Revenge Season 4 Episode 11 – TV Review

Revenge Epitaph

David is no replacement for Aiden’s British accent, though.

Yes, fucking Victoria is on the team, now.


But you’d expect that.

TL;DR The gang covers up Kate’s death in an effort to keep Malcolm Black’s murderous rampage of revenge out of town; Victoria is unimpressed with the cover story (being that Daniel tried to murder Emily, so she shot him in self-defence); nor is Margaux, who vows to uncover the truth; Jack feels stupid for getting duped by Kate; Malcolm Black comes to town, anyway.

Yeah, the plan failed. But any anguish caused to Victoria is to be celebrated.

The episode starts off with David and Victoria rushing to Grayson Manor after hearing the gunshots. Victoria is appropriately devastated by Daniel’s death (which is for real, yo), but David quickly springs into action and pulls everyone together to cover up Kate’s death. Because Malcolm will set fire to the rain if he finds out what they did. With some technical backup from Nolan and some phony statements from Emily, the plan appears to be working. Hunter, ever the nosy devil, tries to break what he sees as flaws in Emily’s story, but his hard-on for her wins out. Chief Alvarez is also on David’s case, but all that is put to bed at the end of the episode when Malcolm Black shows up in town looking for his missing daughter, and poor Alvarez ends up on the wrong end of a shanking. Meanwhile, Victoria hates David for making her go along with the story that Daniel showed up trying to murder Emily. She goes along with it for now, but Margaux isn’t so easily convinced. Given how happy Daniel was on the night he died, she vows to make it her life’s purpose to expose Emily as a liar. Meanwhile, Louise does some irrelevant spy work for Victoria; Jack mopes about Kate’s deceptive vagina; and David reveals to Emily that he had indeed intended to poison Victoria, but they were interrupted by Emily’s firefight with Kate.

They should have just shot Victoria, too, and blamed it on Daniel. The Hamptons police are about as dumb as the Rosewood PD, so they probably would have believed it.

Well, I’m glad Revenge has finally made an important turn in its plot for this season. I’ve had about as much David/Emily wangst as I can handle.

Malcolm Black is in town, now, which means we, at long last, have a villain to rally against.

And Malcolm seems like one merciless bastard. Which means he might come close to filling the coiffed void that Conrad’s absence has left us.


Why I hate this episode:

The coverup plan is absolutely preposterous. There is no way in the world that the gang could have rearranged the crime scene and evidence sufficiently to sell their outrageous story. What about the gallons of blood Kate would have poured everywhere? Hell, Hunter even mentions how Daniel had zero defensive wounds (which grossly conflicts with Emily’s tale of him attacking her). Emily skirts around it by saying she didn’t fight back out of guilt for ruining his life. But Jesus, that’s ridiculous. Not even when he pushed you off a fucking balcony, bitch? Come on.

Hunter is the master of inconvenient suspicion, but his relentless skepticism is put to bed by one little tearful interview session with Emily. All she has to do is bat her wet eyelids about how she regrets destroying Daniel’s life, and he’s willing to believe that Daniel would randomly come to her house and try to slay her (without even being drunk, like Emily had claimed). Rubbish.

Victoria sooks a lot, which is understandable. But she doesn’t even put her for-once righteous rage to good use. She tasks Louise with stealing an envelope from Nolan (Louise is now living with Nolan, and the envelope appears to be something Nolan had recovered from Kate’s hotel room when he and Jack were cleaning it out. I guess it’s the one Victoria sent to Kate? Whatever), then later decides against it, and asks Louise to destroy it, instead. Good grief, Viccy. You finally have good cause to scheme, and you give it up. No wonder Emily defeated you.

Victoria also tries to claim moral high ground against David when he forces her to go along with the lies about Daniel. David accurately shuts her down (because her lies about pretty much everything she’s ever done in her life kinda outweigh this one. Which is only to spare everyone from Malcolm’s wrath, remember). Which is good, because it’s what she needs.

Margaux bans Emily from attending Daniel’s funeral (which Victoria is petty enough to validate), but then Emily just stands about ten metres back from the burial and pretty much attends, anyway. Boo, Margaux. You and Victoria need to go get some gumption.

We are still yet to meet Louise’s evil (and hopefully hot) brother.

Jack seems to feel guilty for killing Kate. Oh, shut up.

Oh, and while I wholly support it, David doesn’t adequately explain to Emily why he intended to murder Victoria. Also, fucking hell, David. Just murder Victoria.


But it’s not all bad:

The new Revenge-keteers are a formidable team. In addition to the Big Four up there, Jack is also on board, which is handy for gaining police insight. Malcolm turns up because he’s a psychopathic murderous bastard, but damn if our team didn’t make an excellent attempt at throwing him off. In addition to the group effort of the Daniel lies, Nolan also works some mobile phone wizardry and sends Malcolm on a wild goose chase after Kate’s phone to Miami. David then tips off a bunch of Malcolm’s enemies in Miami that Malcolm will be there, in the hope that they’ll kill him. Points for effort, everyone.

Malcolm doesn’t know Kate is dead, yet. He shows up at the end of the episode and pretends to be an FBI bureau chief looking for his MIA agent. Alvarez notices he doesn’t seem legit, so Malcolm stabs him to death. I like a man of action.

The highlight of the episode is David’s revelation to Emily about attempting to poison Victoria. Both because that would have been awesome, and for Emily’s reaction. She screams internally because the fight with Kate interrupted it. That, or she’s as shocked as we all are that David suddenly wants Victoria dead. In either case, it’s fabulous.

The other highlight earns David the episode’s best line. Victoria is having a spat at him about the Daniel lies:
Victoria: “I won’t be a prisoner of your lies, anymore.”
David: “I was a prisoner because of yours for two decades. You can hold on one more day.”
Her only rebuttal to that is a slap. Because she ain’t got nothin’ to say, honey.

Margaux’s doggedness may be an imposition to Emily (and, therefore, unacceptable), but I’ll give her points for being totally spot on.

Louise bakes Victoria some grief pie. And she’s not a bad little secret agent, either. I suspect she’ll be reading the contents of that envelope before destroying it, though.

Jack’s angst over Kate is a bit hokey. Like, the woman was bad news, baby. But she did trick the fuck out of him. Literally. And Jack gives good “sexy angst face.”

Charlotte is still at rehab, and they don’t even tell her about Daniel’s death. Which means she isn’t back yet. Thank goodness.

Oh, and during the interview that persuades Hunter, Emily wins him over by including her genuine remorse for blowing up Daniel’s life, which, even indirectly, is what led to his death. She later reminisces over the moment they first met in the first episode, and his proposal. I won’t lie: I teared up a little. I’m with you, Emily.

Revenge Epitaph Emily interrogation

Yes. You should have.

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  1. Anonymous says :

    I want to meet Louise’s brother now. Apparently his name’s Lyman and he’s in the next episode.

    On an unrelated side note, are you going to pick up The Flash when it comes back after the midseason break?

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