The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 10 – TV Review

TVD Christmas Through Your EyesKai Alaric

Kai’s used to having phallic objects pressed against his face.

The anti-magic zone on Mystic Falls is gone.

It’s a Christmas miracle.

Kai is the gift-giver that keeps on giving.

TL;DR Kai terrorises his siblings for a while; the gang does what they can to stop him; Kai absorbs the anti-magic zone and gets away to be fabulous another day; Caroline and Stefan bond over Liz having terminal cancer; Matt’s plan to get revenge on Enzo (for killing that con artist who he didn’t know that well in the first place) fails.

Predictably. I mean, this is Matt we’re talking about.

Kai, the show-stealing queen he is, takes centre stage this episode as he kidnaps Jo, and has Tyler harangue Liv and Luke into helping him in his quest to be Gemini coven leader. Liv is on board with Kai merging with Jo, just so she doesn’t have to do the merging ceremony with Luke. Luke is more resistant, as he’s been drinking that Gemini coven Kool-Aid (if Papa Gemini is anything to go by, that’s some strong shit). Protestations become moot when Jo willingly agrees to the merging ceremony, in the hope that she can defeat Kai. Meanwhile, Damon and Alaric are on the case when they realise what Kai is up to. They manage to subdue him, but Kai, being the only character in this show who is able to use their brain, gets the fantastic idea of absorbing the entirety of the Travellers’ anti-magic zone spell, which makes him super strong, and allows him to escape. He ends the episode by kidnapping Elena for some reason, because the poor dear just has to be the centre of attention. Meanwhile, Caroline and Stefan confront the shocking news that Liz has deadly cancer. Tears and consolation ensue. Meanwhile, Matt and Jeremy enact their plan to capture and kill Enzo. Kai’s anti-magic zone absorption neatly coincides with Matt’s Trip-esque execution attempt on Enzo, and Enzo now has Matt in his grasp. Meanwhile, Bonnie sooks about in ghost world while trying to build a Christmas tree to remind of the good times.

No, Bonnie. You don’t understand. The good times are now. Because you’re not around.

This episode is essentially a showcase for Kai’s remarkable competence at fucking everyone over. And a lesson in why Matt shouldn’t be allowed to hatch schemes.

I support both those causes.


Why I hate this episode:

Of course, Elena has to blow in and spoil things by being Kai’s kidnapping target at the end of the episode. Fucking attention whore.

The only major plot point that bothered me was Liz’s condition. I was shouting at the TV for them to just give her some vampire blood. Caroline eventually does suggest this, but Stefan tells her that vampire blood can’t cure cancer. How fucking inconvenient, no?

The tumor/s also can’t be removed surgically because they’re too intense. I’m no supernatural oncologist, but for what it’s worth, my solution would be to just completely annihilate Liz with chemotherapy, and use vampire blood to heal the effects of that. It can’t cure cancer, but surely it can perk up the damage chemo does. Just keep the treatment up vigorously until it’s gone. Think outside the box, people.

Bonnie’s subplot is the token Christmas-relevant aspect of the episode, and it doesn’t tell us anything we don’t already know (Bonnie is alone and sad). There are a handful of obnoxious flashbacks to 2007 which illuminate nothing, too. Wasteful.

And her Christmas tree sucks.

Liv is a cold-hearted bitch. She doesn’t give a single shit about Jo, and is happy to help Kai murder her just to save her own skin. How about nobody do a merging ceremony? How about you don’t kill yourself/kill your twin just because your family says so? You’re twenty-two years old, baby. Fucking leave town or something. Jesus.

Luke, conversely, is a coven-loyal little loser, who is willing to go ahead with the merging ceremony just because. Shut up. Liv convinces him to help Kai, so that they can spare themselves from merging. Later, Damon rightly points out to Luke that Kai is a homicidal maniac, and will likely kill them after merging with Jo, anyway.

Basically, everyone should just be stabbing Kai in the face and not bothering to play his stupid games.

Oh, and Matt is useless. I don’t need to say any more about that. Though, I was disappointed by how easily he and Jeremy managed to put Enzo down.


But it’s not all bad:

Enzo has the last laugh, though. Matt drives him across the Mystic Falls border, and then stops and opens the paddy wagon to gloat over his victory. But Enzo is fine, bitch. To add further insult, Enzo refuses to kill Matt, because he doesn’t consider him an enemy. What he will be doing, instead, is forcing Matt to help him deplete every ounce of happiness from Stefan’s life. Provided that doesn’t involve hurting Caroline, I’m all for it.

Kai is single-handedly keeping this season alive. He’s pretty much the new Katherine, in that he’s a fun, entirely evil villain who’s not afraid to be theatrical about things. Absorbing the anti-magic zone is his most impressive feat this episode, but I’m holding a special place in my heart for the playful stabbing he gives Jo when he tries to re-inject her magic into her with the knife she stashed it in. He’s making Katherine proud.

The absorption of the anti-magic zone means everyone can finally go home, now. I didn’t realise how much I’d miss seeing the gang hang out at the Salvatore house.

Caroline provides the emotional pillar of this week’s drama. Her reaction to the news of Liz’s illness is achingly sincere. And she’s even smart enough to suggest using vampire blood to cure her.

Stefan chooses to be the one to break the news to her, and he, too, tears up as he comforts her. That one moment feels more real than anything he and Elena ever had.

Best line of the episode goes to Damon, who is frustrated when Jo tells Alaric not to shoot Kai in the head (Jo doesn’t want Kai to die because if he does, then Liv and Luke will be forced to go through with the merging ceremony, and she wants to save them. See, Liv? That’s how sisters should behave): “Who cares? Kill him.” Yes.

Second best line goes to Enzo when he surprises Matt with his non-death: “It’s a Christmas miracle.” We are so alike.

Bonnie is unhappy. Which helps replenish my electrolytes.

Oh, and prior to her collapse, Liz comes to Whitmore to bring Christmas to Caroline. She invites Stefan along to help, outing herself as an obvious shipper-on-deck for Stefan/Caroline. She’s got the right idea.

TVD Christmas Through Your Eyes Caroline Stefan crying

Elena “Never Appreciated This” Gilbert.

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7 responses to “The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 10 – TV Review”

  1. Lydia says :

    I think you’re forgetting the inferiority of the American health care system. I thought the whole point of Breaking Bad was that it’s shit, and no one can get help? That’s probably why.

  2. Mae says :

    I don’t think Stephan and Caroline will last despite Caroline being far sexier and funnier than boring ass Elena. It’s great to finally see Caroline have a storyline that doesn’t involve her vagina. I love how you barely mentioned Bonnie in your review; she doesn’t deserve your acknowledgement.

  3. Anonymous says :

    I read somewhere that they can’t use vampire blood to cure her because it would accelerate her cells and just make her die quicker or some shit.

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