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NYE 2014 Kai

Can you believe it’s New Year’s Eve again, already?

It feels like it was only a year ago.

2014 may not have been as up and down as 2013.

Mainly because it was mostly down.

What I won’t miss about 2014:

Every show on my current review roster hitting either a plateau or a slump. Bates Motel is the only series this year to have kept things consistently high, and that hasn’t been on for seven months.

Katherine still being absent from The Vampire Diaries. I know she was supposedly sucked off into irretrievable oblivion, but remember, she wasn’t on the Other Side when that happened. She could still be around. So bring her the fuck back, TVD. Come on.

The entire cast of Revenge‘s seeming inability to just talk to one another.

Once Upon a Time‘s overreliance on whoring out Frozen.

Season 2 of Hemlock Grove (which I never posted about) being an absolute travesty.

Pretty Little Liars becoming wholly inconsequential and tedious. Which I should have realised a few seasons ago, but forgive me. I’m slow.

Big Brother Australia’s undignified death.

A dearth of compelling movies. You might have noticed how few film reviews I’ve posted this year, and now you know why.

Oh, and the fact that I didn’t add any new TV shows to the review roster this year. Which is both a result of my creeping laziness, and my trepidation of adding freshman shows following the disappointments of The Tomorrow People, Cult, and Ravenswood. I am scarred.


But it wasn’t all bad, so I’ll miss:

Kai, the closest thing to a replacement Katherine on TVD. Given his fondness for brutally murdering family members (and children), I don’t expect him to be a lasting fixture, like Katherine. But goddamn, he’s fun for now.

Under the Dome’s rapid descent into unbelievable stupidity. There is no way in the world that it isn’t intentional, and it’s glorious to hate-watch. It’s like Glee, if Glee wasn’t so morbidly serious with itself.

Speaking of Glee, that hasn’t been on for seven months. Thank the fucking Lord.

I finally introduced myself to Shameless US this year, and watched the whole lot of it over about a week. Mickey’s eyebrows alone are enough to ignite my frosty little heart.

The Veronica Mars movie became a reality this year. Yeah, the mystery was so-so. But Veronica Mars will always be my first TV love. And that follow-up novel was orright, too.

Likewise, Darren Stein gave us the nearest thing to a Jawbreaker follow-up we’re gonna get in GBF. Much appreciated.

Oh, and American Horror Story has proven how empty and pathetic it has become, with Freak Show joining Coven in the crap heap. It’s nice to have my biases confirmed. May we never forget Asylum (except for the last two episodes).


So as far as goodness goes, 2014 was the year of “meh.” But for someone whose website is called I Just Hate Everything, that’s not so bad, is it?

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