Revenge Season 4 Episode 9 – TV Review

Revenge Daniel Intel drunk hitting on Emily


I’ve shit on Daniel before, but damn, Emily must be a stone cold bitch to resist the belligerent advances of a drunk rich boy like that.

Don’t worry, Dan. Some of us aren’t so picky.

Like Margaux. With her attitude to contraception.

TL;DR Margaux got pregnant; Louise gets pissed off at Nolan for trying to sell her out; David apologises to Nolan; the rich tapestry of the David conspiracy grows; Emily leads on Hunter for intel; Kate does what she can to get Jack into bed.

Kate is also evil as hell. Hey, at least this one isn’t crazy.

The relevant plot this episode follows Emily as she tries to get a handle on this David conspiracy situation. Nolan unfortunately ends up freeing the one goon she had tied up, and the other one, who had been arrested, apparently commits suicide before he can be interrogated. Emily leverages Hunter’s unrequited feelings for her to get some deets on the sitch, and ends up discovering that police chief Alvarez isn’t the crooked cop: it’s FBI agent Kate. Which is bad news for Jack, who is succumbing to her sexual advances. Meanwhile, Nolan runs afoul of Louise after she realises he sold her out to Margaux. Nolan reneges on his deal with Margaux, because Louise is apparently worth it. Meanwhile, Margaux turns down some reconciliation offers from Daniel (he has a go with Emily, too. The horny devil), before eventually admitting she’s Amanda 2.0 and she is pregant. We’ve already done this, Revenge. Meanwhile, Victoria thinks she’s being all swish and hiring a PI and stuff, but is actually just continuing to be the family-destroying cunt she is. And it turns out David’s bogeyman is the ominously named Malcolm Black, who Mr PI says David owes money to.

It’s still not the Initiative at this point, so I’m happy.

This episode of Revenge isn’t anything to write home about. Revenge is still far from slipping into the embarrassing lows of season 2, but I can’t help the creeping feeling of disappointment with this season.

Right now, it’s still heading in the right direction.

But it’s getting there so painfully slowly.


Why I hate this episode:

My only earnest gasp during this episode was Margaux’s pregnancy revelation. And I only gasped because I’ve been conditioned by years of mediocre soap operas to view a pregancy revelation as something gasp-worthy. But really, it isn’t. We already went there with Amanda. Even Emily had her fake pregnancy gambit last season. I don’t like that Revenge is resorting to something so banal for its shocks.

Victoria is really suring up her claim as Worst Human Being Ever, isn’t she? She’s still working towards eliminating Emily, despite David. Despite the horrors that poor family has gone through. I don’t know how much longer I can tolerate her selfishness. I wouldn’t mind it so much if it wasn’t so needlessly destructive. And her whole martyrdom, “I’m doing it for David” act is extra spit on the cake.

David’s recent history can’t be that shrouded in mystery if some random PI can tell Victoria exactly what David’s been up to. What?

What was David doing that Black needs to turn federal agents dirty to keep up with him? Something preposterous, no doubt. I’m not looking forward to finding out what it was, anymore.

Nolan throws away his scheme-tacular arrangement with Margaux out of some supposed friendship loyalty to Louise. Who he’s talked to, like, three times? Weak.

Oh, and Emily blows off not only Daniel’s advances, but Hunter’s, too. I know Jack is preoccupied, but Hunter and Daniel are fair second choices. Get into it.


But it’s not all bad:

Emily does put some effort into re-floating her ship with Hunter when she makes up with him later. It’s in the pursuit of info about Suicide Goon’s death, but it’s still progress. I can see a glorious future where Jack and Hunter go chest-to-chest while huffing about Hunter getting involved with Emily.

Daniel continues to be the unexpected shining star of recent episodes, with his continuing loyalty to Emily. He visits Victoria, who lamely tells him about how she’s ready to accept Emily as part of her life with David if she has to. He confidently shuts her down by telling her that Emily will likely nuke Victoria whatever chance she gets. And implies that he’s all for it. I love it.

Despite Emily’s rejection of his drunken “how ’bout it,” the UST between Daniel and Emily is euphoric.

And now he’s gone and knocked up Margaux. Daniel is like a soap opera’s best friend.

We’re getting a drip feed of new details about David’s past. Malcolm Black is some well-connected bigwig. Well-connected enough to have a dirty FBI agent on his team. One who will murder police suspects before interrogation.

David resolves to try his luck with facing down Black. Part of this plan seems to be giving Nolan the location of a safe full of money that he and Victoria tucked away when they were still intending to run away together before David went to prison. He sneakily adds in a flash drive, and tells Nolan to expose its contents to the media. I don’t think Black will be too thrilled about that. Which is exactly what we need.

Louise sunbathes with her red, high-heeled shoes on. I can’t fault that.

Kate almost steals the show with her horny, evil antics. The last we see of her is in her hotel room, as she receives a message Victoria had her PI send to Black’s people. The note is a hint to go after Emily for the money that David supposedly owes. Kate seems pleased by it.

Oh, and Jack comes to her door and they are going to have sex.

Revenge Intel Kate Jack sex


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