Revenge Season 4 Episode 10 – TV Review

Revenge Atonement Conrad Grayson back

Flashbacks are such sweet sorrow.

Conrad’s appearance really brings home what’s missing from Revenge this season.

In related news, is there a single person in the universe who is missing Charlotte at all?

Because I don’t think there is.

TL;DR We can start missing Daniel, too, because he gets killed; by Kate, who turns out to be Malcolm Black’s daughter; Jack kills Kate; Nolan reunites with Louise; Margaux and Daniel decide to be good parents to their future child; Victoria does her best to meddle in everyone’s affairs, but is just a botoxed nuisance.

It’s what she’s used to.

Emily leads the plot charge this episode with her pursuit of Kate, the apparently dirty FBI agent. She pulls in Nolan and a reluctant Jack (because he’s banging her) to help, with the end goal being to get closer to finding Malcolm Black. The result is even better than expected, though, when it turns out that Kate is actually Katherine Black, Malcolm’s daughter. She and Emily tussle at Grayson Manor, with Emily ending up at a disadvantage. Daniel, who had been down at the beach reminiscing over his shitty parents (oh, Conrad), overhears the commotion and comes to see what’s up. What’s up is that Kate shoots him, who is in turn shot by a little-too-late Jack. Emily does what she can to comfort Daniel, as he appears to die in her arms. Should have gotten that fuck while it was on sale, Emily. Earlier, Margaux had accepted Daniel’s offer of doing their best to be good parents to their baby. Aww. Meanwhile, Louise and Nolan repair their friendship by sharing hosting duties for the reopening of Nolan’s yacht club. Louise reveals that she’s scared of what her brother might do to retaliate for that negative press attention she’s brought him. And Victoria flits around the place trying to seem important. She gives some cold advice to Margaux about her pregnancy, points Kate (knowing she’s an operative of Black’s) in Emily’s direction, and reveals to David that she helped Conrad frame him for Flight 197 because she’d found out he’d lied about his wife being dead.

Oh, God. Don’t bring her up again.

So Daniel’s death was a pretty big shock to my system.

I usually try not to get attached to increasingly superfluous, former main characters in long-ish-running soap operas, because you know their days are numbered.

But damn, I couldn’t resist Daniel’s drunken, douchebag charm this season.

Really, Emily. You could have at least banged him once over the last few episodes.

You should regret that.


Why I hate this episode:

Kate’s subplot gets ramped up and wrapped up insanely quickly. I know that last episode I was complaining about Revenge being too slow this season, but this is too far in the other direction. We get absolute confirmation she’s dirty, then it’s revealed that she’s Malcolm Black’s daughter, then she’s dead four minutes later. Jack didn’t even have enough time to get attached to her before he gunned her down. Wasteful.

Victoria is a fucking useless turd. I’m sick of her existing simply to be an inconvenience to Emily, who has actual shit going on in her life. Who gives a fuck about Victoria and her stale, has-been, never-gonna-get-back-what-you-had romance with David? She needs to stop being such a goddamn Serena Van Der Woodsen and butt out.

Getting a taste of Conrad only made me miss him so much more. So. Much.

Oh, and Victoria’s admission to David about how she helped Conrad frame him for Flight 197 is played like it’s some huge secret coming to light. Didn’t everyone, including David, already know that Victoria was complicit?


But it’s not all bad:

David’s subplot this episode involves him visiting an old cellmate and buying some drug that will kill someone, but make it look like a stroke. He and Victoria later have some wine, and he puts it in one of the glasses. This is before the “I helped frame you, boo” revelation, so it’s hard to imagine that he’d just arbitrarily decided to kill her. That’d just be too good to be true, wouldn’t it?

The other explanation is that he planned to kill himself. Which, given his fervour in hatching some plans to mess with Malcolm, also seems unlikely. This thread is left hanging by episode’s end. I look forward to finding out what it was all about.

Daniel makes sure his farewell (maybe?) episode is a good one. Both in the fact that his reminiscence gives us a glimpse at Conrad, and that he decides to man up and be a good parent to his child. Better than Conrad and Victoria ever were. He tells Victoria as much when he berates her and Conrad for being overly concerned with the survival of their social status, which made them bad people.

He gets his minor hero moment when he comes to Emily’s aid during the fight with Kate. What a sweetie.

And while he dies in Emily’s arms, she makes the effort to reassure him that their relationship wasn’t all lies. He will be missed.

Jack picks up some badass points when he brutally guns down Kate. Not that Jack really needs to be worried about landing another sex partner.

Nolan and Jack remark their surprise that the yacht club party, where Emily did some scheming, didn’t devolve into a typical Revenge debacle. As was I.

Louise shows some hidden depths when she confides in Nolan that she’s considering fleeing town out of fear of what her brother will do to her. He apparently isn’t impressed by the negative attention Margaux’s piece is giving him, and has some terrible skeletons in his closet. I hope he’s hot.

The murder of his daughter oughtta bring Malcolm Black out to play, no?

Oh, and I’ll miss you, Daniel. You will always be my blue blood frat boy fantasy.

Revenge Atonement Daniel dies Emily gunshot

I don’t think he’s got the blood for it, Ems.

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  1. Anonymous says :

    Conrad manages to be special in such little time he was shown in.

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