The Originals Season 2 Episode 8 – TV Review

The Originals Rebekah Claire Holt The Brothers That Care Forgot

That “special guest star” credit makes me sad.

Rebekah and Camille: my two favourite blondes.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if they could somehow join forces as one?

Esther thinks so.

TL;DR Esther plans to make Camille a vessel for Rebekah; Elijah is actually quite affected by the mind fucking he got, don’cha know; Aiden and Josh kiss; Hayley and Jackson are getting married out of pragmatism; Davina tries to free Kaleb; everyone eventually joins forces to unite against Lenore/Esther.

Well, except Vincent/Finn. Obviously.

So the central plot this episode entails Klaus’ efforts to make Kaleb and Vincent defect from their mother and join him in his plans against her. Marcel joins the party as Klaus’ wingman, and Kaleb is eventually swayed into joining the team. Vincent, however, is more stalwart, and ends up locked in a coffin alive as punishment. Which I’m all for. Meanwhile, Elijah has gone off to meet up with Rebekah, who is close to being discovered by Lenore. Sadly, Elijah has been a bit warped by the torturing Lenore gave him a few episodes ago, and Rebekah ends the episode by snapping Elijah’s neck, and calling Klaus for evac. Meanwhile, Hayley and Jackson find some stupid werewolf magic thing (thanks to a tip from Ansel) that will allow the entire Crescent lineage access to Hayley’s hybrid ability to control shifting if they get married. They announce this to the wolves in the hope they’ll defect from Lenore, too, because their moonlight rings would no longer be a necessity. Meanwhile, Josh and Aiden kiss. Meanwhile, Davina tries to rescue Kaleb from Klaus’ clutches, but is convinced to join the team’s efforts against Lenore when Camille tells her what she’s recently discovered: that Lenore is preparing her as a vessel for Rebekah, and they’ll need to take out Lenore before it’s too late.

Two of my favourite things in The Originals are Camille, and destroying Esther. So it’s nice to see them come together like this.

But alas, despite all the good that’s going on this episode, I can’t get past the pathetic new subplot for Jackson and Hayley.

Magic marriage loophole? Seriously?

I think even TVD would find that a bit ludicrous.


Why I hate this episode:

The fact that the Hayley/Jackson stuff takes up a significant portion of the runtime this episode doesn’t help. If it was just some throwaway trash, I wouldn’t care so much. But Hayley is basically the female lead of the show, so to see her saddled with a subplot as random as this is disappointing.

Also, I don’t know how, but Jackson appears to have taken a level in ugly or something. Every time I look at his face, particularly when it’s in the same frame as Hayley’s perfect face, I’m just like “no, thanks.”

And seriously, is every single werewolf in this town so weak-willed that they’re willing to be Lenore’s bitches just so they don’t have to turn? Every single one? Come on.

I’m worried about just how much of Rebekah we’re going to get. She is credited as a “special guest star,” which would suggest she won’t be around long. I suppose the least I can hope for is for every Original to be in a scene together. That might satisfy me.

I’m also worried that Rebekah will be a little brat and accept Esther’s offer of a mortal life, seeing as that’s all she’s ever wanted. She better fucking not. Both for her sake, and Camille’s.

Elijah turns out to be frustratingly affected by Lenore’s mind-fucking. He absent-mindedly massacres an entire diner full of people. Not my beautiful Elijah!

The marriage loophole thing only mentions werewolf traits being passed onto the pack (werewolves used to be more segregated, and each pack would have their own special abilities). So it’s a pretty big leap for Hayley to assume that the spell would be able to pass on her hybrid abilities, too.

Oh, and Jackson even does some schmaltzy, awkward proposal to Hayley (this is after they’d agreed to it as a plan to muster the werewolves), which also includes a promise to be a good husband blah blah blah. Apparently, the spell only works if the marriage is genuine and forever. Yeah, good luck with that.


But it’s not all bad:

Any progress towards disbanding Esther’s werewolf army is a step in the right direction. I can’t put up with this stupidity anymore.

The highlight of the episode is, naturally, Rebekah’s return. She looks fucking fantastic, and is loving her time as a substitute mummy. She admits to Elijah that she’s dreading the time when she’ll have to give Hope back to her real parents, but I’ll still have faith enough in Rebekah that she won’t give in to Esther’s offer of a mortal life. I mean, Hope’s cute. But you better keep you consciousness out of my Camille, bitch.

Camille, despite being the squishy human and a damsel in distress, manages to keep her sense of agency. She’s willing to get in amongst things at the compound. She bitch slaps Vincent for messing with her. And she’s the one who convinces Davina to join Team Klaus to put down Esther.

Davina, for what it’s worth, manages to mount a fairly successful assault on Klaus in her effort to free Kaleb. She drinks some potion thing that she whips up in the meth lab mausoleum, then tussles with Klaus long enough for him to attempt to drink her blood. Which knocks him out.

Bonus points: Klaus flings Davina around for a bit. Which is nice.

Marcel’s torturing of Kaleb proves fruitless in converting him to the cause, so Klaus tries a different approach. He assures him that he did indeed mourn Kol’s death, and sought vengeance. Kol’s always been shady and impulsive, but I imagine some brotherly love is gonna do him some good. It’s better than Esther’s scheming, conditional bullshit, in any case.

Vincent tells Klaus about Esther’s fertility issues and the deal she made with her devil of a sister. Klaus both disbelieves it, and sees it as more evidence of Esther’s amoral bitchitude. Good. Because it is.

Vincent’s shrieks as he’s locked in his punishment coffin are music to my mean, mean ears.

The episode ends as Klaus and Hayley start a road trip to go reunite with Rebekah and their daughter. Sweet.

Oh, and shame be to TVD: The Originals beat you to the gay kiss. Yeah, Josh is still shit and Aiden sucks. But given how much Luke has been shut out in the cold so far on TVD this season, this kiss will have to do for now.

The Originals Josh Aiden kiss The Brothers That Care Forgot

It’d be a lot blonder, for one.

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8 responses to “The Originals Season 2 Episode 8 – TV Review”

  1. Emile says :

    Completely irrelevant to a very sassy review as usual of the Originals, but I wanted to ask whether you watched Suits? I’d just gotten into it and was wondering if you would consider having a commentary for it someday!

  2. Lydia says :

    I swear to god, with every episode my infuriation with Esther grows.

  3. DrRush46 says :

    Elijah is my favourite character by far and i believe him to be the personification of perfection but my definition of perfect is weird so i literally screamed with joy and had to pause the tv to recover from my heart attack after seeing those dead bodies. That whole scene was amazing, everything in it was perfect- the OCD, how elijah seemed normal in a demented creepy way, rebekah’s reaction, the suspence and fear and Elijah’s and Rebekah’s love for the baby. This show literally is one of the best out there.
    I’ve only recently found your reviews on the originals and i can’t wait to read more, it’s nice to find some one else who likes Elijah and doesn’t go on and on about Klaus (I love him but just for different reasons compared to everyone else) also i find your reviews to be informative and interesting at the same time which is rare.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      I only really like Klaus when he enters his protective Papa Wolf mode (his shoutdown of Lenore/Esther for going after his child was monumental). And any scenes betwen him and Camille are always surprisingly sexy.

      Elijah/Hayley 4eva OTP.

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