The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 8 – TV Review

TVD Liam eye roll Fade Into You Friendsgiving Thanksgiving

I’m just as confused and eye-rolly as you, Liam.

I really wish Elena would just compel him to fuck off or something.

Oh, she does?

Well, now.

TL;DR Jo is Kai’s twin sister, and Luke and Liv are also their younger siblings: the Gemini clan is ridiculously fucked up in its traditions; Kai appears to have everything he needs to escape ghost world; Elena finally gets rid of Liam; Stefan and Caroline still tiptoe around their feelings.

If Stefan doesn’t want Caroline, I’ll step in.

Speaking of Caroline, it’s time for Friendsgiving, which is just an excuse for Caroline to be in charge of something and get revenge by denying invitations to people she’s mad at (hey, Stefan). Things get awkward when Jo overhears Luke playing a home movie from their childhood, and realises that they’re her siblings from the Gemini coven, whom she saved from Kai’s murderous rampage twenty years ago. Meanwhile, Stefan, Damon, and Alaric have taken a road trip to Portland to hopefully find clues on how to get Bonnie out of ghost world, now that Damon knows she’s okay from her message teddy. They encounter Jo, Kai, Luke, and Liv’s dad, and he’s a fuckin’ nutjob who loves destroying his children, so Kai kinda makes a bit more sense now. The Gemini coven has a thing where twins must “merge” when they’re twenty-two years old, leaving one super powerful, and the other dead. Which is what Kai wanted to do with Jo way back when blah blah blah. Papa Gemini tries to kill Jo in the present to prevent Kai, if he returns, from merging with her. The boys put a stop to that. Meanwhile, Elena goes through a bunch of wangst over wanting to tell Liam she’s a vampire, before finally fucking him off with a bit of compulsion. And over in ghost world, Kai has Thanksgiving dinner with a reluctant Bonnie, before revealing he’s found Jo’s magic stash, and can now escape all on his own.

He also stabs Bonnie in the gut arbitrarily, but that’s kind of like a handshake for Kai, you know?

Well, in glorious contrast to the last string of episodes, this one gets something right: drowning out Elena.

Elena does get her annoying little subplot with Liam, but is otherwise kept out of things.

Which is where she belongs.


Why I hate this episode:

But of course, she does have her little whiney subplot with Liam. And it’s retarded. She goes through so much anguish over keeping him in the dark about being a vampire and how he’s noticing the strange things about her and her only option must be to tell him the truth. Umm, or you could compel him to shut the fuck up about that stuff and get over it? You’re a vampire, remember?

Instead, Elena chooses to not only compel him to forget all the little supernatural quirks he’s witnessed, but to forget about dating her entirely. Way to throw the eyebrows out with the bath water, Elena.

Papa Gemini is a fucking cunt. It’s 2014, and he still insists his children do some horrifying ritual that will leave one of them dead, and the other traumatised from killing their sibling, all so they can become the leader of the coven. Bitch, ain’t you never heard of elections?

In fact, the only reason he had so many children for Kai to slaughter was because he purposely kept procreating in hope of having another set of twins for the coven. That’s cold, bro.

He’d deemed Kai unsuitable for leadership (fair enough), which is why he kept banging out kids. Once Kai found out about this, that’s what set him on his rampage. With a family like that, I’m not sure if I blame Kai anymore.

Papa Gemini is also the one who sent his son into a prison of eternity. Jesus Christ, just kill him. Where’s your mercy?

When Papa Gemini mentions how Kai will immediately go after Jo if he gets out, Damon offers to just kill Kai before he can. Papa Gemini’s response to this? Kill Jo first. What the fuck.

The absolute cherry on top comes when Papa Gemini says that if Kai does merge with Jo, then he’ll become the leader of the Gemini coven and they’ll be at the whims of a madman. Is this coven so retarded that they’d actually follow the words of Kai? Do these people have no agency?

Stefan and Caroline mildly inch closer to getting together. Even Elena and Damon are fed up and tell them to just do it. Wow.

Flashback Jo manages to roll around with her guts hanging out for quite a while. Long enough for the coven to assemble to double cross Kai, at least. Hospital, anyone? No?

Oh, and Elena says her feelings for Damon are starting to return. Shut up. Nobody cares.


But it’s not all bad:

Elena finally compels Liam to go away. Yes, she goes too far and compels him to forget about dating (they were dating?) her entirely. But it was a rare smart move from Elena, so I can dig it.

The flashbacks and Gemini coven backstory serve to both humanise and demonise Kai. While watching him skulk around his house looking to stab his toddler siblings is pretty damning, I can’t help but feel a little sympathy for the guy when we find out about the Gemini coven’s merging tradition. As well as how psychopathic his parents are. Add Bonnie’s proclamation that she would prefer to spend eternity without him, and, well, poor Kai. I know it’s crazy, but poor Kai.

It helps that in his murder rampage flashbacks he’s wearing a goofy pink rainbow shirt.

Caroline doesn’t get much time to shine this episode, but she makes sure to show us she’s the perfect host-zilla at Friendsgiving. She tries to sweep away Jo, Liv, and Luke’s family drama to keep her dinner on track. She’s divine.

She also makes it a point not to invite Stefan, which is a level of bitchy, passive-aggresion I can stand for.

Damon earns the best line of the episode when encouraging Stefan to mack on Caroline: “There are no drawbacks to this woman, Stefan.” I’d be inclined to agree.

And although they haven’t made much progress, Stefan’s apology to her near the end of the episode (for treating her like shit when he thought Damon was dead) is a step in the right direction. I won’t be satisfied until they have sex at least once, okay?

Tyler makes a small but valuable contribution to the episode by bringing Liv back to his house in Mystic Falls. To use the anti-magic zone to protect her from the Gemini coven. Clever. Still, he could have brought Luke, too, and had a gratitude threesome.

Jo fudged corn maze girl’s medical history back to the way it was, which alleviates some of Liam’s suspicions (before he gets caught up in the whole witchy mess of Friendsgiving, mind you). Sot that was nice of her.

After the semi-disastrous encounter with Papa Gemini, Damon reaffirms he’s still intent on rescuing Bonnie from ghost world. Alaric objects, because it might endanger Jo. So Damon just compels him to agree. Damn, girl. That’s heavy.

Jo stashed her magic in the knife Kai impaled her with, and hid it in a tree stump at their house. Which, to Kai’s benefit, exists in ghost world, too.

Oh, and he stabs Bonnie with it (after leeching all the magic out of it), claiming that some Bennett blood was the last thing he needed. He ends up fucking off while she’s unconscious, leaving her stranded in Portland. I lol’d.

TVD Kai stabs Bonnie Fade Into You

With peepers like that? Yes.

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  1. Susie says :

    I feel like this episode escalated waaay too quickly with the whole “twins need to merge” crap. What is TVD doing?!

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