get away from all this revenge business. Remember what happened to the last guy you planned to leave the Hamptons with?

I can’t belive Jack is so naive as to expect handing over some evidence to the Feds would be enough to bring down the mythical Malcolm Black.

Emily finds the note Victoria gave to Kate, that Louise stole from Nolan for Victoria and then Victoria decided she didn’t want, in Louise’s hotel room. She and Nolan then connect that dots: Victoria is responsible for Kate coming to Grayson Manor on the night Daniel died. Emily confronts Victoria with this information, slapping Victoria with the truth that, as per the chain of causation, Victoria is responsible for Daniel’s death. Victoria ignores this and continues to blame Emily for it, who is no more to blame than Victoria if you use that same logic. What I’m saying is, fuck Victoria.

Oh, and there’s a huge missed opportunity for sexual tension between Lyman and Nolan. Lyman is a prospective congressman, after all. It could have been so scandalous.


But it’s not all bad:

I kind of like Lyman. He’s boring, but in an earnest way. I truly hope he isn’t complicit in Louise’s long-haul poisoning with malaria medication. Let Mummy Dearest have all the hammy evil to herself. Lyman just seems like a loving, concerned brother.

I’m glad our little boobalicious Louise isn’t a nutjob. She’s just being systematically psychologically assassinated by her mother. Now that’s soapy, baby.

Her mum is doing this because she’s broke, and if Louise is mentally unstable, she can control Louise’s inheritance from her dead father. Poor Louise found him dead at the bottom of a staircase (ah, stairs. The natural enemy of we alcoholics) when she was 13, which is why Lyman has always thought she’s been emotionally disturbed. The poor love.

David’s insistence on murdering Victoria is exhilarating.

Flashbacks show Malcolm’s rough treatment of David while he was under his captivity. This includes showing David pictues of “Amanda” working as a stripper. And when David tried to send Amanda a letter one time, Malcolm caught the guard who assisted him and made David stab him to death. Keep it nasty, Malcolm.

Nolan asks Emily for her assistance in taking down Lyman, and Emily accepts. It’s good to see her finally giving back.

Louise accidentally slaps Nolan when trying to attack the apparition of her mother at dinner. I lol’d.

Emily gets best line of the episode when confronting Victoria with her realisation about the night of Daniel’s death: “Kate was there because of you. Daniel died because of you!” Indeed. Emily is also hurting about the fact that the official story paints herself as Daniel’s killer.

For her part, Victoria doesn’t totally slag off Emily to Margaux when she comes clean about everything to her. She tells Margaux that Daniel didn’t die trying to kill Emily: Daniel died saving Emily’s life. And Victoria slips in the episode’s second best line with this hint of sympathy for Emily: “And what I told you about her wasn’t untrue: she did ruin Daniel in a profound way. But what I didn’t tell you is why she did it.” Could it be? Victoria Grayson owning her own wrongdoings? Hah! I’ll believe it when it’s confirmed.

Hunter is a cheeky little thing with his eavesdropping. Now that he and Margaux know the truth, I think Louise is the only main character in the show who doesn’t know about Emily.

Oh, and maybe Hunter will use this knowledge to expediate his dating efforts with Emily. Which are still in full swing, by the way.

Revenge Madness Emily Hunter walk on beach

Fabulosity cares not for terrain.

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