American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 7 – TV Review

American Horror Story Freak Show Bette Dot Test of Strength

“And we know everything. But we won’t say it.”

I think I’ve finally given up on caring about this season.

Yeah, Dell murders someone. But that should be the bare minimum level of excitement for a horror show. Not the episode’s major perk.

At least Bette’s got some swish new hair.

TL;DR Bette and Dot’s return has little effect on anyone; Stanley blackmails Dell into killing Ma Petite for him; Jimmy has daddy issues; Grace’s dad is totally evil.

But in a cartoonish, “lol wtf” way. Not a “scary, tense horror show” way.

The episode picks up exactly where last week’s left off: Jimmy entering the Mott house to rescue the Paulsons. And he does, with disappointingly little resistance from Dandy. Jimmy tries to out Elsa as the Big Bad Bitch she is, but the Paulsons keep their mouths shut so they can blackmail Elsa in private later. Bette wants to be a star, Dot (unbeknownst to Bette, obv) wants Elsa to fund her separation surgery. Meanwhile, Stanley sees Dell at the gay bar. He blackmails (it’s a theme this episode) Dell into murdering a freak for him to sell. He goes after Amazon Eve unsucessfully, then some drunk bonding with Jimmy prevents him from going after him, too. So he kills Ma Petite, and Stanley makes his sale. And in the subplot nobody cares about, Grace’s dad isn’t happy about his daughter possibly bringing shame on the family. So he has a tattooist/body modder turn her into a snake lady. Which is sure to bring much less shame on the family.

T-Rex/Paul also isn’t dead yet, and doesn’t appear to be dying. I guess this season does have one horror genre aspect right: characters can shrug off a stab wound to the gut when they need to.

So yeah, this episode is dull. I don’t really care what happens to any of these people.

The only characters I like anymore are Gloria, Dot, and Esmerelda.

Even Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett can’t make me give a darn about their characters.

I am adrift in a sea of apathy.


Why I hate this episode:

Ethel and Desiree get some minor screentime when they find out their doctor has killed himself, as a result of Dell’s attack on him (they don’t know that detail yet). They then get another scene later, after Amazon Eve reports Dell’s bizarre attack on her (which they assume to be attempted rape). Ethel advocates for murdering Dell over going to the police or anything rational like that. Then fucking do it already, Ethel. She instead allows Jimmy the chance to tell Dell to leave town, which unsurprisingly fails. Maybe if Ethel had stuck to her convictions, then Ma Petite would still be alive.

Speaking of Ma Petite, now that Stanley has made his sale to the morbidity museum, does that mean he and Esmerelda will fuck off? I presume he will get greedy and continue to pursue the Paulsons, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the back of him.

Jimmy, just to really drive home how tormented and moody he is, performs Come As You Are in rehearsal for the show. Elsa, thankfully, tells him to shut the fuck up with it. And this ain’t Glee, buddy. Give it a rest.

Who gives a fuck about the Grace and Paul subplot? Like, who? Seriously?

Bad Dad’s plan is so ridiculous, too. His reasoning is that if Grace becomes so unrecognisable, then she won’t be able to bring shame on the family because nobody will know it’s her. Yeah, until she talks to someone who would recognise her voice. Unless a forked tongue makes you sound radically different?

And I’m sure people finding out your daughter is fucking a freak is a bit less embarrassing than people finding out you horribly and permanently disfigured your daughter to look like a snake person.

Esmerelda is still keen to run away with Jimmy, but he insists that he has to bring Dandy to justice (having recognised him as Twisty’s assistant) before they leave town. Bitch, just go.

Ethel has a melodramatic monologue about how the world is unfair blah blah blah life is hard blah blah people are mean blah. Go back to Glee, Kurt.

Oh, and Jimmy tells Dell that when the freak show was in a snowier state, he would almost shit his pants from the cold (as a figure of speech). Is that a thing?


But it’s not all bad:

Jimmy’s drunk acting is pretty convincing. And it was kind of delicious that Dell considered clobbering him while he was vomiting.

Dell ends up thinking along the same line as Esmerelda and targets Ma Petite. This is after a failed attempt on Amazon Eve, who beats the crap out of him. I think your chloroform had passed its best before, Dell.

Dell’s murder of Ma Petite is expectedly cruel. I wish Dell wouldn’t have been such a sook about it, though.

Bette does the right thing by Dot when she chooses to follow Dot’s decision to leave the Mott house, rather than listen to Dandy’s pleas for her to stay. And she looks good as a blonde.

Stanley tells Elsa they should just kill the Paulsons, rather than bother actually getting them in contact with the dotctor who Dot wants to separate them (as well as foot the bill). He figures it’d be easier and cheaper, and the twins wouldn’t be returning to the freak show, anyway, so nobody would know. Good point.

Ethel overhears Stanley’s suggestion. Will she kill Elsa with her bare hands now?

Oh, and I expect Dandy’s revenge on Jimmy for taking the twins away will be messy.

American Horror Story Freak Show Dandy angry Test of Strength

In a perfect world, either Jimmy will die or Dandy will die. It’s win-win.

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6 responses to “American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 7 – TV Review”

  1. Teylen says :

    The worst part, imho, is that the blackmail is totally stupid.
    Stanely may tell those people that Dell is not only a freak but a gay freak and might even ruin Dells non-existing relationship to Threeboobs.
    Dell on the other hand could do the same – as pointed out by Esmeralda before – I guess being a normal guy outed as gay is way worse then being a gay freak,..

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      You’d think that Dell being married to a supposed lady-with-a-dick would be indication enough that he’s not totally straight, anyway.

      • Teylen says :

        True,… yet I am not sure if the other freaks are filled in on the fact that threeboobs did thought she have had a dick.

        I guess one should also try not to think to much about how any sane women could confuse her clit – even if very big – with a dick. Even if she’s totally uneducated,… she had Dells one to compare … and hes potent / normal enough down there to have had knocked up Ethel oO;

        Wonder what let him to her,… given his former lover he doesn’t appear to be into bearded man, @.@

        AHS Season 4: The horror lies within the plotholes XD

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